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You Can’t Afford Designer… Or Can You?

We all have our own thoughts about being stylish. For some, being stylish means owning whatever you wear, and walking with confidence. For others, it’s a matter of mixing and matching the right pieces. And for some, style can only be achieved at expensive levels, and while you’re not this kind of person and you’re perfectly happy spending within your budget, you do sometimes wonder…

How to afford designer clothes

Affording designer or otherwise ‘luxury’ clothing is something not a lot of us can do. However, there are some very clever ways out there of getting a discount or taking advantage of a sale, even when the price tag is way over what you thought you’d spend! So, let’s go through some of these ways below.

Buy the Right Items

If you want some designer items in your wardrobe, you’re going to need to fork out on the right items only. That means understanding your taste, what brands you like and genuinely would enjoy to wear, and what kind of clothes and/or accessories you’d actually use on a regular basis.

When you figure this out, you’ll be buying the right items, and you won’t be paying into any fads or fast trends you want no part of. And then, 5 or 10 years down the line, these items will start to be worth more than you paid for them!

Wait for the Sale

Sales are a total Godsend, aren’t they? They ensure anyone on a tight budget can pack some luxury items away in their wardrobe, and they’re simply just exciting to rifle through when you see the sign outside a shop or a banner at the top of a website.

However, designer brands seem to rarely hold sales, and that’s why you need to be extra vigilant here. These sales do exist – they’re just not usually advertised, happen at very specific times of the year, and often come in different forms.

For example, for a brand like Rolox, you’re better to look out for Men’s pre-owned luxury watches being advertised through both the official and general designer brand websites. Make sure you sign up to mailing lists, and dip your nose into some Facebook groups as well.

Save in the Right Way

You’re also going to want to set up a separate savings account for your big spending items – after all, you’ve got your emergency fund and your stocks and shares ISA and maybe even a pension, so why not think about shuttling some money into an account just for you and your expensive taste too?

Of course, the former options are all far more important, but if you’ve got the money available for such an account, it’ll help you to keep spending down and ensure you’re never going over your ‘luxury budget’. It’ll also help you to see what you can afford, and what’s really worth it.

So, as it turns out, you might be able to afford some designer items. Mostly, make sure you spend wisely here.

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