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Bubblefest is Bigger and Better than Ever

We attended Bubblefest as a guest of Discovery Cube OC

Each year Discovery Cube OC has a beautiful bubble exhibit and show called Bubblefest. This show runs now through April 21, 2019.

Kids playing with Bubbles at Bubblefest at Discovery Cube OC

This year’s ultimate laser and bubble show are done by the talented Deni Yang and his equally talented sister Melody. It was her second year doing bubble fest with Deni at the Discovery Cube OC, and I can tell you, it was amazing.

I have seen this show many times before, and each time I love it more. There is so much visually to see during the laser and bubble show. My kids have all loved it each and every time we have gone too.

Bubblefest at Discovery Cube OC

While you are at Bubblefest, in the Mega Bubble Courtyard, you can go to different interactive spaces. My kids, husband and I had a blast here. Judging by the long line, the water spheres were the biggest hit amongst the guests at this event.

I took my youngest two kiddos this year, so they were too small for the spheres, but they did play in all the other areas. My two year old even went through the blow-up obstacle course.

Laser show at Bubblefest at Discovery Cube OC

In the Bubblefest Zone, you can learn cool bubble science topics like elasticity, air pressure, and even surface tension. During the show, you will also learn some cool facts.

Did you know, that blowing soap bubbles works better on a cool cloudy day with a chance of rain than it does on a hot sunny day? I didn’t, but after the explanation of why, I got it and will probably always remember this fact. Who knows, maybe someday when I am on Jeopardy (big dreamer here), it will come in handy haha.

Magic of Bubblefest at Discovery Cube OC

I would say the laser and bubble show is something you have to see at least once. The smiles and giggles coming from everyone are always heartwarming. I feel like a little kid the second the show starts and the lights dim.

When all the bubbles come flying about, enveloping the stage and flying all around you, there is just something so magical that brings me right back to my childhood.

Creating memories at Bubblefest at Discovery Cube OC

This show is truly for all ages. My husband is really into laser shows, and that part of the show was his favorite. It was a great mixture of both elements. The music, lights, and bubbles were all great. Melody did a fantastic job with the lasers. Deni always does an amazing job with the bubbles and combined the show is fantastic.

If you would like to go to Bubblefest, tickets are on sale now. These tickets do sell out, so get yours today, before it is too late!

Dawn is a fun loving wife and Mom to 3 amazing boys and a beautiful baby girl(finally). Her philosophy is family first and everything else comes second. You can find her juggling all things family with crafting, cooking, baking, traveling and her favorite…blogging for the OC Mom Blog. Her newest adventure is managing the social media for a local OC baby product company, all while being a stay at home mom to her baby girl and homeschooling her 5-year-old. Dawn likes to stay busy and is always on the go and looking for new adventures with her family. She believes life is too short, so you must live each day to the fullest.
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