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Breast Augmentation Virtual Consultation


Shelby in Hawaii

Last week, I shared with all of you about how I want to have my breast fixed. I have been a mix of emotions since finally making the decision to have it done and made the choice to have a virtual consultation for my breast augmentation vs. coming into the CosmetiCare office. I thought I might feel more comfortable taking my top off to be looked at in the comfort of my home, and I loved that they had the option of a virtual consultation.

I called CosmetiCare and made an appointment to have the consultation with Dr. Niccole who is well-known for being the best plastic surgeon in Orange County. Since I have already had multiple procedures done in the CosmetiCare med spa, I felt comfortable with my decision to have the work done with Dr. Niccole.

CosmetiCare virtual consultation appointment

When the day came for me to have the virtual consultation, I was super nervous. I had never taken my shirt off for another man other than my husband before, and kept thinking about what happened in that movie “Sex Tape.” I called into the office to express my nervousness about the possibility of being hacked and having the video of my breast spreading across the internet, and they immediately eased my fears. The service that CosmetiCare uses for their virtual consultations is 100% HIPAA compliant, and totally secure. They put my fears at ease when letting me know that everything shared in my virtual consultation was 100% secure and 100% private.

Registering for a CosmetiCare virtual consultation

I was sent an email with a link to sign-up for the consultation. I clicked on the link about 15-20 minutes before the appointment time just so that I could complete the sign-up process, and not leave the doctor waiting for me.

Signing up for a consultation online with CosmetiCare

It was a simple registration process where the software checked my computer speaker, camera, and I agreed to all the terms of using the service. After completing the registration, Dr. Niccole came on the screen to talk to me about the concerns I have with my body.

CosmetiCare Virtual Consultation

He was such a kind, patient, and understanding doctor. While I was nervous about taking off my bra, he made me feel at ease. He looked at my breasts and recommended cutting off the nipple, moving it up, and then inserting an implant to keep the breast lifted. The procedure is called a mastopexy with augmentation.

Then he also shared that he would be able to do lipo on my stomach and sides all in the same procedure or have a tummy tuck if I wanted to have the perfect bikini body following the surgery. Since I had never thought of the option of lipo or a tummy tuck, I told him that I wanted to discuss that option with my husband before making a decision.

Now my head was spinning. I thought that I just wanted my breasts fixed, but should I also consider having lipo? It would be nice to have my pre-baby body completely back, but should I do it now or keep on my diet plan of losing weight on my own?

Stay tuned to find out as my series continues next week….

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