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Capturing Memories with The Suitcase Studio


As I have looked back on my time raising my three young kids, I have noticed that there is one thing missing – me! I was there when they took their first steps, when they had their first bite of food and all the significant milestones in their lifetimes. Since my husband works full-time, I have always been the one behind the camera, making me invisible in all of their photographs. Do not get me wrong, I love take pictures of my kids, maybe a little too much, but as I look back I often wish that I had handed the camera over to my husband more often


When I was busy planning our first OC Mom Event at Bruxie, I wanted to have a photographer at the event to capture the memory for all the moms who attended with their children. The first person who came to mind was Michelle from The Suitcase Studio.


I first found Michelle on Instagram about a year ago. We had been Insta-buddies for a long time before I hired her to take my family photos during the holidays. She was the first photographer who captured my family in the way I always saw us.





Michelle was so generous to donate her time at our event to taking pictures of all the Moms and their children. She continued to spread her generosity by sending every Mom a framed photo as a keepsake from the event. She was a big part of the success of our first OC Mom Event, and we are so grateful to her!




For anyone who has been struggling on who to hire for their family portraits, we highly recommend Michelle. She is a very talented photographer who we are so lucky to have had her at the OC Mom Event.

Disclosure: We were not compensated for hosting the OC Mom Event. Michelle donated her time and supplies and was not compensated. All of the photos were courtesy of Michelle from The Suitcase Studio. All of our thoughts and opinions are of our own.

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