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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Boysen Park is an Epic Airplane Park in Anaheim

Airplane Park Boysen Park in Anaheim

My son loves planes. Ever since he was little, he has wanted to be a pilot in the Navy when he grows up. Whenever there is something related to aircraft, I love to share it with him and enjoy watching his excitement. When my kids had an early dismissal from school, I surprised him by taking him to an epic airplane park called Boysen Park in Anaheim.

Space Themed Park

Rocket themed play structure

Navy Kids Park

The minute that we arrived at the park, he screamed with excitement. The moment that I opened the car door, he ran right across the grass to start climbing on the giant air force jet. The airforce jet replica has a wing that serves as a ramp to climb onto the plane and also as a slightly bumpy slide. The entire time that we were at the park, kids were climbing all over it.

Navy Jet Play Structure in Anaheim

Navy Jet at Park

Jet Play Structure

Grass area at Boysen Park

It is not just the giant plane that my kids loved but also the rocket ship themed play structures. There are two structures themed as space ships. The kids were deep in imaginary play while climbing into the “rocket” play structures. There was a larger one and a smaller one offering something for every age of child visiting the park.

Epic OC Park


Climbing on a navy jet in anaheim

Boysen Park

The one thing that caught my eye was how clean the bark was at the park. It looked like they had just put in the fresh bark, but there was some graffiti on the play structures. Some homeless people are hanging out at the park, but they were good about keeping a distance from the playground, and my kids didn’t even notice that they were there.

Boysen Park Play Structure

Best Park in Orange County

Best Park in Anaheim

Best OC Park

There are two sets of swings, a small climbing wall, and plenty of grass for kids to run around. There are bathrooms, lots of picnic tables, barbecues, and a drinking fountain. There is not a lot of shade at the park, so I recommend bringing extra water, wearing plenty of sunscreens and bring a hat along with you too.

Bathrooms at Boysen Park

Arriving at Boysen Park in Anaheim

Airplane Park Anaheim
Enjoy bringing your kids to this epic OC Park. It is located at 951 S State College Blvd, Anaheim, CA 92804.

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