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Birds Nest Cookie Tutorial


I love Spring. The beautiful flowers, amazing weather and the sounds of singing birds. When the birds first laid their eggs in the small bird house on the edge of our front porch, I surprised the kid’s by making birds nest cookies for their afternoon snack. The cookies are super simple to make, and kid’s love them! Whether you’re looking for a tasty Easter dessert or just a fun treat to give to your kids this Springtime, then these birds nest cookies are guaranteed to be a hit with your kids.

egg cookie 1

What do I need to make them?

  • Baked sugar cookies (your own recipe or pre-made dough)
  • Pastel green food coloring
  • White icing
  • Hershey’s chocolate eggs (pastel)
  • Plastic icing bag and tip (can be found in the making grocery isle)


How do I make them?

Freshly bake your sugar cookies. I guarantee that the aroma will have your kids running from the backyard into your kitchen. Once the cookies have been cooked and fully cooled, then it’s time to make the icing. Put a couple of drops of the pastel green icing into the container and stir with a knife or spoon. Place the icing into the icing bag and make what looks like a bird’s nest on top of the sugar cookie. Finally, place a couple of Hershey’s robin eggs on top of the nest and serve to your kids. Have fun making this tasty Springtime snack with your children.

egg cookie 2

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