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5 Ways to Use Craft Knives in Everyday Life

Posted by on Jul 14, 2021 in Crafts, Family | 0 comments

Craft knives are a common tool among crafters, hobbyists, and artists, regardless of their level of experience. If you dabble in the arts, chances are you’ve used a craft knife for one task or another. There are some common and not-so-common uses for the craft knife. The key is to use your imagination, as well as understand each component of your craft knife. You may have heard multiple terms used in reference to these tools. Such craft knives have been called precision knives, hobby knives, and X-Acto knives (this one is a brand name).  Now that you know all the names they’re called, let’s dive into what craft knives are and five ways to use them in everyday life.  What Is a Craft Knife? A craft knife is a tool that sports a slender handle with a single blade...

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How to Restore Old Photographs by Yourself

Posted by on Dec 18, 2020 in Crafts, Family | 0 comments

Don’t you just love thumbing through old photo albums and marvel at the people and places the pictures show? Your family photo archive is a treasured and important thing, but it is also immeasurably fragile. Old pictures crack, crumble, and fade. Nothing lasts forever and there is nothing you can do about it. Or is there? Good news – there are ways to save your family archive. And even better news – you can restore old photos yourself. Let’s have a look at how it’s done. Brush off the dirt Put on rubber gloves so that you don’t leave fingerprints or grease stains on the photo. Then, use a soft brush to clean off any dirt or sand from your picture. Work carefully and make sure you don’t scratch the pic. Then, rinse it under running water and leave...

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DIY Home Improvement Projects with Achim Home Décor

Posted by on Mar 18, 2020 in Crafts, Family, Hot Topics, Shopping | 0 comments

This post was sponsored by Achim Home Décor as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Now that our family will be spending a lot more time indoors, I decided to start working on some home improvement projects. For the longest time, I have wanted to redo the flooring in my home office area, and I had been shopping at our local Walmart for Achim Home Décor flooring. There are so many choices with Achim Home Décor that I had trouble deciding on what type of flooring I wanted to put in my room. A couple of weeks ago, I selected the Portfolio Plank & Tile, and I can’t wait to get started installing it over the next couple of weeks. The flooring is super simple to install by myself. It...

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DIY Captain Underpants Pumpkin

Posted by on Oct 16, 2019 in Crafts, Entertainment, Film, Halloween, Holiday | 0 comments

Kit provided from DreamWorks Animation Halloween is one of my favorite holidays of the year. This year, I enjoyed watching DreamWorks Animation Halloween special, “The Spooky Tales of Captain Underpants: Hack-A-Week,” with my kids on Netflix. After watching the hilarious episode, we were inspired to decorate our pumpkin this year in honor of Captain Underpants. The book series was one of my kid’s favorites growing up. Plus, the all-new animated series on Netflix expands on all the adventures my kids experienced while reading the books. Decorating the pumpkin was super simple and fun to do. You only need a couple of items to create a Captain Underpants pumpkin, and it is so easy that even the youngest of children can participate. About the Special Welcome to Hack-A-Ween Oreeuntashun! This is your ultimate guide to disguises, Sneak-Or-Snacking, and plenty of...

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Spider-Man: Far From Home Scientific Fun

Posted by on Oct 15, 2019 in Crafts, Entertainment, Film | 0 comments

We have a partnership with Sony The time is here! Spider-Man: Far From Home is currently available on Blu-ray and DVD. The movie was an instant hit with my kids, and they were thrilled to learn that they can now have the film as part of our home movie collection to enjoy for years to come. The movie features the beloved Tom Holland as Spider-Man. In this chapter of the story, our friendly neighborhood, wall-crawler, decides to join his best friends Ned, MJ, and the rest of the gang on a European vacation. However, Peter’s plans to leave super heroics behind for a few weeks are quickly scrapped when he begrudgingly agrees to help Nick Fury uncover the mystery of several elemental creature attacks! In celebration of the release of the film, my son and his friends did some...

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Unleash Your Creativity with the Buddha Board

Posted by on Apr 14, 2019 in Crafts, Education, Family | 0 comments

Samples of the Buddha Board provided I go to school to study art, so I am always trying to find new and modern art supplies. With all the new advancements nowadays it is not very hard to find something that I really like. Luckily for me, I discovered the Buddha Board. Since a lot of times, my art can waste paper and supplies the Buddha Board is now one of my new favorite platforms for creativity. The reason why the Buddha Board is so helpful is that when you paint, you paint with water. After a little while, the water evaporates, and you can start all over again without having to waste supplies or canvas. It helps the environment and helps relax you. The Buddha Board is all about focusing on the present and what is happening right now....

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Giving the Gift of Handmade Gifts

Posted by on Dec 22, 2017 in Christmas, Crafts, Holiday | 0 comments

Sponsored One of our favorite gifts to give are those that are handmade. This holiday season, we took a break from the holiday stress and spent an afternoon decorating stockings to fill with Welch’s holiday fruit snacks for some of our family and friends. We decided to fill the stockings with Welch’s fruit snacks vs. candy because they are made with real fruit (which is the first ingredient), they are 100% DV vitamin C, 25% DV Vitamin A&E, fat-free, gluten-free, and have no preservatives – making them a great alternative to candy. It was a fun afternoon as my kids added buttons, bells, and stickers to the red stockings. Once we were done decorating the festive stockings, we filled them up with lots of Welch’s fruit snacks before delivering them. When our friends saw the handmade stocks, it brought...

