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Bohemian Style Decor Ideas That Will Make Your Living Room Gorgeous

Bohemian style screams free spirit, and we are here for it. If layering fabrics, experimenting with colors, or the ease of shopping those vintage scarves and fabrics is your thing, then you have got this on lock. Though it dates back to the 1800s, this style is timeless.

As much as you can associate the Bohemian style with extravagant color schemes, materials, and prints, you have the option of experimenting with this style in different ways.

With Boho, you can go all-in by mixing bold colors, texture, and patterns you can think of without holding back, and you can swing the subtle way by adding eclectic touches to your living room. Luckily, bohemians can be super chic and welcoming with the proper attention to detail and perfect movement of colors.

The best Bohemian living room reflects the homeowner’s personality and brings in their collections, giving the living room an “I own this space” vibe. Here are some Bohemian decor ideas that have been provided below to make your living room look more gorgeous.

Go Bold On Exotic Woods And Striking Textures 

The Bohemian style provides you with an extensive choice of bringing in something bold and solid without it looking too overwhelming. For your Boho-inspired living room, think teak, mahogany, bamboo, rattan, and wicker. If you are for the bright colors, adding peacock chairs swathed in color draperies wouldn’t be a bad idea.

If you want a more relaxed look that won’t hurt your eyes, go for a profoundly feathered accent chair for your Bohemian living room, and you can further keep it minimal by adding a bamboo coffee table and chair.

Get Inspired By Nature 

One fantastic thing you should know is, you can never go wrong with nature. There is a way it brings softness and some form of coziness to your space. You can paste a nature-inspired wallpaper at the back of your sofa. This is a way to create a subtle Bohemian look without going overboard. This is another excellent choice for anyone who doesn’t like too many plants in their living room.

The secret? Seating has to be comfortable, and the material used needs to be relaxed and clean.

Keep It Simple 

Bohemian is popularly known for layering, but it doesn’t mean you still can’t work something simple out that will look gorgeous. It is not a must that a Bohemian design screams loud colors, wild prints, or layers upon layers. With an all-white living room paint, go on the hunt for boho wall art for sale. Trust me, and it would look perfect on your wall, especially the one that is massive.

The living room above shows a high level of restraint while still incorporating greenery at different wall angles. The subtle colors of the throw pillows and chairs make it easy to balance minimalism, Bohemian lifestyle, and sophistication.

Mix Different Global Touches 

The Bohemian living room has a way of making you feel relaxed, chat all night and be carefree. So, to make a Bohemian reflect what it truly stands for incorporates comfort with an airy and fun vibe for your living room. 

Bohemian living room rugs are versatile, so experiment with them by layering your floor with silk and shag area rugs or turn heads with a sweeping geometric pattern in vivid colors. To make your living room softer, a hanging chair or vintage tray will do the magic and add some character as well.

Lively Fabrics Can Also Do Magic

One of the most apparent signatures of Bohemian style is the blend of fabrics and different textures in a space. Bohemian living room colors can be emerald green, purple, burnt orange, or vibrant Fuchsia. Do not be scared to go for colors like bold purple, vivid turquoise, or layer the floor with striking woven rugs. You also make your sofa look more attractive by layering it with a floral antimacassar.

For a neutral Bohemian living room, concentrate more on texture and deep earth tones. A writing desk paired together with a mahogany seat reflects the mystery and adventure of the Bohemian style.

You Can’t Go Wrong With Plants

If you don’t want a minimalist style, plants can never be too much in your living room. You rarely come across a typical boho room with at least three plants in place. Plants give off that effortless, natural vibe. You can hang your plants to add a ton of visual interest to your living room to make it less empty.

Try different things out with Bohemian decors, don’t be afraid to embrace bold colors and texture, and you will eventually get it right. Bohemian style decor will not only make your living room gorgeous, but it will also make you feel comfortable and proud of your home design.

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