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Button Letter Craft Project Tutorial

I love names.

I really love to dream up baby names!

So I love to do crafts that are centered around the names I picked for my own two precious babies and am sharing one of my favorites, a button letter craft project!

button letter craft supplies

Michael’s has a wide variety of letters, big and small, white and plain wood!

I chose a large white letter and a darling variety pack of buttons in a bag, including flowers, hearts, jewels and fairytale carriages.

This letter is great because it has the option to prop it up or hang it on the wall.

I love a craft that costs under ten dollars! Don’t forget to use your coupon!

button letter craft tutorial

I laid out the buttons and chose my favorites.

I started laying them on my letter and hot-gluing them on as they fit.

This is a great craft because you can arrange the buttons in a hundred different ways and really make it your own!

Layering the buttons on top of each other gives a fun effect and lets you highlight some of the smaller darling buttons!

Button letter craft project

My daughter loved doing this button letter craft with me, helping me decide which buttons to use and where to put them!

I loved that this craft was quick enough that we could do it together and be something my daughter could help with.

Because she always wants to help. You know how that is!

button letter craft final project

Think of the possibilities!

These Button Letter Craft projects would make great gifts for moms, teachers, sisters, aunts, and baby showers!

Who will you make one for??

Off to make some more…

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  1. My buttons keep popping off. 🙁 I used a hot glue gun. Any tips? TIA!

    • Sorry, candle? After I glue the buttons on (from 5 minutes to 24 hours), when I run my fingers over them, some of them will drop off cleanly (no glue mark at all). The buttons I’m using are quite small (7mm across). How do I get them to stay on 🙁


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