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Track the Paw Prints to Free Educational Classes at New Library

Posted by on Dec 11, 2017 in Crafts, Education, Events | 0 comments

Follow the painted bobcat and mountain lion paw prints prancing on the sidewalk to the new Library of the Canyons. Inside, watch out for the skunk, coyote and raccoon paw prints crawling up the walls to cave style paintings by local artist, Robert Myers. Throughout the children’s section, kids discover interactive displays, puzzles, puppet theatre and crafts. My son and his friends especially enjoy the library’s educational programs. The only place my son wants to be on Monday’s at 4 p.m. is at the library’s Crazy Eight’s math class. His favorite lesson dealt with sound waves. He made a pan flute from straws and noticed the changes in pitch from the different lengths of straw. Then he and his classmates headed outside to test the decibels of the flutes with an app on the children’s librarian, Shanon Delaney’s smart...

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Hotel Transylvania Family Movie Night

Posted by on Oct 30, 2017 in Crafts, Entertainment, Film | 0 comments

Sponsored One of our favorite things to do together as a family is to have movie nights. We will come together as a family, enjoy tasty food and stream our favorite movies while creating memories that will last a lifetime together. When I learned about the all-new app Movies Anywhere, I thought it was a great idea to plan a ‘Halloween-themed’ movie night and downloaded Hotel Transylvania on the app. My favorite part of our family movie nights is creating food that is themed after the movie. Since I knew that we were going to be watching Hotel Transylvania, I thought of some fun vampire and bat-themed foods to serve. For our drinks, I made a spooky fruit punch and served the drink in science beakers. I made a little bit of smoke in the drinks with dry ice...

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Messy Minions Candy Bark Recipe

Posted by on Jul 3, 2017 in Crafts, Entertainment, Family, Film, Recipes | 5 comments

This post is in partnership with Bounty. Minions..Minions..Minions! My kids and I love everything about the minions. The first time that we were introduced to them in the first Despicable Me, we fell in love with them. My kids have minion clothes, hats, and everything minion. When I learned that Bounty was introducing Despicable Me 3 prints on their paper towels and napkins, I immediately knew that I needed to get some for my kitchen. Having three busy kids in my household, we’re always making messes or spilling things in my kitchen. That is why I need a paper towel that is strong enough to clean-up the biggest messes while using the smallest amount of paper towels to tackle the mess. The one brand that I have found to be the most absorbent is Bounty, and I was thrilled...

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Five DIY Kitchen Remodeling Tips

Posted by on Mar 26, 2017 in Crafts, Deals, Family, Shopping, Tech | 7 comments

Sponsored by Best Buy When we bought our second home in 2003, the kitchen was a mess. We had to remodel the kitchen, but as a young couple on a tight budget, we had to find a way to remodel the kitchen at the lowest cost possible. The only solution was to do a complete DIY kitchen remodel. Now, it has been over 13 years, and our kitchen is once again in badly need of another kitchen remodel. The appliances are starting to get old, the counter tops are outdated, and our cabinets are falling apart. As we gear-up to do another DIY kitchen remodel, here are five tips for helping you to remodel your kitchen without breaking the bank doing it all yourself. Tile Granite Counter Tops The biggest savings we had when remodeling our kitchen years ago...

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DIY Upcycled Plastic Earrings Tutorial

Posted by on Feb 26, 2017 in Crafts | 0 comments

We are a Chick-fil-A Ambassador I love reusing product packaging whenever I can. Recently, I was challenged to create an upcycling project using the plastic soup containers from Chick-fil-A. I wanted to do something different and fun for the DIY project, so I turned to my teenage daughter to start brainstorming some different ideas. Since my daughter loves jewelry, we decided to make upcycled plastic earrings using the plastic Chick-fil-A soup container. The hardest part of this DIY challenge was trying to figure out a way to make the black plastic look artistic enough to be worn hanging from my teenage daughter’s ears. We cut oval shapes from the container and first tried melting them in the oven. We thought that the plastic might warp in a cool way to make a fashionable look with the plastic – but...

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Netflix Trollhunters Inspired Rock Trolls Craft

Posted by on Dec 27, 2016 in Crafts, Entertainment, Television Shows | 0 comments

We are a member of the Netflix Stream Team The minute that my kids saw their first episode of Trollhunters on Netflix, they fell in love with the show. They were immersed into a world where the trolls live, and couldn’t stop talking about the show for days after watching the first couple of episodes. Since my kids love the Netflix series so much, I decided to help them make their own trolls at home, so we made rock trolls. My kids favorite part of making this craft was acting out some scenes from the series while searching for rocks around the neighborhood. All of the rocks the kids collected were just as unique as the trolls in the Netflix series. They had a blast taking their time to carefully find rocks that looked just like the trolls in...

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DIY Snow Globe Ornaments

Posted by on Dec 14, 2016 in Christmas, Crafts, Family, Holiday | 4 comments

Sponsored I love making crafts during the holiday season, and I find that handmade crafts make for the perfect holiday gift. Every year, I make ornaments with my children so that they can give them to their grandparents as Christmas gifts. Since I make the ornaments with my children – it has to be simple craft. I got inspired to get crafty this week and get started working on this year’s ornaments from my favorite Snowman, Holiday Hal, who has been sharing some creative holiday crafting tips on the Voya Financial Facebook page where I normally get tips/tools to help us plan for retirement.I figured that if a snowman can find time to do holiday crafts then so can I. Holiday Hal got me thinking a lot about snow and inspired me to make these simple DIY snow globe...

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Easy DIY King Julien Costume

Posted by on Oct 3, 2016 in Crafts, Entertainment, Film, Halloween | 0 comments

Sponsored There are many Netflix original series that my kids love to watch, but the one series that they enjoy watching over and over again is All Hail King Julien. The show is hilarious, and one that families can enjoy watching together. As Halloween has quickly approached, and we began discussing different costume options, my son immediately knew that he wanted a King Julien costume. The only problem is that it’s not a costume that can be found in a costume store. So, I put my thinking cap on and started to brainstorm about how I could make him a King Julien costume. First, I watched a couple of All Hail King Julien episodes with my son. We laughed hysterically together while watching King Julien and his funny antics. Then it was time to start putting the costume together....

