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Blood Orange French Toast Recipe

Sample received

Last week we got a special shipment. It was a beautiful green box and inside of the box were four beautiful Limoneira blood oranges. I immediately brought the oranges close to my face, and I was tantalized by the lovely aroma of the oranges. I couldn’t wait to share the oranges with my children, and they fell in love with the flavor of the blood orange.

My kids were enjoying the Limoneira blood oranges so much that I decided to incorporate them into a recipe. I was getting ready to make the kid’s french toast for breakfast, and I wondered what the French toast would taste like with blood orange flavors. The result was some of the best french toast that I had ever made for the children. They devoured every last bite and asked if I could always make their french toast this way. When looking for a new french toast recipe for your children, surprise them by making blood orange French toast with high-quality Limoneira oranges.

Blood Orange French Toast

1 Blood Orange
2 Eggs
4 Pieces of thick bread
1 Tbl. Powdered Sugar
Frying Pan


1. In a bowl, use a fork to whisk the egg.

2. Cut a blood orange in half. Squeeze 1/2 of the blood orange juice into the whisked eggs. Then mix well.

3. Heat the frying pan.

4. Dip the bread into the egg mixture coating it on both sides.

5. Cook the bread on the frying pan until well done.

6. Put on a plate. Top with powdered sugar.

7. Enjoy

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