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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Chalk Body Tracing Fun


Spring Break is officially here in my household, and I am working hard to keep the kids busy and happy. Yesterday afternoon while doing sidewalk chalk, the kids came up with a great idea of doing body tracing fun…and fun it was! What would normally be a ten minute sidewalk chalk event, it turned into two hours of fun doing body tracing. All the neighborhood kids joined together, and start drawing each other’s bodies on the sidewalk.



It is easy to do with your kids and encourages them to express themselves. To begin, find a bright and sunny place with clean white sidewalks to begin. Have one child stand with their shadow overlying the sidewalk, and then have the other child begin tracing their body. Once the kids are done tracing encourage them to decorate their traced body with the different colors of sidewalk chalk.



Children will learn a variety of skills while participating in this activity including social-emotional skills, fine-motor skills and creativity. Children will be able to express how they see and feel about themselves with their parents, friends and community through this activity.


Children will learn through full physical interaction with their environment.


Enjoy doing this developmental activity with your children during Spring Break this year. Children will not only learn developmental skills but have fun in the process!

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