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4 Indoor Educational Projects for a Rainy Day

Posted by on Sep 13, 2016 in Crafts, Education, Family, Parenting | 0 comments

Kids love to spend time playing outside. However, even Orange County has a few rainy days (or days so hot everybody wants to stay indoors in the AC). There are some great education-based projects that can be completed indoors that are both fun and productive on a rainy day. Whether kids are working on their art skills, reading comprehension, or math, there are several things they can do as a family while learning something new. 1. Color mixing Color mixing can make a fun and educational art project that helps kids learn how to make secondary and tertiary colors. For this project, kids will need four colors of paint: red, blue, yellow, and white. They can mix up orange, purple, green, and pink and so on. Many kids end up accidentally making brown or gray when they mix red,...

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Pete’s Dragon Family Activity Kit

Posted by on Jul 26, 2016 in Crafts, Entertainment, Film | 0 comments

I can’t wait to bring my children to see Pete’s Dragon when it comes out in theaters on August 12th. To get them excited about seeing the movie, I surprised them this weekend by doing some fun and interactive Pete’s Dragon family activities from the Pete’s Dragon Activity Kit that Disney created. Disney knows the importance of expanding on a moviegoing experience with children and creates these amazing activity kits for parents to use with their children at home. Download high resolution pages here. The kit includes: How to encourage imaginary play The importance of Imaginary Play Inspiring Imagination Outdoors Inspirational Place for Imaginative Play Go on a Micro Quest Discovery Hidden Dragons Liberate Your Library Build a Dragon’s Lair Frame a Friend Download the high resolution worksheets online here. Don’t miss seeing Pete’s Dragon in theaters on August...

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DIY The BFG Dream Jars

Posted by on Jul 6, 2016 in Crafts, Entertainment, Family, Film | 0 comments

My children loved The BFG movie, and the dream jars were their favorite part of the film. The scenes were filled with so much beauty and magic that brought the book to life. Since my kids were so fascinated with the dream jars in the film, I surprised them this morning by making their very own dream jars to place by their beds at night. Making the dream jars is simple and an excellent way to expand on the magic of the film with your children and create memories with them that will last a lifetime. My children loved every minute of spending time with me doing this fun and interactive craft. After we were done making the craft, they asked if they could go back to see The BFG again. Supplies needed: Medium size mason jars Glitter Paint...

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How to Make Circus Animal Cookie Zootopia Bark

Posted by on Jun 6, 2016 in Crafts, Entertainment, Film, Recipes | 0 comments

Sponsored An outdoor summer Zootopia movie party would not be complete without some fun animal-themed candy treats. When planning our summer Zootopia outdoor movie night, I made the kids some delicious circus animal cookie Zootopia bark. Making candy bark is one of the easiest things parents can ever make for a party. It takes just a few seconds to make, and you can add virtually anything to the bark to theme it around your kid’s party. Since I was planning a Zootopia outdoor movie night, I wanted to make something colorful, festive, and animal-themed so I used circus animal cookies. The result – the kids loved it!! All I needed to purchase was two ingredients (white chocolate morsels and circus animal cookies.) How did I make it? I poured one bag of the white chocolate morsels into a bowl...

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How to Make Zootopia Pawsicles

Posted by on Jun 6, 2016 in Crafts, Entertainment, Film, Recipes | 0 comments

Sponsored One of our favorite scenes from the film Zootopia was when Nick Wilde made “pawsicles” and sold them to the hamsters. My kids laughed hysterically during that scene in the movie. With Zootopia coming out on Blu-ray and DVD on June 7th, I got started right away planning an epic Zootopia themed outdoor summer movie night complete with homemade pawsicles and Zootopia candy bark. We were fortunate enough to get an advanced copy of the film, so we surprised some of our closest friends with a pre-summer Zootopia outdoor movie night. All our kid’s friends couldn’t wait to come over and see their favorite movie again. Everyone brought their blankets, pillows and arrived in their pj’s for the movie. The minute that the pawsicle scene came on in the film, I paused the movie and brought our pawsicles...

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DIY LEGO Friends Friendship Rings

Posted by on Mar 15, 2016 in Crafts, Entertainment, Family, Television Shows | 0 comments

We are a member of the Netflix Stream Team My kids eat, sleep, and dream about LEGOS. There is a blanket of LEGOS on the playroom floor, and my kids are always immersed in the world of LEGOS both on the playroom floor and while watching the new Netflix originals LEGO Friends: The Power of Friendship. Since we have been enjoying the new Netflix series, and I encourage my children to build strong friendships, we made these adorable (and easy) LEGO Friends friendship rings to give to all their friends at school. The kids used their “LEGO-tivity” to add different creations to personalize the rings using spare parts from their LEGO kits. Each of the rings is unique, special, and made with love for each of their friends. How do you make them? It is super easy. Step one:...

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Learn How to Draw Judy Hopps and Flash from ‘Zootopia’

Posted by on Mar 4, 2016 in Crafts, Disney, Entertainment, Film | 0 comments

I can’t believe it. The time has finally come for “Zootopia” to come out in theaters today! Families across the country will fall in love with Judy Hopps, Nick Wilde, and Gazelle. The story is one of my favorite Disney movies of all-time, and I can’t wait to bring my kids to see it again this weekend. In celebration of the release of the film, Disney just shared two tutorials on how to draw two of the most popular characters in the film, Judy Hopps and Flash. Get out some drawing paper, pencils, and spend quality time with your children drawing these two adorable “Zootopia” characters together. Byron Howard, one of the directors of “Zootopia” takes you through the step-by-step process of drawing the optimistic and bright Judy Hopps. Then Cory Loftis, the Art Director of Characters for “Zootopia”...

