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Build the Warmest, Coziest Winter Bed

Choosing the right winter bedding may not seem crucial, however, the bedsheet fabric quality, its thread count, the duvet and covers, the pillows, it all makes a huge difference to how well you choose the right winter bedding for your guests. Starting from the base—a heated mattress pad—and working all the way up to an extra throw blanket, this is the recipe for bedding success. Still, if you are not sure where to start, then here are some tips on what to keep in mind before choosing your winter hotel bedding.

Layers that your guests will love this winter | CHOOSE PERFECT THICKNESS FOR THE SEASON

Bed Sheets

Cotton bed linens typically function well in all seasons, but the thread count can significantly enhance your sleep. In the summer, you should choose lighter, more breathable sheets, but in the winter, a higher thread count works well to keep the warmth a little bit better. Consider our Percale or linen bed sheets if you frequently feel warm at night. We do provide cotton bedding with a tighter weave and a greater thread count if you frequently get cold. Our sheets with a T-300 thread count feature a tight weave that makes them thicker and warmer than typical.

Duvets and Comforters

A hotel comforter is typically thinner than a duvet. Comforters are often not as warm. This may make them more comfortable for year-round use, but hotel owners may need an extra warmth for their guests during the winter. However, a duvet is quite thicker and heavier and warmer than comforters. The duvet is large enough providing a full coverage to the sleeper just like a pillow case. It serves as a bedspread layer and is the same size as a mattress.

Linen Bed Sheets

There is an assumption about a linen fabric that it’s a summertime cloth. But it’s just a myth! Linen is airy and cool in warm weather, but its strong flax fibers also make it durable in cold weather. Since linen regulates temperature, wearing it in colder weather keeps the guests warm. Thus, you can undoubtedly use linen bed sheets during the winter to provide comfort and warmth to your guests.

Other Accessories

It serves practical functions as well as aesthetic ones to place a fleece or thermal blanket at the foot of the bed. A fleece or thermal blanket adds a luxurious visual warmth to the room in addition to providing additional warmth for the body. A plush, cozy fleece blanket or a thermal blanket is a must-have for any winter bedding ensemble in a hotel.


Materials that Make a Difference in Winter

  • Down is a naturally light material that can be crumpled up simply to create the impression of a warm cocoon. Additionally, it may be conveniently compacted for seasonal storage and is resilient with adequate care. It’s also critical to remember that down traps heat emitted from your body because it releases excess warmth and moisture slowly. For people who feel cold all the time, down is a perfect option.
  • Wool fibers have a tendency to attract excellent heat regulation. To keep a guest warm and dry as they sleep, wool helps release and regularly remove excess heat and moisture. Wool blankets come in various weights, so choose one that is thinner or thicker based on your guests’ preferences. Additionally, keep in mind to properly store it when not in use to keep pests like moths away. Even though a high-quality wool comforter can be pricey, a restful night’s sleep is worth the expenditure.
  • The high-quality cotton sateen sheets are not only thick enough to keep your guests warm, but are as soft as silk and super breathable.





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