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Bringing Ralph Breaks the Internet to Life

I attended the event as a guest of Disney

In anticipation of the upcoming film, Ralph Breaks the Internet, coming out in theaters on Friday, I went to Los Angeles earlier this month to talk with the cast about the making of the film. When the cast of Ralph Breaks the Internet walked into the room, everyone cheered with excitement.

Photo courtesy of Disney

We started by talking about how the last film took place six years ago, and everything seemed to have ended really great for Ralph and Vanellope, so why make another film? Rich Moore (Director) said, “We looked at the very last line of the first movie where Ralph says, after going friendless for the whole movie and then finally making a friend. He’s back home and says, ‘if that little kid likes me, how bad can I be?’ And it seemed at the time, it’s so sweet. It’s a wonderful sentiment. But then as we continued to kind of pick at it, we said, that’s really, really dysfunctional. That this guy is defining himself by what his best friend thinks. And it’s a great best friend. But what if she were not to like him someday? What would that lead to?” Phil Johnston (Director) continued to say, “Then we had only known Vanellope for like 35 minutes or 40 minutes. So she has a whole other story. We had to keep going with these characters.”

Photo courtesy of Disney

One of my favorite parts of the film was how they brought a place that isn’t a “real place,” the internet to life in such an amazing way. The way that they created the internet is exactly how I would think it would look if it were a real place that I could visit. When it came to visualizing how the internet would look like, Phil Johnston said, “After several horrible ideas that didn’t make sense, we finally landed on something where we thought it looked like an old city like Rome or Istanbul where the ancient city is buried deep beneath. Then they build a new version on top of that and a new version on top of that like that. And that’s kind of actually what the Internet is.”

The biggest surprise in the film is that you’ll get to see Fix it Felix become a dad! That’s right a dad! Not only just a dad but a dad to 15 pre-teen racers! As a mom to three children, I can’t imagine what it must have been like to be a parent to 15 pre-teens!! Jack McBrayer (voice of Fix it Felix) said, “We bit off way more than we could chew.” Basically, instead of getting the dog, they get 15 pre-teens. He then jokingly said, “But they’re just the same. So much poop.”

While Ralph and Vanellope are on their adventure, they run into my new favorite character in the film Yesss who is a vibrant and beautiful character. Talanji P Henson (the voice of Yesss) said, “She’s a go-getter. She’s the head of a company. She’s no-nonsense. She has a heart. My favorite scene is when Ralph finds himself in the comment section or the comment room. She comes in, and she tells him it’s not you, it’s them. They’re mean. They’re hurt, so they’re hurting you. It grounded the film for me, and it grounded the character for me. Made her multi-dimensional.”

“I think a lot of kids and adults are finding a lot of stuff in the film that they can really relate to in terms of the way relationships evolve. So I think there’s something here for a lot of people.” John C. Reilly (the voice of Ralph)

Listening to Sarah Silverman (the voice of Vanellope) and John C. Reilly talk together about making the film, everyone in the audience couldn’t help but notice the chemistry between the two of them. We asked them if they did the voices together or recorded them separately, and Silverman said in such the sweetest voice, “We did it together, Chumbo.” Everyone in the audience let out a big awe! She then continued to say, “We get to improvise, and they gave us a lot of freedom. We collaborate a lot, and the script itself is so fantastic. And it’s really fun.” John C. Reilly continued by saying, “It was a real treat to get into the studio again with Sarah. In a way, like our friendship has aged five years since the last film. So it tracks in a way with Ralph and Vanellope. Sarah is not my only friend. One of my only friends.”

After talking with the cast, I enjoyed some pancakes and milkshakes (a fun part of the film…that will have you wanting to take your kids out of a pancake dinner afterwards) with my friends and then played a game of Sugar Rush where I may (or may not have) broken the game…ops!

Don’t miss bringing your family to see Ralph Breaks the Internet in theaters on November 21st! Learn more about Ralph Breaks the Internet online, Facebook, and Instagram.

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