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Storymakery Makes Young Authors

Posted by on Mar 2, 2016 in Crafts, Education, Events | 0 comments

I’m in Love, and you will be too, with StoryMakery! What an amazing and exciting treat it was for my ten-year-old daughter, Bella and me, to visit the Storymakery at the Irvine Spectrum Center earlier this week. We met the Storymakery’s owner, Payal Kindiger, who graciously explained the story making and self-publishing process for kids. Like the scrumptious delights a bakery produces, Storymakery creates one-of-a-kind, truly unique stories by young authors, like our kids. Storymakery is a unique place child can build cognitive writings skills while flexing their imagination muscles, with friendly “Muse” staff, to design fun characters and stories that make their book(s) come alive! Prices range from ($19-$54.99) The first objective of our little authors is to develop their story character (up to 3), at the “Character Studio” area. After building the character(s), they move on to...

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Teeny Tiny Valentine’s Day Card Kit

Posted by on Feb 8, 2016 in Crafts, Valentine's Day | 0 comments

Looking for something different to do with your kids this Valentine’s Day? Instead of purchasing pre-made Valentine’s at the local grocery store, have fun creating memories with your children while handmaking their Valentine’s. Know I know that we are all busy mommies, and don’t have time to purchase all the supplies needed to create handmade Valentine’s, and Stampington & Company took care of that for all of us. They have created a unique kit that has “almost” everything you need to make Teeny Tiny Valentine’s Day cards with your kids. Over the weekend, I sat down with my daughter to make the Teeny Tiny Valentine’s Day cards together. Everything was carefully placed inside of a cellophane wrapper with instructions on how to make the Valentine’s. We put all the supplies on the table and got ready to have fun...

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DIY Duck Tape Hot Wheels Track

Posted by on Jan 5, 2016 in Crafts | 0 comments

When your kids can’t go outside and play, don’t let that stop you from enjoying some great indoor fun. One of my favorite rainy day activities to do with the kids is to make a giant indoor hot wheels road out of duck tape. The possibilities are endless, and the fun DIY duck tape hot wheels track will provide hours of indoor fun for all your children. To make the road, you only need three things: Black duck tape, a white paint pen, and hot wheels. The road works best on tile or laminate flooring. Since my downstairs is all hardwood, we made the road in my oldest son’s room that has laminate flooring. Have your kids help you to decide how they think the road should be laid out on the floor. Then put the black duck tape...

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DIY Star Wars BB-8 Charm

Posted by on Jan 4, 2016 in Crafts | 1 comment

We can’t get enough of BB-8. He was our favorite character in “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” even before we saw the movie. With the upcoming winter storms approaching, I spent a lot of time thinking of some fun crafts to keep the kids occupied with this DIY Stars Wars BB-8 charm being our favorite craft yet. When the rain didn’t actually come, we didn’t let it stop us from making these adorable charms, and they are so simple that your kids can make along with you! Supplies needed (less than $20): Orange, White and Black Polymer Clay Circle charm holders (I don’t know the official terminology) Clay charm tool kit ($10 at Michael’s) Directions: First draw out what you want your BB-8 to look like. Use the Polymer Clay tools to create a BB-8. Encourage your kids to...

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Storymakery is Opening at the Irvine Spectrum Center

Posted by on Nov 2, 2015 in Crafts, Education, Family, Shopping | 0 comments

Designed to encourage a child’s creativity, cognitive and artistic expression, Storymakery will offer a unique retail experience to help record and preserve a child’s imagination for a lifetime. “Not only is this a fun and entertaining concept for young children, but it can be a great educational tool as well,” said Easther Liu, chief marketing officer for Irvine Company Retail Properties. “Storymakery will be the perfect excursion for families and children.” Ranging from a 20 minute to one-hour visit, children will be able to use Storymakery’s kid-friendly technology to do one or more of the following: Design a storybook character Work one-on-one with a staff “muse” to create a story at the Writing Studio If short on time, design their very own poster Publish the story as a book and take it home Storymakery will be located between Giant...

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The Good Dinosaur Family Activity Printables

Posted by on Oct 26, 2015 in Crafts, Disney, Entertainment, Family, Film | 0 comments

We cannot wait for the upcoming movie, “The Good Dinosaur” to come out in theaters on November 25th. The film is directed by Peter Sohn (aka the voice of Squishy from ‘Monsters University’), and is produced by Denise Ream, who is known for her incredible work on “Cars 2.” The film is about what would happen on Earth if the asteroid that made dinosaurs extinct missed the planet? Your family will go on an epic journey into the world of dinosaurs while watching this all-new Disney*Pixar film. I know that my kids are already excited about the film release on November 25th because of all the trailers they have seen on the Disney Channel, and now our kids can continue the anticipation of the film release by doing these fun “The Good Dinosaur” family activity printables. I recommend clicking...

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DIY Jack-O-Lantern Mason Jar Candle Holders

Posted by on Oct 6, 2015 in Crafts, Halloween, Holiday | 0 comments

It’s not too late to start your Halloween crafting, and if you’re like me, you’re probably looking for something simple to make with the kids. While I loved to make elaborate crafts before I had kids, I now only try and make things that they can be a part of at least 90% of the process. When I was walking around Michael’s last night getting supplies for my son’s school reading project, I stumbled across a table set-up to inspire making these adorable “jack-o-lantern mason jar” candle holders. While I wish that I could take all the credit for the creativity – I have to give it to the talented employees at our local Michael’s store. There are two ways to make the mason jars orange. You can purchase the orange tinted mason jar cups at Michael’s which are...

