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Brie and Caramelized Onion Triangles Recipe


With the holidays upon us, there’s no shortage of celebrating and party invites! Sometimes those invites include a request to bring a dish or appetizer. Hmmmm… what to make?

These crispy Brie and Caramelized Onion Triangles with Cranberry Drizzle are festive, fun little bites wrapped in flakey, buttery phyllo dough that are always a hit! And the best part is they can be pre-made and frozen until you are ready to bake them.

Make a big batch and store them in your freezer in Ziploc bags to have at the ready for the parties you’re invited to! When you’re ready to bake, no thawing is necessary. Take them from your freezer directly to the oven. The Cranberry Drizzle can be frozen as well and re-heated on the stove.


1 pound phyllo dough, thawed as directed on package

2 – 3 sticks of salted butter, melted

3 large sweet onions, French-cut in thin slices from root to stem

1 pound of brie cheese, cut into small cubes with rind removed

2- 3 Tbsp olive oil (enough to coat pan for caramelizing onions)

1 12 oz. package of fresh cranberries, rinsed, drained with bruised ones removed

½ cup of palm sugar or brown sugar

1 cup of orange juice

Zest of one orange (optional)

2 Tbsp of Grade B maple syrup



Heat large skillet (do not use non-stick) with olive oil and add sliced onions. Caramelize over medium-low to low heat until very golden brown. This takes 45 minutes to an hour. The onions will cook down significantly. Keep on eye on them and stir occasionally making sure they don’t burn. Salt to taste and remove from heat and place in a bowl.



While the onions are caramelizing, remove the brie from the refrigerator and cut off the rind. Then cut into small cubes. To make the rinds easier to remove, you may wrap it in plastic wrap and place it in the freezer for 30 minutes to an hour. This will make the rind easier to cut off.


To assemble you will need to work quickly with the phyllo. Melt your butter first. Remove one roll of your thawed phyllo from the refrigerator. Very slightly dampen a flour sack towel or paper towel. This will be used to lightly cover the phyllo if you need it in between batches. It should be barely damp as water will make the phyllo sticky and difficult to work with. Lay out a large cutting board or sheet the size of a rolled out phyllo sheet.


Carefully unroll the phyllo. Gently lift the first sheet from the corners and lay flat on the cutting board. Brush lightly with a coating of butter. Lift a second sheet and place over the first sheet and brush that layer with butter. Repeat until you have 4 layers, buttering the fourth layer as well.


The dough will be placed horizontally to you. Place between 5 and 6 evenly spaced cubes of brie near the bottom of your buttered layers of phyllo. Top each with a little bit of caramelized onions. Take a knife and cut vertically down from top to bottom of the phyllo dough, making 5 to 6 strips each with the brie and onion at the bottom. Watch not to overfill the triangles, as I did here. The cheese will melt out of the sides leaving you with little or no cheese inside the triangle after baked.



To fold dough, start on the left. Taking the bottom left corner of the first strip and fold diagonally. This starts your ability to fold this up into a triangle. Remove from the board and place on a cookie sheet to freeze. Once the triangles are good and cold, place them in a Ziploc bag to store in the freezer.

Repeat the process until phyllo is used. Each package of phyllo contains two 8 oz. rolls with 20 sheets per roll. Each roll should make between 25 and 30 mini triangles depending on the size you make them.




To make the cranberry drizzle, bring the orange juice and palm sugar to a boil. Add the cranberries and reduce heat to a simmer for 10 to 15 minutes until most of the berries have burst. Remove from heat and stir in the maple syrup. Add to blender and puree. You may freeze at this point if you are making the drizzle ahead of time or put in a squirt bottle if you are using immediately.

To bake your triangles, preheat oven to 350º. Place on cookie sheet and bake about 7 – 10 minutes until golden brown, then rotate pan and flip cooking another 5 minutes or so. Once the pans are heated, remaining batches will cook a little more quickly.


Once removed from the pan, use the squirt bottles to top your triangles with the cranberry drizzle. Place on a platter and pass around. Make sure to let them cool a little before you bite into them, the cheese is gooey and hot!

Dana Wilde grew up playing “sous chef” for her father as he churned out one amazing meal after the next for family and friends. She inherited her father’s life long passion for cooking and has spent the past two decades studying, reading, practicing, experimenting, and creating in the kitchen.
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