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How To Build The Perfect Christmas Eve Box For The Whole Family

If you’re starting to think about preparing for Christmas, you’re no doubt starting to wonder about whether you should create a Christmas Eve box, and if so who you should create it for. 

Traditionally, Christmas Eve boxes were reserved for kids, but over recent years more and more families have been creating family and couples’ Christmas Eve boxes to add a little magic to the night before Christmas. 

Bearing that in mind, how can you create Christmas Eve boxes that the whole family can enjoy? The good news is that creating Christmas Eve boxes that the whole family will enjoy is far easier than you might think – read on for everything that you need to know to create the best family Christmas Eve box this Christmas. 


Start with a box 

First things first, to make a Christmas Eve box –  whether a whole family one or individual ones – you will need a box. 

There are lots of options for this, from cardboard Christmas Eve boxes to personalised wooden ones, so take your time picking the right box or boxes for your family. Lots of the wooden boxes can be engraved with names such as ‘Lucy’s Christmas Eve Box’ or ‘The Smith Family’s Christmas Eve Box’ – adding a personalisation to it can add to the magic. 

You could even use a plain wooden or cardboard box and decorate yourself to create a custom-made Christmas Eve Box for your family to use and enjoy. There are lots of great ideas for this on Pinterest. 

Add festive pajamas 

A must have for any Christmas Eve box is of course festive pajamas – it wouldn’t be Christmas Even without new pajamas, would it? 

So, the next step is to buy pajamas for the whole family; there are lots of options for this, from couples matching pajamas to whole family matching pajamas. 

You could also add a pair of fluffy Christmas socks to each box as a little extra treat. It’s not Christmas without some cosy socks, is it? 

Load it up with treats 

The next step is to load the box up with lots of festive treats; get creative with these, they can be anything that you think you and your family will enjoy. 

Some popular choices are hot chocolate kits, new mugs for making hot chocolate in, some festive chocolates, a mulled drink of some kind for the adults, a festive movie, and a festive bedtime book. 

To add a little magic to the box for smaller children, consider adding a bag of reindeer food and a key for Santa to enter your home – you can find lots of these on Amazon. 

You can personalize your Christmas Eve boxes to have whatever will make the night before Christmas special. 

There you have it, a guide to how you can build the perfect Christmas Eve box for your family this year. Get creative and you can design the most amazing Christmas Eve box that will make the night before Christmas as magical as possible for the whole family. 


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