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DIY Leaf and Flower Print Easter Eggs

Posted by on Mar 31, 2015 in Crafts, Easter, Family, Holiday | 0 comments

The kids and I love spending time out exploring nature. Since we love nature, I wanted to try making leaf and flower print Easter eggs with them this year. Little did I know that it would be a full day adventure trying to figure out the easiest way to make the eggs, so I had to share the do’s and don’ts of making these beautiful decorative eggs with your kids this year. First we started by purchasing silk gift bags to put the eggs into the dye with the leaves and flowers. Unfortunately, the dye leaked under the leaves because the silk bags were not tight enough. So for round two, I used pantyhose, and it worked perfectly. When it comes to the dye, I always recommend making homemade dye if your kids are going to eat the eggs....

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Kids in the Garden! Spring Blooms from Seed Bombs

Posted by on Feb 28, 2015 in Crafts, Family, Gardening | 0 comments

Remember the fun of making mud pies and getting your hands (and the rest of you!) dirty? Here’s a project that lets kids get their hands dirty, but also gives them the opportunity to bring spring blooms to your yard, school grounds, or anywhere you can get permission to throw them! What is a ‘Seed Bomb’? Seed ‘bombs’ are made of clay, compost and wildflower seeds (or other easy-to-grow seeds) mixed together with water, formed into balls, and then dried. Once dry, they can be tossed into the garden, on backyard slopes, or anywhere that has full sun exposure and the ability to get water from sprinklers or natural rainfall. Materials Needed Clay (I used Crayola Air Dry Clay found at Michaels Craft Stores) Compost (sold in bags at hardware stores or garden centers) A large packet (12 grams)...

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Reindeer Tea Light Ornament

Posted by on Dec 15, 2014 in Christmas, Crafts, Holiday | 0 comments

As a child I always found Rudolph so magical. A reindeer with a glowing nose, what’s not to love about that? Santa is always number one for Christmas, but next to him this adorable red nosed reindeer is sure to be the top on the lovable scale. I made this reindeer tea light ornament to give my family a little glowing treat. It is easy to make and is sure to be a favorite. Here is what you will need: Battery operated tea light candle(s) Red paint Brown paint Black puffy paint Paint brush 8 mm Wiggle eyes 3/8 inch Red ribbon Scissors Brown or gold pipe cleaners 12 mm bells Glue gun Glue sticks Directions: 1. Dip the tip of the candle flame in red paint. 2. Paint around the sides and top of the candle brown 3....

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Christmas Light Jar Hot Cocoa DIY Holiday Gift

Posted by on Nov 25, 2014 in Christmas, Crafts, Holiday | 0 comments

There is nothing better than giving a handmade holiday gift. When planning our holiday gifts for the kids teachers I wanted to try and make something different than I have done in the past. While walking around our local Michael’s store last week, I came across these adorable glass Christmas light jars. Aren’t they cute? Priced at just $1.50 each, I could not go wrong and thought they would make a unique way of giving a hot cocoa holiday gift vs. a regular mason jar. When I got them home, they ended up being the perfect size to hold one package of powdered hot cocoa and mini-marshmallows. Paired with a cute holiday mug, these make a unique handmade holiday gift to give to a friend or your kids teachers. Finish off the gift with a colorful holiday string and...

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Fall Family Craft: How to Build a ‘Thankful Tree’

Posted by on Nov 20, 2014 in Crafts, Family, Giving Back, Holiday, Thanksgiving | 0 comments

Looking for an easy, fun fall craft to do with your kids that helps reinforce the message of gratitude this season? Each year, our family creates a “thankful tree.” My daughters look forward to writing their own messages of gratitude each day through Thanksgiving Day. Here’s what you’ll need to build the thankful tree: -Brown butcher or wrapping paper (long enough to make the trunk and branches) -Green butcher or construction paper (crown of the tree) -Foam turkey or pumpkin-shape cutouts (already pre-cut for easy application). Usually available at your local craft store, or you can pick up extra orange/brown construction paper and cut your own. -Tape or removable glue dots -Sharpie or washable marker -Scissors What to do: -Measure/estimate the area where you’ll place your tree (keep the tree in a central location, such as a kitchen or...

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Fall Stamped Clay Charm Necklace

Posted by on Oct 29, 2014 in Crafts, Halloween | 0 comments

My family and I are big on crafting. We spend many hours together making stuff. It is something we love to do together as a family. Every holiday I like to do a quick themed craft with my kids. Since fall has come, I decided to make some stamped necklaces for Halloween. These are very simple to make and it is something any child can do. My 7 year old was my helper and we made these pretty quick. These do not have to be perfect, just spending time with your kids letting them be creative is a wonderful gift. Here is what you will need: Sculpted clay Stamps String,yarn,chain or anything you would like to hang your clay charm on Jump rings and clasps (if you want to hang on a chain) Scissors Pliers (if using jump rings)...

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DIY Pumpkin Pie Playdough Recipe

Posted by on Sep 24, 2014 in Crafts, Featured, Halloween | 0 comments

One of my favorite things to do with the kids at the beginning of Fall is to make pumpkin pie playdough. We all come together in the kitchen to mix all the ingredients in a giant pot and then spend the night making fun Halloween shapes with themed cookie cutters. Making homemade playdough is super easy, and is made with ingredients that you can find in your kitchen cabinets. What are you waiting for? Get the kids together and make pumpkin pie playdough together! Where do you start? Get these ingredients together: 5 1/2 cups of flour 2 cups of salt 8 teaspoons cream of tarter 3/4 cup of oil (I use vegetable) 2 Tablespoons of pumpkin pie spice 4 cups of water Orange food coloring (2 parts yellow, 1 part red) How do you make it? It’s easy!...

