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Carson Valley: The Hanging Tree in Genoa Nevada

We visited the hanging tree in Genoa as a guest of Carson Valley

The Hanging Tree in Genoa Nevada

My travels around the world have made me fall in love with historical landmarks. I am fascinated by old stories. Recently, while in Carson Valley, we spent half a day in the town of Genoa.

If you don’t already know, Genoa is the first settlement in Nevada, and rich in history. If you like historical buildings and history, you’ll fall in love with the town of Genoa as much as I did.

While planning our trip to Genoa, I noticed something about a hanging tree online. There wasn’t much information about it, so I set out on a mission to learn more.

The ranger at the Mormon Station State Historic Park gave me directions to The Hanging Tree. Also, he shared some of the back story of it with me.

The history of The Hanging Tree in Genoa Nevada

History of The Hanging Tree in Genoa

On the tree, in the early morning of November 25, 1897, occurred the blackest episode in the history of Nevada. Adam Uber of Calaveras, California, was forcefully taken from jail.

The angry mob abused him, and then hung him. For being accused of the pistol shooting of Hans Anderson, a local teamster. The killing took place in a Millersville barroom brawl.

Why did he get kidnapped by an angry mob? Hans Anderson was a well-known person in the community at the time of his death.

Rumors are that Adam Uber had a family member who was an attorney that was going to represent him. There was mention that he might be acquitted, and so these people took his fate into their own hands by executing him.

History of Genoa Nevada

Location of The Hanging Tree

The tree is along Genoa Lane, which is in a cluster of cottonwood trees. There is a plaque on the tree with some history behind the tragic event.

Before the execution of Adam Uber, he told his executors that a curse would fall upon them. In fact, shortly after his death, many of them died horrific deaths. According to local legend, the curse will last seven generations.

The town cut off the branch of the tree. But, the curse continued to haunt those who killed him that night.

The ranger at the Mormon Station State Historic Park told us that there had been sightings of his ghost next to the tree and in the old jail where he was kidnapped.

Teaching children about the history of Genoa Nevada

We pulled our Chevy Tahoe over to the side of the road. While standing next to the tree, we had an eerie feeling. It was like we could sense the presence of his spirit.

After visiting the hanging tree, we went to the Genoa Cemetery where Uber’s remains are buried in an unmarked grave.

When visiting Carson Valley with your family, you’ll want to plan to spend a couple of hours exploring the town of Genoa. Don’t miss stopping at the Hanging Tree so that your children can learn some of the history behind one of the most tragic events in Nevada’s history. Learn more about planning a trip to Carson Valley online.

The Hanging Tree in Carson City Nevada

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