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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Where can Metrolink take you?

We traveled as a guest of the Metrolink


Metrolink makes going anywhere, anytime Saturday or Sunday cost-effective and very fun. We recently took a trip on the metrolink to San Juan Capistrano using a special ticket they gave us to promote their Unlimited Weekend Pass. For 10 dollars you can get one of these Unlimited Weekend Passes. With this pass you can go anywhere that Metrolink travels.This was our first trip taking the Metrolink, and I will say we were all around very impressed.


Finding our destination was very easy with their online site,it had great ideas on where to go. Once we chose where we were going to go, all we had to do was look up times and then drive to the station and board our train.

Our kids found this very fun. They loved being able to sit in their own seat and look at the window watching all the stuff around them whizz by. I loved how clean it was and how easy it was to get on and off the train.

Since this was our first trip we decided to stay close to home and go to San Juan Capistrano to visit Mission San Juan Capistrano which we had never done and go to Zoomar’s petting zoo.


We were a little concerned with our toddlers ability to sit and enjoy the train, but he did very well and there were no problems. We have taken other trains in the past, but he was an infant then and either slept or sat on our lap. This time he sat on my husbands lap and really enjoyed the train. We now know he can go for a longer ride somewhere and we will plan that soon. Our 10 and 7 year old boys loved that they could move about and that they could switch from downstairs to upstairs.


The Metrolink even has train cars for bikes, so you can take your bike along with you as well. We thought this was a nice touch. On our ride back home we sat above the bike car and it was very nice. The whole train car was ours. We did not find it that crowded at all. This is probably just an OC thing, because my friend did tell me it got more packed towards Union Station in Los Angeles.


Another thing that we found awesome was the restaurant Sarducci’s where we decided to eat lunch had a sign on the window stating they gave a Metrolink discount. Other places give this same discount and you can find participating places on the Metrolink website. We were also able to get free child’s admission with paid adult admission at the Mission for showing them our Metrolink passes.



Our day was full of fun at The Mission, Zoomar’s and at lunch. We really enjoyed our day and will ride the Metrolink to another fun destination soon.



Dawn Maltin is a Loving wife and devoted stay at home mom to three amazing little boys. Her philosophy is family first and everything else second. She is a self proclaimed craft-a-holic. When she is not knee deep in family adventures you can find her making,baking and crafting just about any and everything. If she does not know how to make something, you can be sure she will learn and master it before too long. She also has a love for fine dining,travel and reading.
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