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Building Teen Confidence with Invisalign


“I am a member of the Invisalign Mom Advisory Board and my son has received complimentary treatment.”


I didn’t remember how hard the teenage years were until my oldest child became a teenager. All the flashbacks of the struggles of fitting in, trying to make friends and keeping up with the current trends have come back to mind as I’ve watched my teenager try and find his place in the world. The one thing that I don’t remember was kids being as mean as they are today. There are so many more pressures on children of this generation to live up to the social standards of today and still do well in school. As a parent, I find myself constantly working to help build my children’s confidence, and one thing that unexpectedly made a big impact my teens confidence was when he first started using Invisalign.


Children are getting braces younger and younger. Our orthodontist has always taken a conservative approach and waits until children have lost a certain amount of their adult teeth before recommending that we begin to start braces. The downside is that my teenager has felt “left out” of the experience that many of his friends have been going through over the past couple of years, and he couldn’t wait until the time came for him to be ready to start wearing braces. While many of his friends are now getting their braces off at the time that my older son is just starting the process, we made the decision to use Invisalign vs. traditional braces so that he wouldn’t feel so much like he is in a different stage of life than his friends.


The result has been overwhelming. He has been wearing his Invisalign braces for almost two months now, and I have seen a huge boost in his overall emotional state. He is more confident, smiles more, and looks forward to the time that he gets to start using a new set of Invisalign trays. His friends keep telling him how lucky he is not to have experienced the painful metal on his teeth and rubber bands. While he felt left out during the years when his friends were wearing braces, he now feels more confident in knowing that he didn’t have to experience a lot of the pain and uncomfortableness that many of his friends had to endure. In fact, he has sparked a new trend amongst his friends and has watched many of them that are still in braces begin to switch to Invisalign.


A happy smile = A happy child. If your child is beginning to wear braces for the first time during their teenage years, I recommend trying Invisalign. You’ll find that there is not a huge price difference from traditional braces, and you’ll see your teens confidence soar once starting the process. Learn more about Invisalign and see if your child is a good candidate by making an appointment with a local participating orthodontist.



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