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DIY The Boxtrolls Piggy Bank

Posted by on Sep 22, 2014 in Crafts, Featured, Film | 0 comments

My kids have fallen in love with “The Boxtrolls.” While at the premiere of the film this past weekend, they had multiple crafts to entertain the children, and that inspired my kids to want to make their own Boxtrolls piggy banks when we got home. So, while on our way home from Los Angeles, we stopped at our local craft supply store, and purchased supplies to make Boxtrolls piggy banks with their neighborhood friends. The kids jumped out of the car and gathered their friends to have a fun afternoon filled with creativity. Making a Boxtrolls piggy bank is simple. We purchased hard brown boxes (so it is easy to cut a hole in the top) and lots of crafty supplies. (glitter glue, markers, pipe cleaners, google eyes, and more) I had some print-outs of what the Boxtrolls looked...

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DIY Back-to-School Chalkboard Photo Prop

Posted by on Aug 27, 2014 in Crafts, Featured | 0 comments

It’s that time of year again. Our little darlings are ready for their first day’s of school. Here is a clever DIY back-to-school craft to celebrate those memories. You can go all in decorating them or just keep things simple. Here is what you will need to make your very own DIY First Day Chalkboard Photo Prop: 1. A chalkboard (found at pretty much any crafting store) 2. Chalk Markers 3. Stencils (not necessary, but fun) 4. Stickers or other embellishments to decorate the chalkboard Directions: 1. Start by placing the stickers or other embellishments on the chalkboard, so you know how much space you have to write on. 2. Using your chalk markers write or stencil on, First Day Of ____ Grade. (fill in the blank with whatever grade your child is going into). 3. Add any little...

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Yo-Yo Flower Headband Tutorial

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  These little flower are known traditionally as yo-yo flowers and have been around, I hear, since the Great Depression when women used to make them out of scrap fabric. They are cute, versatile and, best of all, super simple to make. You can whip one up in mere minutes. The uses for them are limited only by imagination, and Pinterest can provide lots of inspiration. Embellish a shirt, pin them to a scarf, tack a few of them on a throw pillow, or make a headband like we did here. Once you know how to make them, the possibilities are endless! Yo-Yo Flower Headband Tutorial Supplies: Fabric – any fabric will work, but thinner cotton-type is easiest to start with Needle and thread Headband Gem embellishment Circle template Scissors Pen Method: On the wrong side of the fabric, trace your circle template....

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4th of July DIY Shirts

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If you are looking for a fun DIY 4th of July craft to do with your kids, this is for you.   My daughter and I took an hour out of our day and whipped up some 4th of July themed tank tops for her and her friends. All you need is some pipe cleaners, a couple of new pencils, (be sure the erasers are clean and flat); some fabric paint, paper plates and a piece of cardboard.  Most importantly, don’t forget GLITTER!  Once you pick your design, you will need to cut them out of Wax or Freezer Paper.  Once your pattern is cut out, use double-sided tape to adhere it to your shirt.  Slide your shirt onto the piece of cardboard; this will prevent the paint from seeping onto the backside of the shirt. I learned this the hard...

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Summer Fun Activity: Homemade Slime

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It’s the first week of summer around here and my girls’ very first request was to “make a craft!” I love to craft, so I guess the fruit doesn’t fall too far from the tree, although I likely wouldn’t have chosen what they settled on: SLIME!  Glittery slime at that! This is a sweetly surprisingly simple activity; one we settled on because we happened to have all two ingredients on hand!  Score! Well, truly it’s three ingredients, but who counts water!? Ya’ll should have that on hand. Ingredients: Glue Borax Water Method: Empty 1 bottle of glue into a large bowl.  We used a plastic bowl so little hands could be in charge and nothing would go crash.  We also used colored glitter glue, which yielded bright, glittery results!  This allowed us to skip coloring the slime. If you use a bottle of...

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National Geographic Engineering Exploration Challenge

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The launch of the National Geographic Engineering Exploration Challenge had my sons creative gears spinning. He loves to explore and learn new things. This engineering challenge is perfect for him and he is so excited to participate in it. Engineering has recently become one of his main focuses. He has been learning about electronics in school and he has been learning a lot of stuff on his own with an electronics set he received for Christmas. The love of learning started very young for him. He has always been enamored with the way things worked or how things were put together. This exploration challenge is a great way for him and his brother to explore new and exciting challenges together, all while learning in the process. I think this is a win-win situation all around. From now until May...

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DIY Glow in the Dark Star Wars Light Sabers

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The fabulous Southern California weather is upon us, my family tends to spend many hours outdoors swimming and playing ball, but what gets all 3 of my kids excited and together is blowing bubbles. They can play with bubbles for hours. These shimmering orbs are timeless. I still love blowing bubbles with my kids now, just as much as I did as a child blowing them for myself. With the cast of Star Wars Episode VII just announced, what better time to make a Star Wars themed craft with bubble wands for outdoor imaginative play. They resemble Lightsabers and if you add a glow stick they light up! Your children can blow bubbles during the day and have a glowing lightsaber at night, long after the bubbles have been used up. Here is the simple way to create your...

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Loom Boom Tween Product Review

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If you like to Rainbow Loom, you will be sure to love this product. Do you ever think, “Gee, I sure wish I had a place to put all my Rainbow Looms on display?” Well if you answered “yes” this is the toy for you. What is Loom Boom? Loom Boom is shaped like a paper towel roll for your Rainbow Loom bracelets and accessories. It comes in all different colors. You can do so many things with Loom Boom… Display. Loom Boom is good for displaying your Rainbow Loom bands. Loom Boom is also perfect for displaying if you are interested in possibly selling the bands and accessories to make some extra money. The loose bands and c-clips also store nicely in the organizer part of the toy. Travel. You can easily travel with it. Do you want to know...

