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How Busy Real Estate Moms Can Increase Productivity in Less Time

The real estate market is a tough one to crack, and it’s stressful for all parties involved. But, you can have good results with arizona multiple listing service uses Showcase IDX. You’re working hard, but you do not see results. You don’t have time for marketing, and your agent isn’t bringing you leads. If you are a real estate mom, finding the time to do everything you need to do can be challenging.

Therefore, you need to set up your real estate business to be as efficient as possible,  if you want to maximize your time and make the most of it. Here we will discuss how busy real estate moms can increase productivity without sacrificing time with their loved ones.

1. Focus on Only the Highest-Priority Tasks

Many people get overwhelmed with the amount of work they have to do. This can lead to them procrastinating and they don’t accomplish anything. If you want to be successful in real estate, you need to eliminate all distractions. You need to focus on only the highest-priority tasks that will make you money. The 80/20 rule is a good rule of thumb to follow. You first need to identify and list the problems you’re facing.

Then you need to come up with a solution for each problem, and once you have that, you need to put them into action. This rule can be applied to both the marketing and sales parts of your business. You can also use project management software to help you manage your tasks and keep track of your time. If you have the budget, hire a virtual assistant to help you with the lower priority tasks.

You will be surprised at how much time you can save by eliminating distractions. You need to prioritize your tasks to spend more time doing what matters most instead of spending all your time doing things that don’t matter as much. Your business will run as smoothly as possible without sacrificing productivity and efficiency.

2. Delegate Less Important Tasks to Others

Delegating can be very difficult for moms who have been doing everything themselves for so long. If you want to increase your productivity and efficiency, you need to delegate tasks that are not as important. If you don’t know how to delegate tasks, asking other people for help is perfectly fine.

You should hire someone who will be able to take care of the things that are not as important so that you can focus on your main priority tasks.

You can also outsource some of the tasks that are not as important. Someone will always be willing to take over if you are too busy with other things. Delegating can be very beneficial for moms who do not have a lot of free time. They don’t have to worry about doing everything themselves. You will also be able to save a lot of time and energy.

3. Automate Some Tasks

You need to do marketing, work on your listings, and keep up with your social media. You can automate some of these tasks by using apps and online platforms.

For social media, use a calendar and plan out 2-3 months of posts at once. Email marketing is another task you can automate. You can create templates for your emails and send them out to people automatically.

You can use rental software to keep track of your tenants and manage your properties. You can also automate your listings, so you don’t have to do them manually.

A simple rule regarding automation is as follows, if it can’t be automated or eliminated, then delegate.

For example, if you have a lot of listings and your marketing campaigns include listing videos, then it’s better to find an affordable video editor and delegate accordingly instead of spending hours editing videos yourself.

4. Work in Defined Periods and Stick to Them

You have to work smarter and make the most of your time. You need to set up your business in such a way that you can maximize your productivity. You can do this by following a schedule for each day of the week.

This schedule should be shared with your real estate agent so that you both know what you are planning on doing for each day.

This will help you organize your time, and it will also help keep you focused and motivated. You can also break down the week into smaller portions, such as one day at a time or five days at a time.

This will help you stay on track and give you the motivation required to keep going when things get tough in between tasks. This is crucial to increase productivity without sacrificing too much time with family and friends, but it’s not easy. It takes some hard work, but it becomes quite manageable once you get used to it.

5. Add Buyer’s Agents

Buyer’s agents are people who specialize in helping buyers throughout the process, from showing listings to submitting offers. This can be a great way to increase your productivity and focus on the high-value listings, while your buyer’s agents handle your buyer leads.

Recruiting real estate agents can be tricky, but the investment is well worth it. Be sure to provide a DISC assessment, and ensure that their personality profile matches what you look for in a Buyer’s Agent.

Typically, Buyer’s Agents receive a commission split that is agreed upon when they decide to join your team. If you don’t have enough buyer leads to sustain even a part-time agent, the next best option is to refer your buyer leads to a trusted agent within your network or even your brokerage.

Leads are hard to come by, so even a 50-50 split of the commission – assuming the buyer’s agent handles the transaction from contract to close – is a profitable avenue for you to explore.


Being a real estate agent isn’t always easy. It would be best to find a balance between your family life and your business life. Putting in the time and effort can be very rewarding. If you are already a busy mom, you might want to consider these tips to increase your productivity.

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