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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Giveaway: Buy n’ Bulk


As a mom to three kids I find myself going to the grocery store several times per week. With all the packaging and materials you get it seems like my cabinet space gets tighter and my wallet gets thinner.

Recently, I found a store in Lake Forest called “buy n’ bulk”. This unique store solved both of my previously mentioned problems. Since everything is bought in bulk, it is all in loose bins which eliminates the need for boxes and in turn is less expensive.


When you first enter the store you can’t help but notice how clean and organized it is. Everything is labeled and there are signs hanging above each aisle informing you where each item is located. There are bags and ties at all of the end caps as well. Each barrel or bin has its own label and a scoop so you will never need to take one from somewhere else. The goods that require cooking have their own instructions that you can put in your bag giving you specific directions on what to do and how much of the items you will need.

image07 (1)

There is even a frozen yogurt store inside with a topping bar and syrups.


If candy is your weakness then you are in luck. “buy n Bulk” has every type of candy you can dream of.


Do you have someone with allergies in your family or know of someone who eats a celiac diet? There are tons of items in the store that are gluten free. Sugar free items are also readily available.
Speaking of sugar, the baking section is amazing. They have all kinds of flour, pre made cookie mixes, Brownie mixes, and baking chocolates.


And, if you don’t want to bake they have an entire wall of gelatin powders to choose from.
Spices and seasonings are also an excellent buy at “buy n bulk”. Everything from minced garlic, to rubs, and even a huge selection of dried soups. They sell small spice jars too.

Teas and smoothie powders are a convenient option for shoppers too. Each item has a sign with nutrition facts and instructions on how to make it.

“Buy n bulk” is your one stop shop for healthy, fresh ingredients. Moms everywhere will agree this is the perfect solution for busy parents and families.

Win it! Enter to win a $20 gift card from Buy n’ Bulk. Enter below:

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Melodi Steinberg is an Orange County Native who is happily married with 3 adorable children. Two boys and a cute little girl. She is a full-time stay at home mom, a loyal friend and a master of all trades. She holds a massage therapist license, a certificate in travel and tourism and a degree in child development.

Disclosure: We were provided with a gift card to experience Buy n Bulk and a gift card to giveaway to our readers. We were not compensated for this post. All photos, thoughts and opinions are of Melodi Steinberg.

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  1. I would love to buy baking ingredients in bulk.

  2. I would love to get different ingredients to make my own trail mix!

  3. I had no idea! How cool.

  4. I don’t buy in bulk, yet, though have heard that it’s a great way to save money. As my 2 boys are growing up fast, I have no doubt that I will be buying bulk in no time.

  5. So excited to go here this weekend’ I always pass that plaza on my way to church so this weekend will be a great time to go.

  6. I love buying dried fruit and baking ingredients in bulk.

  7. Rice …Rice…Rice! And whole wheat bread to freeze if they have it!

  8. Goldfish 🙂 and cereal!

  9. I attended the store’s grand opening event. Love the concept!

  10. I love buying in bulk!

  11. I shop here, their soup mixes are wonderful, the creamy wild rice soup is great – I added chopped ham to it, made a great dinner in the crock pot.

  12. I shop here, their soup mixes are wonderful, the creamy wild rice soup is great – I added chopped ham to it, made a great dinner in the crock pot.

  13. We buy nuts in bulk — it’s way cheaper that way!

  14. Nuts, we eat a lot of them.

  15. I have been buying spices in bulk for a few years at sprouts. The most expensive part of buying spices seems to be the jar. I would go to the bulk spice section at sprouts and buy just enough to refill my spice jar, spending literally pennies instead of dollars. I started shopping more for these spices at buy n bulk since it is right next door to my regular grocery store and since they have a much larger variety of everything. I LOVE the toppings they have for using as toppings when baking cookies, cakes or cupcakes, costs much less buying it in bulk than the small jars at the grocery store or even the large jars you can get at smart & final. Buy n bulk is a great store, if they don’t have something you want, talk to the person working there and they will talk to the owners to see if it can be brought in, great customer service.

  16. I’ve recently started buying oatmeal, walnuts, almonds and dried cranberries in bulk. It just makes sense to spend less on items we use regularly. Would love to try this new store!

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