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Captain America Civil War Press Conference: Team Iron Man vs. Team Cap

We attended as a guest of Disney

Captain American Civil War Airport Scene

The excitement is building with Marvel fans as Captain America Civil War is coming out in theaters on May 6th. We recently had a unique opportunity of attending the press conference for the upcoming film where Team Iron Man and Team Cap battled through a sea of questions from the eager journalists wanting to get the inside scoop on the making of the film.

Captain American Civil War 2

The event began with Team Cap taking the stage. The audience cheered as every team member was introduced. Once everyone took their seats, the first question went to Captain America (Chris Evans) on how he handled the pressure of living up to such a popular character. “There is pressure, but not anywhere near what the Russo’s or Marvel feels. Movies live and die based on the directors. Unless you have quality storytellers, you might fall on your face. They did the job very well,” said Evans.

The film is all about action. It is one of the most action-packed Marvel movies ever made. When asked about directing a film with such fantastic action sequences, the director, Joe Russo said, “Action is very important to us. These movies are about action. The characters express themselves through action, and the action must have storytelling. You’ll get tired of an action sequence if it’s not defining the character or moving the story further. We have such a great team of collaborators who can work with us, and keep us honest in terms of storytelling.”

The airport sequence was our favorite scene in the film. Chris Evans talked about the scene by saying,”It was great – it was hot. It was Atlanta in August. You have confidence that it is going to be something special. There is an energy on set and excitement that keeps you invested.”

Curious about who Chris Evans would want to fight against? “I would take on black widow, but from a character standpoint, it would be Iron Man,” said Evans.

Captain American Civil War 11

Then it was time for Team Iron Man to come out on the stage. Everyone was cheering for Team Iron Man as the entire cast was announced. The film has such an emotional center and Robert Downey Jr embellished by saying,”That’s where Marvel has done it’s the smartest move by making sure there is an emotional impact.”

Director, Anthony Russo continued by saying, “The popularity of special effects movies is because technology has come so far. This movie has a remarkable sequence when Robert plays a 20-year-old man, which is incredible.”

Robert Downey Jr interjected by saying,” It’s nostalgic, a very expensive nostalgia.”

Captain American Civil War 8

When it came it making that scene, “It took months and months for us to shoot. It’s very complicated to change the human face, to make it feel realistic. It was the last shot, and was dropped into the film five days ago,” said Russo.

Then came the big question of the press conference. What about Spiderman? Kevin Feige said,”There has never been an ensemble like this in cinematic history.” Russo continued by saying, “It was very important to everyone. We knew we wanted to tell a complicated story that went to very dark places. We like very well-rounded movies that make us laugh and cry. It became important to change the dynamic by bringing in characters that didn’t have the same emotional investment that the Avengers had.”

Don’t miss seeing Captain America Civil War in theaters on May 6th.

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