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Is your boyfriend a gamer? Here are the perfect gifts for him

Graduations, promotions, birthdays, anniversaries; it’s never a dull moment to gift the people we love; the real challenge, however, is finding the perfect gift for them. While it’s easier to gamble and buy your way about traditional presents, shopping for a defined interest is never the easiest trip. Take video games, for instance; unlike most interests, it’s a clear-cut, technical, and fast-paced avocation which means banking exclusively on your taste and mainstream picks will have you wasted. With a 46% popularity in the United States alone, gaming has to be one of the toughest categories to navigate when gift shopping, mainly because most things that stand to be acceptable by the diehard gamers will either be too expensive or out of stock. That aside, the complexities of fine-tuning what is compatible and what isn’t will get you close to quitting. But what do you do when your boyfriend is a video game enthusiast, and you can’t wait to impress him?

Five perfect gift splurges for the gaming boyfriend

Finding perfect sentimental gaming gifts for men is challenging; nonetheless, it is not impossible. With the appropriate facts and guidelines, anyone can work their way around the intimidating techie lingo and overwhelming overload of trendy gadgets. Besides, thanks to the popularity, you’ll work with an endless pool of gift options guaranteed to woo anyone from the old-school video game lover to the insatiable contemporary video gamer- and everyone in between. So buckle up because we’re about to take you through nine gifting ideas for the gaming boyfriend.

Gaming chair

Let’s face it, one round of Call of Duty will almost always stretch out into hours of furiously pressing onto those controller buttons, so why not get comfortable? Invest in a plush memory foam chair for your favorite gamer because it’s time to have that couch back to yourself! Just kidding- but seriously, having a comfortable gaming chair will save your boyfriend a great deal of neck and back cramps and improve his sitting posture in the long run. Get to scouting adjustable and easy-to-clean fabric gaming chairs for his upcoming birthday this year; we’re sure he’ll appreciate a comfortable seat cushioned to perfection.

Tip from the pros: Keep an eye out for armrest and cup holder features to hit the spot.


Okay, we’re pretty sure that diehard Xbox fan has a pair of headsets lying around, although we’ve got to ask- are they really up to date? Gaming is an immersive audio-visual art, and high-resolution audio is a must-have if you want to tune in to the experience fully. Charm that NBA 2K22 obsessed lad with premium technology wireless headsets designed for tuned smooth audio and distortion-free bass. We suggest going with something lightweight and pressure-free for comfortability, so ensure you check for extra cushioning along the headphone’s internal perimeter. You’d also want to go with long battery life headsets because no one wants to back out of a tournament over drained juice. Perhaps you could throw in a mic extension to seal the deal for the interactive gamer boyfriend.


Forget mouse gaming; it’s all about sleek, stylish, and compact controllers. Grab a limited edition controller for your favorite gamer in cool, fun prints for immersive haptic feedback. Why do we love this selection? It’s an effortless gifting choice. Be that as it may, it’s always best to know what you’re in the market for; start by checking out adaptable controllers- options that would likely be compatible with your boyfriend’s video game. Next, hop on to anything ergonomic with a motion sensor; we’re talking rubberized or etched trigger grips before diving into efficiency. We’ll still vote wireless and lightweight in this category, but a jacked controller isn’t that bad either. Check out our favorite, The Impulsive Neuro-controller by Brink Bionics; this bad boy is activated by an impulse to make commands and reactions, which is why it’s quoted mega fast with a response speed of up to 80 milliseconds. If this won’t make his jaw drop, we don’t know what will.

Gaming desk

Gaming chairs and stations are cool, but sometimes all a guy wants to do is curl up in the coziest corner while playing video games. However, considering how bulky gaming equipment is, portability to that sofa is never an option. That said, turning that luxury into reality might be the gesture he needs. Purchase a portable gaming desk for your boyfriend; this sturdy console will support most of his gaming tech and equipment while offering maximum support and functionality. The best part? It goes wherever he goes! The portable gaming desk also comes with plug-in ports and partitions, so he doesn’t have to worry about extra room for his snacks, adapters, and mini speaker. How cool is that?


“I don’t need another PC,” said no gamer ever. There’s always room for an upgrade or at least one more monitor when it comes to video games. Get your coins ready to gift that special gamer head in your life a brand new monitor, preferably an upgrade from the one he’s already got. It would be best to keep your eyes peeled for high-resolution display screens with high refresh rates, popping contrasts, and low latencies. You’d also want to double-take on the compatibility of that monitor you’ve got your eyes on to your boyfriend’s gaming equipment. Better yet, find a not-so-obvious way to ask him what his favorite gaming monitor on the market is at the moment.

Thoughtful gaming gifts for a tight budget

If there’s one thing we can all agree on is that gaming is not the cheapest hobby. Most video game equipment costs thousands of dollars, and what’s more, there’s always something better cooking, making it almost impossible to keep up with the fast-paced trends. Still, that shouldn’t stop you from showing your love and appreciation for that gamer in your life; there are loads of sentimental gifting choices out there that won’t have your pockets hurting. Fortunately, we went digging and found four of the best for you.

Blue light blocking glasses

We get the blue light talk a lot since we spend most of our days staring at our phones and computer screens, although you must know, gamers are not exempt from it. Get ahead of the headaches and the eye strains with a pair of blue-light-blocking glasses for your boyfriend. With most of his time spent staring at glaring monitors, a set of UV 400 blocking glasses with electromagnetic radiation barring would be very handy. The anti-reflective eyewear will help reduce the halos and virtual glares while optimizing his visual acuity.

Snack box

How often do you recall him being so engrossed in his gaming session that he missed a meal? We’re sure it’s a lot. Customizing your partner a crave box with all his favorite snacks is one way to ensure that never happens again. Stack up about 60 goodies ranging from sweet and salty to savory and healthy, then wrap them up in a box he’ll love treasure hunting down to the bottom. A hearty treat of chips, popcorn, cookies, and crackers is guaranteed to have anyone swooning, maybe even more than a hard drive would.

Gift card

If the last thing you need is the technical gifting anxiety that comes with video game jargon, this is the call for you. Surprise your favorite video game fanatic with a gift card from his favorite game store; this approach is very convenient and ultimately the only can’t-miss gift idea for gamers. With a store gift card, your boyfriend can purchase and download games of his liking, get game add-ons, enjoy subscriptions and charge up on rewards and points for his next purchase. What more could he ask for?


This right here is for the gamers that walk the talk. If your boyfriend is a hardcore video gamer, then we’re betting he’d appreciate statement makers in his space. Take this as a green light to invest in custom neon signage or a gamer tag for his office or bedroom as an attribute to his hobby. If you’re not feeling the lights, then a Guinness World Record Gamer’s Edition should put a smile on his face, and the best part? It could be an intriguing coffee table book or office desk addition. Are you still having some doubts? Surprise him with a nostalgic video game poster for a sentimental touch.

Wrapping up

We’re far beyond the notion that video games are a pass time; these meteoric rising artforms are now a fast-paced way to destress and interact with friends. From the retro 8-bit pixelation to the adrenaline-pumping virtual shift, video games have seen quite the evolution from what was once nothing more than a commercial platform. What are we saying? Video game-inspired gifts are not silly; if anything, they’re thoughtful gestures that translate into sentimentality and prove that you take keen note of your boyfriend’s interests and hobbies. With that, this elaborate handpicked list of gaming gifts should steer you towards a suitable token for that special man in your life. Happy shopping!

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