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Bringing The Good Dinosaur to Life

We attended a media event as a guest of Disney


“The Good Dinosaur” isn’t like most Disney*Pixar films. It is special in many ways, and one of the biggest things that makes this film unique is the amount of people who poured their love into making it come to life. Two of these people are the very talented Peter Sohn, who directed and Denise Ream, who produced the film.


We first met Peter Sohn while visiting the Pixar Animation Studios for the film “Monsters University” where he talked about being the voice of “Squishy.” His passion for bringing happiness to children through animation touched my heart in a special way. Not only was his character lovable – but so is he. From the moment that people meet Peter Sohn in real-life they automatically fall in love with his kindness, passion, and creativity.

Animation is something that I’ve loved from a very young age. My mother used to take me to movies all the time. She loved ’em. But she was born in Korea – she came in the 70’s. I was a baby. I was born in New York very soon after. But my dad at the grocery store — but every time we’d have a little bit of money, she would take me to the movies, but she didn’t understand the movies because they were in English. And so she’d always ask me in Korean, like, “What are they saying?” Peter Sohn.

The film had already been in production for many years with a different team and was shut down because the story was not going in the direction that it needed to go. That was when Peter Sohn had decided to take on the film along with the amazingly talented Denise Ream.

Where did they start? Just like most Disney*Pixar films, they began with research. Peter Sohn said, “Let’s plan a trip. And Denise was like, “Let’s get lost out there. Let’s go out there.” So the team went to Wyoming, where they began to immerse themselves in the beauty of the region, and became inspired to write the story of “The Good Dinosaur” that touched my heart.

During their research trips to the Midwest, “What we found was that it was so beautiful and dangerous at the same time.” Peter Sohn

“We were not originally going to place the movie in the Midwest but our lighting DP – Sharon Calahan, a passionate painter, spent a lot of time there and was essentially why we went there. We weren’t going to set the movie there. She’s done a lot of painting of the snake river, and we fell in love with that part of the world. – and then we realized that they found a lot of dino bones here.” Denise Ream


The region inspired the entire team who was working on the project and became a place where they mentioned that they want to spend future family vacations. The area in which they visited was rich in history and inspired the beautiful imagery that became what many will feel is a character in the film.

“We were really trying to push to find the boy that was in the dinosaur.” Peter Sohn

Arlo and Spot are such very special characters. They feel so alive and characters that everyone can relate to at one part of their lives. “It was all about making Arlo feel like a boy,” said Sohn, and a boy is exactly what I felt like he was when watching the film “The Good Dinosaur.”

“We made his eyes feel a little bit bigger so you could feel the human boy quality. His knees would be a little bit knobbier so that you could feel that he is still growing and trying to find his way – and I was trying to find the human side of the dino.” Peter Sohn.


Your children will fall in love with Arlo, Spot and all the other wonderful characters in the film “The Good Dinosaur” that comes out in theaters on Thanksgiving morning.

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