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When can you Exercise After a Breast Surgery?


When preparing for my breast lift surgery (mastopexy) at CosmetiCare, I knew that I wanted to lose weight before the surgery. I worked with a nutritionist and exercised to help lose 20 of the 40 pounds that I have needed to lose. Since I had been working so hard to get fit, I was worried about how long it would be until I could resume exercising following my surgery.

During my pre-op appointment with Dr. Niccole, he told me that it would be a couple of weeks after my surgery until I could start exercising again, and that we would discuss it in my post-op appointments. Every woman is different, and it really just depends on how fast I would heal. The one thing that he was very clear about is that in the beginning, I was to do nothing. No laundry, no dishes – just stay in bed, and rest.

I took it very easy for the first month of my surgery. It was about three or four weeks when the doctor released me to start doing some cardio, but I didn’t quite feel like I had the energy to start exercising yet, so he told me to listen to my body and take it slowly.

It ended up taking me about two months until I was ready to jump back into my exercise routine, which is longer than most woman. The reason it took me so long wasn’t that I physically couldn’t, but because I was so worried that the running or jumping would make my breast sag again. I love what Dr. Niccole has done to my breasts that I want them to stay this perfect forever.

Dr. Niccole reassured me that if I wear a very supportive bra, my breasts won’t start to sag from exercising. The nurse also gave me the great advice of purchasing a bra at Victoria’s Secret that has both an underwire and sports bra built in one – it was the best advice ever. When I exercise wearing that bra, my breasts stay nice and tight in my bra.

When I did begin exercising, I took it slow and eased into my workout. I started with walking and then increased my cardio. I did end up gaining a little bit of weight back following my surgery, but with a healthy diet and a daily workout plan, I am slowly watching the weight disappear.

If you are thinking about having a breast surgery, the doctors at CosmetiCare take the time to care for every patient’s individual needs. They are there to help answer questions and ensure that you are comfortable through the entire process. Schedule an appointment now to have a consultation with one of the doctors at CosmetiCare by calling (949) 718-6900. Save 10% on your next procedure by using the discount code Shelby100.

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  1. The breast surgery case of every woman is different and that’s why there is no solid reply to when one can exercise after getting a breast surgery. The point to be noted here is that women must take care of their recovery process properly before they return back to the gym. Any complications due to starting exercises will push your health at risk, and you may end up losing more than what you were expecting to gain.

  2. At one side breast implant is indeed a fantastic procedure that gives an increment to the breast whilst on other side it is as well a very painful procedure. However once a women go under the knife for breast implant then her life would be changed forever. Her confidence will be increased after suffering from several complex years of smaller breast. Anyway our main point was the exercises after breast surgery. As though breast is a very important part female’s body and becomes very sensitive also after any surgery so that’s why patients should be very careful. Rather they should not do any exercise without the recommendation of physician.

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