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Canvas Prints Will Change Your Ideas About Wall Art

A lot of people think premium wall art – canvas prints, for example – is pricey and hard to integrate into a lot of design schemes. If that’s what you think too, we have some good news! Canvas prints are a simple and effective way to turn your pictures into home decor – and they’re available at some surprisingly low prices too. Let’s look at the advantages of canvas prints in more detail!

What Is a Canvas Print?

Unless you’re a keen reader of interior decor blogs or magazines, you might not know too much about canvas prints. So let’s start with the basics: canvas prints are images printed on a piece of canvas fabric which is then wrapped over an inner frame.

That’s the essential difference between canvas prints and other popular print formats such as posters or photos printed on photo paper. The inner frame supports the print from the inside and gives it a wonderful sense of physical presence without the need for an additional decor frame.

Thanks to their simple but striking construction, canvas prints can be displayed in countless ways and work well in almost any room.


A Great Way to Make Your Home Unique

Canvas prints, like other print formats, can be mass-produced or custom-made. And we believe custom photo prints are a fantastic way to showcase your interests and celebrate your cherished photo memories. In this age of mass production, any opportunity to add a personal touch and make your home unique is valuable.

Thanks to advances in photography and printing, the quality of today’s custom photo prints is on par with professional reproductions. And even most smartphone photos should be good enough to print on canvas, because today’s phones are equipped with remarkably good cameras which can take the high-resolution images needed for large-scale printing.

Moreover, thanks to the slight pastel overtones found in all canvas prints due to their textured surface, the prints have a slightly hazy quality that makes them very forgiving of the imperfections seen in amateur photos. This is why canvas prints are considered one of the best print formats for close-up portraits.

You don’t of course need to use photos in a custom canvas print. Digital designs, typographic art, and scanned children’s drawings can all make for awesome wall art. The most important factor is using pictures with a special significance to you and your loved ones.


A Quirky Decor Arrangement for Any Home

At this point some of you might be thinking…personalized wall art sounds great, but why canvas prints necessarily? There are plenty of more traditional wall art solutions, and if you already have some framed photos on the walls of your home you might think adding a completely new print format will make the arrangement look odd.

Worry not – canvas prints integrate seamlessly with other wall art features, especially if you choose canvas without an additional outer frame. The clean lines and unadorned edges of a canvas print help to create a unified, coherent arrangement.

You can also use a canvas print as a stand-alone statement piece – simply choose a bold image in vibrant colors, preferably in a large format, and you can bet your canvas will instantly draw your guests’ attention.

Canvas Prints Can Be More Than Just Wall Art

As we’ve noted above, canvas prints come wrapped on an inner frame. A standard frame will be made from stretcher bars about ¾” thick, but some companies –, for example – also offer XXL frames that are 1½” thick. But whichever thickness you choose, you’re getting a print with a sturdy internal support – meaning that if you prefer, it can simply be leant against any vertical surface rather than hung on the wall.

So why does this matter? Because the construction of canvas prints opens up myriad decor possibilities beyond just wall art. For example, if you’ve got a collection of small and medium-sized canvas prints you can place them on a bookshelf or mantelpiece – just as you would standing frames – or stand them in the empty squares of a latticed shelf, interspersing your prints with books, postcards and other decorative items.

Your Personal Discount Code

Canvas prints bring a sense of timeless elegance to any decor scheme. They also turn personal pictures into art prints worthy of a gallery. Two great reasons to try making canvas prints a part of your interior design – and taking advantage of a special discount code that give to all the readers of OC Mom Blog!

Visit, design your canvas prints and any other personalized printed products you like and use code OCMOM10 at checkout. The code will give you an extra 10% off all already discounted products so that you’ll save up to 90% from the original sales price!

OCMOM10 is valid until December 31st, 2022, and can be used multiple times.

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