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Capturing Holiday Memories at Canon’s “Let it Snow” Globe Holiday Event

Sponsored by Canon

The corner of Hollywood and Highland transformed into a winter wonderland this past weekend for a special Canon “Let It Snow” Globe holiday event. Guests attending the event were invited to put Canon cameras to the test and learn new photography skills with different holiday photo backdrops. Attendees were able to learn how to capture perfect lighting on a snowflake sculpture, learn proper settings for low light inside a gingerbread house and get the perfect action shot inside of a life-size snow globe. Finally, everyone was invited to print their pictures on a Canon PIXMA printer to take home as a holiday keepsake.




During the event, I learned multiple skills on how to capture the perfect pictures of my children. While my kids had a snowball fight inside of the giant snow globe, I was able to learn the correct settings on my camera from a Canon specialist who was there to help me. Inside of the gingerbread house, I finally learned how to focus on one object while blurring out the background in a photo. The Canon specialists were located throughout the event helping to teach families how to capture their memories just like they remember them in real life while using a Canon camera.





While I was learning how to elevate my photography skills, my children worked on sending their letters to Santa using the North Pole PIXMA app. The kids spent over an hour typing their letters and drawing pictures before one of Santa’s helpers helped to ensure the kids that their message would make its way to the North Pole through the digital screen. Later, when we got home, there was a message in my inbox with a video from Santa Claus to show my kids that he received their letter and all of their holiday wishes will come true.




The event was made complete with the inspiration that came from actress and director, Bryce Dallas Howard (the daughter of the highly-acclaimed Ron Howard). She spent the day talking to families about the importance of capturing and preserving family memories through beautiful photos. She shared some of her best tips for getting the perfect photo of her kids and how giving the gift of a photo album is one of the best gifts to give to your children this holiday season.


Our family walked away from the event with a beautiful collection of family holiday photos that we will cherish for many years to come. We put the photos from the event into a beautiful photo album to share with all of our friends and family who visit during the holiday season.


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