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How You Can Use Sleep To Improve Your Health

Sleep is one of the most important functions that humans do and it’s definitely not something that you want to deprive yourself of. People believe that sleeping is solely about resting and making yourself feel better. Sleep does have a way of making you healthier overall.

Tips for Staying Healthy

For people, getting good sleep can mean starting the day right or starting it on the wrong side of the bed. Other than that, however, there are various health benefits of having constant good quality sleep. Before we talk about the benefits of sleeping well, let’s first talk about how you can actually begin sleeping well.

A Guide To Sleeping Well

It’s important to look towards the basics of sleep. That is, of course, the mattress and pillow that you are sleeping on. Don’t expect a good night’s sleep if you are sleeping in a bed that’s not comfortable by your standards. As such, you need to pick your sleeping gear.

It’s not always necessary to pick a bed that’s uber soft. Some people prefer firmer mattresses. At the end of the day, it’s all about what you are comfortable with. That’s why it’s highly recommended that you visit a mattress store so that you can at least try out the bed first.

Some people go the extra mile and get a good bed frame as well. We suggest getting a bed frame that comes with a soft headboard. That way, you can sit back and relax while trying to read yourself to sleep. Again, pick something that you are comfortable with for your pillows.

If you want to get the best quality of sleep, you need to sleep on a schedule. Set up your body clock so that you sleep and wake up at the same time every day. This is a good thing as you can maximize your REM if you have a good sleep pattern for your body.

REM or rapid eye movement is a phase of your sleep that comes in a few hours after you doze off. It is the deepest phase of your sleep and it’s usually where you begin to dream. The longer your REM is the better quality sleep that you are going to have. Sleep patterns matter because to get to REM, you need to be asleep for a long time.

To start sleeping on a set schedule, you must first plan your day. Think about when the ideal time is for you to sleep and wake up. Tire yourself out throughout the day but do not exercise around 2-3 hours before you sleep as this might make it actually harder for you to fall asleep.

Keep in mind that the food you eat can actually affect your sleep too. If you’re just starting to set up a sleeping schedule for yourself, make sure that you avoid alcohol and caffeine as these two will affect your sleeping habits.

Once you’ve begun to sleep on a schedule, it’s important that you stick with it as best you can. Having to adjust your sleep regularly is going to be a bad idea and will prevent you from getting the best sleep you can get. Now, it’s time to talk about why it’s important to begin sleeping well.

Benefits Of Good Sleep

Sleeping is the body’s way of recuperating. Without adequate sleep, your body is going to have less time to recover. As we’ve said earlier, sleeping well is more than just about feeling good and rested. There are a lot of scientifically proven benefits that come with good sleep.

For one, by sleeping well, you can help increase your body’s immune system. Your body’s immune cells become more active if you get good sleep. On the other hand, they attack viruses and bacteria at a slower rate if you are lacking sleep. That’s why when you do get sick, doctors will recommend sleeping and resting to let your body recover.

Aside from making your immune system more capable, being well-rested is also good for your heart. It helps control blood pressure – as well as blood sugar levels much more easily. You can lessen the risk of certain heart diseases by being more in tune with your sleep cycle.

There are also studies that show that sleeping well can help you maintain good body weight. People who are well-rested are also less hungry. Sleep deprivation messes with leptin and ghrelin hormones which are both responsible for helping you control your appetite.

People who are sleep deprived find it harder to fend off their food cravings. It also makes it harder for them to control the amount of food that they eat. Those that want to live an active lifestyle will need to be more in tune with their sleep cycles as this will make it easier for them to control their food.

It should also go without saying that when you’re well-rested, your body is able to become more physically capable. Aside from being more agile and strong, your body will feel easier to carry and your joints become less prone to strain as well. For athletes, it’s a bad habit to not get good rest as it can affect their performance and increase chances of injuries.

Last but definitely not the least, sleep can affect your mood. You don’t need science to understand this. Lacking sleep can definitely make you cranky and more prone to getting annoyed. That’s your body’s natural way of saying that it’s time to finally get some rest.

On the upside, if you’re well-rested, you can be in a good mood the entire day. This alone comes with a ton of benefits already. That’s mental health and physical health benefits just because you put in some effort to get better sleep.

Giving your body adequate time to rest is more than enough to make yourself healthy. Challenging it may be, sleeping is only a matter of making yourself more comfortable, as well as giving yourself the time to adjust your sleep cycle. Doing these will make your life and health considerably better.

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