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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Talk A Walk Along the Boardwalk to Boardwalk Burgers and Fries


America’s #1 fries have officially come to Orange County with the opening of the new Boardwalk Burgers in Fullerton. Boardwalk Burgers is like nowhere else offering a large variety of juicy burgers, fries and shakes. Since the opening of this classic burger joint, it has become a favorite to locals and College students.



All of the burgers served at Boardwalk are made fresh daily. Their patties are never frozen, and it is clear with the first bite. Customers can order a classic burger, or create a custom burger with unlimited toppings.



Craving a burger is what brings customers into Boardwalk, but it is their fries that keep them coming back. Their famous fries are hand cut, and freshly cooked with every order. No heating lamps ever touch the fries served at Boardwalk. Not only are their fries some of the best I have ever had, but they are even better with their signature seasoning. On every table, is a jar of Old Bay Seasoning along with vinegar. Once the fries are topped with the seasoning and vinegar the flavor just explodes in your mouth.



Customers can get more than just a burger and fries at Boardwalk Burgers. There are also all-beef hot dogs with the option of adding chili or cheese, grilled chicken sandwiches, veggie burgers and salads.


When dining at Boardwalk, we tasted the popular Boardwalk Salad that was topped with a freshly grilled chicken breast. The crisp romaine lettuce in the salad mixed with tomatoes, onions, cheese and bacon created a refreshing lunch. There is also a garden salad available and a large selection of dressings including ranch, honey mustard, blue cheese, light Italian and raspberry vinaigrette.


For the finale, our sweet tooth jumped with joy when first tasting the Boardwalk funnel cake fries. The classic funnel cake dessert has been transformed into cake fries while topped with sugary snow. The Funnel Cake Fries paired with one of their premium hand-scooped shakes create the perfect dessert.

Boardwalk Fries is located in Fullerton at 505 N State College Blvd. Customers dining at Boardwalk Burgers will have found themselves daydreaming about summer days walking along the Boardwalk.

Disclosure: Boardwalk Burgers is an OC Mom Blog Advertiser. This does not influence our opinion. All of our photos, thoughts and opinions are of our own.

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