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Bringing the MARVELous Doctor Strange to life

We attended an interview as a guest of Disney

Doctor Strange Marvel Film

Photo courtesy of Disney/Marvel

Doctor Strange, which is the story of Doctor Stephen Strange, the Master of the Mystic Arts, who made his first appearance in Marvel comics in 1963.  Bringing the story of Doctor Strange from print to film was MARVELous with so many complex and in-depth levels.

Kevin Feige from Doctor Strange

Photo courtesy of

All the pieces fell into place when Kevin Feige and Scott Derrickson decided to push the cinematic boundaries and create this breathtaking film.  With an insanely talented all-star cast consisting of talents such as Mads Mikkelsen, Rachel McAdams, Benedict Cumberbatch, Tilda Swinton, and Benedict Wong, this film was meant to be not only a blockbuster action film but also one with thought provoking concepts holding true to its 60’s roots.

Rachel McAdams in Doctor Strange

Photo courtesy of

As psychedelic and eye opening as this movie is, it doesn’t make you feel that the concept of a secret group of sorcerers protect the world from evils that can harm our existence in parallel dimensions, alternate dimensions, as well as the multiverse could be so far off base.

Benedict Cumberbatch in Doctor Strange

Photo courtesy of

To bring the concept into reality, you needed not only a strong script but an extremely strong lead.  That is where Benedict Cumberbatch of Sherlock and Hamlet came into play.  Cumberbatch was always the one that Derrickson envisioned as Doctor Strange but due to conflicting projects, Cumberbatch has to pass on the role.

Scott Derrickson in Doctor Strange

Photo courtesy of

After toying with the idea of another actor playing Doctor Strange, Derrickson realized that this project would only work with Cumberbatch, therefore delayed production until Cumberbatch’s schedule was free.  Soon after, the puzzle pieces fell into place, and the incredible cast was set to star in the visually stimulating film.

Magic of Doctor Strange

Photo courtesy of Disney/Marvel

With the lines perfected came the proper training in martial arts and hand choreography, tutting.  For weeks the Sorcerers were taught by a proper master working on styles and techniques.  Properly working their hands and magic fingers, in a series of extraordinary, very precise movements which brings their sorcery to life.

Marvel's Doctor Strange

Photo courtesy of Disney/Marvel

Doctor Strange is a phenomenal film that brings lots of action, dialog, and beauty to life in a mind opening manner, unlike any other Marvel film.

Doctor Strange in theaters on November 4th

Photo courtesy of Disney/Marvel

For those of you who are fans, you will not be disappointed.  For those like me who weren’t quite sure what to expect, expect to be blown away.  Doctor Strange’ s mystifying journey opens in theaters on November 4, 2016, be sure to check it out and have your mind challenged.

Learn more about Doctor Strange online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

I’m an OC mom of two and photographer. I love living in Southern California and want to expose my children to all that it offers. I love taking my kids on adventures and capturing their every moment so much so that my kids find it odd if I don’t take their pictures. You can see my work on
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