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How Can Moms Help Their Daughters Learn About Makeup in the Right Way

Many girls feel pressured to wear makeup at a young age, but this is the wrong idea that if they don’t wear it then they are not pretty enough. That is why many moms should teach their daughters about makeup in the right way.


Teach them to take care of their nails

Teach your daughter about the importance of taking care of her nails. Teach her how to keep them clean and polished, while also keeping them strong by coating them in a thin layer of car wax. Once they have been coated, put cotton on the nail and then use a hand file to shape them into a more desirable shape. 

Then it is time to get rid of any dead skin cells by using a soft brush with light strokes from the cuticle toward the tip. When it comes to beautifying their nails, let them practice with press-on and artificial nails for them to learn the basics of applying nail polish. It will give them useful knowledge about how to manage long nails and make them attractive. Before they actually grow their nails, they should already know the basics of nail care and creating beautiful nail art.

Avoid harsh chemicals

You may want to avoid using harsh chemicals for cleaning or washing your hands. Instead, opt for natural chemical-free products such as baking soda mixed with water or lemon juice. Using antibacterial soap is not recommended because it can lead to bacteria becoming resistant, and may also influence your daughter to think that it is okay to use antibacterial soap for everything.

Prevent common mistakes

Teach your daughter to avoid the most common mistakes girls make when wearing makeup. Makeup should be applied in moderation if worn at all because too much can look fake or tacky. If you are encouraging her to wear eye shadow, teach her how to place it on her eyelids properly which will accentuate her eyes without distracting them. Discuss things like avoiding clumpy mascara by wiggling the wand at the base of your lashes before applying.

Remind her not to leave any lines where the foundation meets her hairline or jaw because it will make it look like she has dirt on her face.

Starting out with quality makeup

When your daughter first starts wearing makeup, it’s a good idea to purchase high-quality products that will help avoid skin irritation or breakouts. Ensure that anything you buy is labeled non-comedogenic because this means it won’t clog your daughter’s pores causing blemishes. If she has sensitive skin, purchase hypoallergenic makeup which is less likely to cause a reaction even if it contains ingredients such as parabens and fragrances which can irritate some girls’ skin types. 

When purchasing new makeup, don’t be afraid to ask for samples from the store clerk because these are often free of charge and can be used for several days before deciding if the product is right for her.


Regular facials can help keep your daughter’s skin looking young and fresh by removing dead cells from the surface of her skin. Facials can be performed by a dermatologist, esthetician, or you as a parent. A facial mask that contains ingredients such as honey or yogurt can also be applied to your daughter’s face at home to remove any dirt from her pores and provide essential moisture. Just make sure she washes it off after a few minutes so it doesn’t clog her pore.


Teach your daughter how to apply mascara correctly because this mistake is often made when girls first start wearing makeup. Make sure they know to never pump the wand in and out of the tube as this can lead to bacteria buildup within the mascara. Also, teach them that wiggling the wand at their lashes after applying will separate their lashes instead of clumping them together.

Allowing their daughters to apply makeup on their own 

One way mothers can help their daughters learn about makeup in the right way is through experimenting with different techniques. For example, instead of always applying lipstick on her daughter’s lips after she has finished putting on her foundation and powder, women should allow their daughter to put on the lipstick herself. 

This will give girls more ownership over many aspects of their appearance and let them develop a sense of accomplishment as they continue to gain knowledge about cosmetics. If mothers want their daughters to develop a strong connection with beauty products, then they must allow them to explore different techniques without rushing out and buying every single product that is available on the market.

Parents should teach their daughters about makeup in the right way so they can face the world confidently and happily without feeling like there is something lacking about themselves. Moms should teach their daughters about makeup in the right way. It is important for parents to teach their children proper values. And this starts with teaching them about self-love before anything else because loving yourself for who you are at your core, without makeup adding to your looks, will lead to a more stable future for them.

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