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Inaugural Handmade Craft Fair in Dana Point

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If you’re a typical mom (like me), chances are you like…or more like, can’t live without…Pinterest and Etsy! And for an IRL (In Real Life) Etsy experience, head on down to Dana Point this weekend to the Mermade Market Craft Fair! From 4/17 (Thu) through 4/19 (Sat), the cute little beach house type venue (Dana Point Community House, 24642 San Juan Ave.) will be filled with tons of wonderfully handmade items. Lots of the vendors are on Etsy and most, if not all, are from Orange County. There’s a parking lot onsite, as well as street parking (all free), and restrooms inside the building. On 4/17 (Thu) and 4/18 (Fri) from 1pm-4pm, for $2/tot, they will have childcare services on the grassy area right outside the building so moms can shop without having to constantly say “Look with your...

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DIY Peeps Floral Arrangement

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Springtime is full of beautiful blooming flowers and all the stores are stocked full of Peeps candies for Easter. I figured I would combine both to make a very easy DIY floral arrangement. This is something that takes little time to complete, so even a beginner crafter will be able to wow people with it. If you do not want to use the grass you can also use jellybeans or other little candies in the vase as a filler. The whole point in making crafts, is creating something that you like. Never worry about changing stuff to suit your style. I am a trial and error kind of crafter. I am always changing things up to fit my needs and likes. This is how I have created some of my favorite things. Supplies needed: 5 boxes of bunny shaped...

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Easter Bunny Egg Necklaces

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I don’t know about you, but every year I seem to be inundated with a bunch of leftover plastic Easter eggs. I am always trying to find creative ways to use them up. Last year we did a nighttime glow in the dark egg hunt. This year I decided we would decorate the plastic eggs. Make them into something we could give away to friends and also put into Easter baskets. This craft is not only fun to make it is fun to eat. I love edible crafts! Here is what you will need: Plastic Easter eggs (with 2 holes at the top) small or large size. We used large eggs to stuff more goodies inside Pipe cleaners Sharpie marker Adhesive google eyes Adhesive gems or stickers to decorate Pom Poms Thin yarn or string Glue dots or hot...

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DIY Alcohol Ink bunny coasters

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Spring has sprung and I just love to be surrounded by Easter eggs, bunnies, candy, family and pastel colored things. I also love art and figured what better time than now to make a fun Easter craft with my kids to celebrate this wonderful holiday. We have done ink dye coasters in the past and they quickly became a favorite of ours. After some trial and error I created these cute artistic bunny coaster that I am sure you and your family will love. Supplies Needed 4 or more 4 1/2 x 4 1/2 inch ceramic white tiles Adirondack Alcohol Ink (in the colors of your choice) Alcohol blending solution (found right by the alcohol inks in craft stores) Rabbit template from Using the bunny at the very bottom next to the bunny ears. Black Sharpie marker Q...

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St. Patrick’s Day Crafts: DIY Leprechaun Wreath

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I am sure by now you all know or have heard the old Irish legend about the “pot of gold at the end of a rainbow.” Here is a cute craft you can make to have your very own Leprechaun’s wreath inspired by the legend. Of all the St. Patrick’s Day Craft I’ve made, this is very easy to make. My 7 year old son and I made this for St. Patrick’s Day and it is proudly displayed on our door greeting our visitors. We had fun making and designing it and hope you all enjoy it too. Supplies needed: 1 paper plate 5 or 6 pipe cleaners to make a rainbow. (we left blue out) 8 inches of ribbon (your choice in color/pattern) Green yarn 3 plastic gold coins 6 white pom pom’s or cotton balls 1 printed...

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Luck of The Irish St. Patrick’s Day Matching Game

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With Saint Patrick’s Day coming upon us. I was trying to think of a way to incorporate a little game time fun into a craft my kids and their friends would enjoy. For as long as I can remember my kids have loved matching games. We have purchased countless games sporting all their favorite cartoon characters and numerous themes. Those games became my inspiration. I knew if I could come up with my own easy to make version, my children would jump at the chance to play. This would be the perfect opportunity to have some one on one time with my older boys and at the same time it would let my creative juices flow. This is a win-win situation in my household. After brainstorming a bit I came up with this easy to make Luck Of The...

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DIY Conversation Hearts Valentine’s Day Candle

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  Looking for a fun DIY Valentine’s Day craft to do with your kids? Or even a special gift to give to your kids teachers? One of my favorite crafts to do with my daughter is to decorate candles for gifts. Since we have a plethora of candy hearts throughout our house, my daughter and I, decided to decorate a candle using candy hearts for the kids teacher gifts. I’ll be honest that this craft is much more of an adult craft than a child craft, but you can easily incorporate your children into the activity. Supplies needed: 1 plain white candle (you can get creative with colored candles) 1 bag of conversation hearts 1 hot glue gun Special packaging Directions: 1. Using the glue gun, simply glue the candy hearts onto the candle – yes, it is that...

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Mustache Valentines

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Love is in the air as Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. My favorite thing about the holiday is making homemade valentine’s with the kids. Since my tween daughter’s life seems to revolve around mustaches’ lately, I made these fun mustache valentine’s with her over the weekend. These Valentine’s were super simple to make, and was a fun weekend project that even the neighborhood girls enjoyed doing with my daughter. Supplies needed: 1-2 large pieces of black foam Scissors or an x-acto knife printable (I used the one from Lollipops White labels Whole Punch Scissors Directions: 1. Print out the mustache template 2. Draw the template on the black foam, and then cut out the mustaches 3. Punch a hole in the middle of the mustache and then slide onto the lollipops 4. Use the white labels to leave...

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Shaving Cream Fun

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It has been a yearly tradition since first having kids to do shaving cream fun with them. Every summer, we bust out the jars of shaving cream from the 99 cent store, and go wild! It is not only one of the cheapest summer activities you can do with your kids, but also one of the funnest. This activity cost me $5, and the kids were completely entertained for four hours! It’s just a sign that kids don’t always need to be taken to a fancy amusement park to have fun during the summer – they just need some basic tools to let their imagination go wild. What are you going to need? I usually purchase at least two cans of shaving cream per child. You will save the most by purchasing at the 99 cent store. You don’t...

