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How A Busy Schedule Affects Your Overall Health

Having a constantly busy schedule can do a lot of damage to your health. Of course this makes sense; if you’re always on your feet, never have a moment’s peace, and you don’t sleep at night, of course the effects of your lifestyle are going to show! But so many people tend to underestimate just how busy they really are. 

Whether you’re a working mother or you’re caring for other family members, you can tune out just how much you really do. It becomes a normal part of life, and you can soon start to wonder why you’re so tired or how long it’s been since you’ve seen the dentist! So with that in mind, here are some of the biggest ways a busy schedule can affect your overall health that you may not realise. 


You Can Bottle Up Your Emotions

At its core, a busy schedule leaves no time for you. As such, you bottle up your emotions and ignore them, meaning they’re much more likely to explode out later on. This can be harmful to your own mental health, and to the wellbeing of those around you, and it helps no one to be constantly pushing yourself down! 

You’re More Likely to Miss Appointments

Around 1 in 4 Americans skip out on seeing the doctor regularly – why? For some people it’s the rising cost of healthcare, but for others it’s their busy schedule. And when you miss an appointment, you’re far more likely to develop illnesses. 

After all, there was no one around to catch the symptoms before they progressed! But to help you keep healthcare appointments in the future, telemedicine services such as an online pharmacy can be used to stay up to date on medications and treatments. See if there’s one operating near you and think about signing up. 

You May Find it Harder to Sleep

Sleeping can be hard to catch up on when you need to be everywhere at once! Because of this, you may be losing sleep at night due to earlier wakeup times and later bedtimes. Stress can also make us wake up during the night multiple times, which can disrupt your entire sleep cycle and shunt it forward. All in all, you’re exhausted a lot sooner in the day and you’ve still got so much else to do! 

You Might Lose Touch with People

Finally, being busy can do a number on our social lives as well, and maintaining a good social life is key to boosting your mental health. It’s easy to feel lonely when you’re never able to sit down for a coffee with someone or to even text them to see how they are, and soon you can get into the habit of not speaking to them at all. 

A busy schedule does more than reduce the hours in the day! Make sure you’re aware of how rushing around can affect your health and take steps to prevent these changes from becoming long term.

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