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Cannabis concentrates: concepts, types

What are weed concentrates?

Simply put, a product can be referred to as anything obtained by separating cannabinoids from a cannabis plant mixture by technical and chemical methods. Depending on the preparation method, cannabis concentrates differ in cannabinoid and terpene form, but in any case, the proportion of active ingredients is much higher than in buds, from 40-50% in liquid oils to 99% in a nanocrystalline form.

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Cannabinoid Extraction Techniques

Over the long history of a gentle alliance with the queen of herbs, mankind has amassed an awesome experience in extracting active substances from plant raw materials in dry, liquid, and dough-like residues. Budder, shutter, kief, wax are all about them, darlings.

 The oldest cannabis concentrate is considered hashish, or charas, a compressed cannabis resin, which was brought to Europe from the East in the 17th and 18th centuries. The product is obtained by grinding cannabis inflorescences and leaves by hand, but some THC is inevitably lost through surface oxidation. A more progressive method is purification in a certain bag with a sieve.

What are cannabis concentrates like?

Extraction is good in that it leaves room for imagination. Experimentation with temperature, pressure, aging time and extra processing of the raw material gives the opportunity to get a wide range of concentrates with special buying properties. It’s impossible to name all the delicacies from the menu of the long-standing canna gourmand, so we’ll dwell only on those that are familiar to us.

 First on the list of favorites is butane hash oil, or BHO, the alpha and omega of the current product market, which is where the history of medical cannabis began. The extraction of THC in butane produces “soft gold”, a viscous mass with an attractive amber color and 70-80% THC content. In the course of further processing, oil substrates are transformed into a variety of products.

  • WAX (wax, vax) is the most sought-after weed concentrates, accounting for up to 70% of sales on the concentrate market. At home, wax is obtained by removing the extracted mass in a water bath at 38-43 degrees for 15-20 minutes, without bringing it to a boil. Of all butane extracts, wax is characterized by the greatest richness and depth of flavor due to the high content of terpenes that accentuate the characteristics of the variety. A quality wax concentrate is recognizable by its bright golden color and opaque grainy texture, reminiscent of honey. The characteristic consistency of the product is achieved by vigorously stirring the cooling mass to avoid the loss of crystals. 
  • Honeycomb, or honeycomb varnish, is a type of varnish with honeycomb-like pores that are formed from air bubbles when the product is brought to a boil.
  • Shatter is a highly processed extract that is extracted by blowing the resins in a vacuum oven at comparatively low temperatures, ensuring the removal of fats and vegetable additives. The product name in English means “shatter” – a high-quality shutter, transparent and hard to the touch, in reality, resembles a honey-colored frosted glass or lollipop. The smooth glossy side without bubbles gives a resemblance to glass; to produce a first-rate product, the debulking of the mass must take place on a flat surface. Teflon trays and silicone trays are the most commonly used for this purpose, as they do not get stuck to the particles of the shutter.
  • Budder is a soft form of the shutter, the consistency of which resembles butter. Before blowing, freshly squeezed extract is whipped and heated, achieving a viscous, buttery consistency. This smooth and pliable badder is easy to smoke and smoke, but the high-temperature treatment destroys some of the terpenes, so some flavor shades will have to be sacrificed.
  • Pull-n-Snap is a flexible, viscous substance that forms long, golden threads, something in between a shutter and a badder. Pull-n-Snap does not break into shards or crumble like vax but stretches to the limit until it breaks away from the overall mass. While smoking, artisans create intricate art objects out of rapidly solidifying live gold – the wonders begin long before the THC has had its say.
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