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CARS 3 is Just as Good as the First

We saw a screening as a guest of Disney

Ka-chow! Lightning McQueen, Mater, Sally and all your favorite CARS characters are back and ready to take your family on an all-new adventure in CARS 3. The first CARS movie is one of my all time favorite Disney-Pixar films, and I didn’t think it could ever be matched until watching CARS 3.

When making plans to see the film, I had wanted my youngest son to see it, expecting him to be the target audience like the first two CARS films. Unfortunately, he got invited to a sleepover with some friends, and like most kids – he couldn’t say ‘no’ to his friends. I then told my teenagers that they were going with me instead of my younger son, and I got the typical teenager eye roll.

I took my two teenagers to a theater on a Friday night to see the film. We got our popcorn and then found a perfect seat to watch the film. From the minute that the movie started, we were immersed into the magical world of CARS. Throughout the entire film, my 15-year-old son was laughing out loud hysterically. While he thought it was going to be a movie for little kids, it ended up being a movie that was perfectly targeted for his age, and younger children as well. When he left the theater, he said that it was the best Disney-Pixar movie that he had ever seen and that it was better than the first.

When it came to my teenage daughter, she fell in love with Cruz Ramirez. She loved that the film is not just for boys like the first two CARS films, but is now for girls too. Her favorite message that the film gave her was that if you dream it – you can do it.

While we were on our way home from seeing the film, my teenagers couldn’t stop talking about the film. They were singing some of their favorite songs together that were in the film, and sharing their favorite highlights from the film.

CARS 3 has a great heart, a fantastic message, and killer music. It is a film that isn’t just for little boys and is a film for people of all ages. It is one of my favorite Disney-Pixar movies, and it is guaranteed to be a family favorite in your household.

Bring your entire family to see CARS 3 in theaters today! Learn more about CARS 3 online, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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