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Blue Sapphire Pools: Ching’s Pond and Falls in Maui

We stayed as a guest of the resort

While staying at the Ka’anapali Beach Hotel, we embarked on an adventure of a lifetime exploring the hidden waterfalls of Maui. After swimming at Haipua’ena Falls, our next stop was Ching’s Pond & Falls. Parking was difficult at this stop along the road to Hana, but we managed to find a spot along the side of the road.

When we arrived at the falls, locals were having a family barbecue at the falls. As we walked down to the waterfall, there were warning signs that we were trespassing on private property. At first, I was worried, but some locals were swimming down in the pools invited us to continue down for some water fun.

When we arrived at the pools, it was the most beautiful place I have ever seen in my life. I wished that I had charged my GoPro to have gotten some epic waterfall and diving pictures, but unfortunately, most of the pictures have to remain in my heart.

As I touched my first foot into the pond, I felt a sense of calming come over me. I slowly took my time adjusting to the cold water, and when I looked up, my teens were jumping off cliffs into the water.

I had heard that this was the most dangerous spot along the road to Hana, but I felt comfortable knowing that locals were helping to coach my children on how and where to jump. I would not recommend jumping off the cliffs unless you have a local with you!!

We spent the longest time on our road to Hana at Ching’s Pond & Falls, mostly because we met some amazing people, and had a great time getting to know them. Ching’s Pond & Falls is located past mile marker 16. Again, I don’t recommend jumping from the cliffs; it is very dangerous. You are on private property, so be aware. We are a crazy adventurous family, so for most, I would recommend admiring the falls from the road above.

If you swim in the water, you are at risk of catching Leptospirosis when swimming in waterfalls. While there have not been many cases of it in Hawaii, I still want you to be aware of the risk. Don’t enter the water if you have any cuts, and don’t let your kids open their eyes underwater. Our family swam in multiple waterfalls, but you need to be aware of the risk (swim with caution).

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