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DIY Cottonelle Clean Routine Decorative Container

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Cottonelle is an important part of my daily beauty clean routine. I use the wet wipes to clean my makeup brushes, removal of my weekly face masks and for a quick facial “refresher.” The wipes have always been delicate enough to not irritate my highly sensitive skin, making it my first choice to be used in my beauty regimen. I love the product, but the white plastic container does not fit in well with my home decor, so I created a DIY project for making the Cottonelle clean routine decorative container a beautiful accent piece in your bathroom. When doing our weekly shopping at Target this past weekend, they had a special where if we purchased two 18 packages of Cottonelle, we would get a complimentary Cottonelle Fresh Care container. We stocked-up our bathroom for the week as part...

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How to Create The Ultimate Pillow Fort – Ever!

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Kit was provided by Disney. My favorite childhood summer activity was building pillow forts. Last night, the kids were cranky, and summer boredom was starting to set in, so I thought it was the perfect night to start building. We opened up a super cool fort building kit that was gifted to our family from Disney, and we were able to create the ultimate pillow fort – ever! You don’t need a fancy kit like we had – just lots of pillows, a big imagination, and the ability to dream big! When I told that kids what we were doing, they were gone in less than 60 seconds collecting as many pillows as they could find. They took them from all the beds, the couches and the closets. The kids spent hours creating their ultimate pillow fort just the...

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Gummy Bear Ice Cube Necklaces

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Boy is this summer hot! The kids are running around outside in the heat while I am chasing after them with bottles of water to keep them hydrated. Yesterday, we tried something new to cool the kiddos off from the summer heat by making gummy bear ice-cube necklaces. These are so easy to make, and your kids will love them! Supplies needed: Ice cube trays Water String Gummy Bears What to do: Put a gummy bear into each of the ice-cube trays. Then it gets a little tricky. Lay a string across the ice-cube tray, and tuck it under the gummy bears. Then add water, and freeze! Viola!! Your kids will be cooled down with the ice cubes resting across their necks. They can suck on the ice cubes and get a special...

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Fourth of July DIY, Foods, Fashion, and Fireworks

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Happy Fourth of July to all of you!  If you are still pulling your plans and activities together, we have your everything you need to do it right here.  Whether you are entertaining or spending a quiet day with the family, you still have time to make some easy and fun DIY 4th of July Crafts! We have the Five Best Fourth of July Fireworks in Orange County for you… Looking for a great iced tea recipe for your Fourth of July barbeque?  Here is one of our favorite recipes… What are you going to serve on July Fourth? Here are Five July 4th Inspired Foods you will enjoy! Now, when you are ready to get dressed for your Fourth of July festivities, we have your fashion finds for you. And finally, if you want to relax and enjoy...

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Summer Bucket List

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My kids are finally out for summer!! Hooray!! We kicked off summer by making our own summer bucket list. I gave the kids a sharpie, a bucket and let their imagination run wild with their summer aspirations. Every day, I am going to let the kids pick a popsicle stick out of our bucket for our daily activity. Making a summer bucket list is easy!! Supplies needed are just some popsicle sticks, markers and a container to hold your popsicle sticks. If your kids are having trouble thinking of some summer ideas, here are some of our suggestions: Fly a kite Blow bubbles Play marbles Make a giant mural out of chalk Have a family picnic Plant a garden together Have a great...

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10 DIY 4th of July Crafts

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The 4th of July will be here before we know it, and it’s the perfect time to start working on crafts for the holiday. These are 10 DIY 4th of July crafts to help inspire you to make a fun craft with your kids this week. It All Started with Paint got super crafty with this DIY red white and blue mason jar craft. The online tutorial will walk you through the step-by-step process of making this perfect holiday centerpiece. This patriot windsock is a 4th of July craft that even your little kids can help make. The blog Multiples and More shares how easy it is to make this DIY project for your front porch this year. Start drinking lots of soda now to make this festive, and adorable pop can wreath by Small Fry & Co. Your...

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Rainy Day Toilet Paper Fun

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Rain in Orange County? That is not supposed to happen. So what do our little beach bunnies do on a rainy day in Orange County? We have a rainy day toilet paper fun par-tay! First we start with a couple of rolls of toilet paper, and go over the rules. We clear a large space in the living room, and then let the fun begin. Let your children’s imagination run wild as they create toilet paper mummies. Let them wrap and decorate each other with rolls of toilet paper. It will keep your kids busy for hours! Expand on the fun by playing the “The Monster Mash” while they are playing. Then when they are done making toilet paper mummies, have a TP fight! Let your kids toss, and roll around in the toilet paper from the mummies. Celebrate...

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Hot Plate Crayon Art

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This is one of my kids favorite summer craft activities. Hot Plate Crayon Art was something that I used to do with my preschoolers, and now I enjoy doing with my kids. (Please know that 110% adult supervision is required for this activity) Your kids will learn about cause and effect all while creating their very own masterpiece. Have fun, and for more of our “Dog Days of Summer Activities” check out the craft section of our blog. Supplies needed: A hot plate (pancake griddle works great) Lots of crayons Foil Directions: 1. Warm the hotplate on a counter or table. (not too hot) 2. Put a piece of foil over the hotplate 3. Advise the children not to touch the hotplate 4. Let them melt the crayons on the foil to create their own crayon art....

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How to Make your own Slip N Slide

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Our children finished school last week; as a mom, it’s a bittersweet time.  The year is over, but that also means they are that much older.  School is out (Yay for not packing lunches!), but that also means the kids are home all day. We still add in some homework over summer so the children stay fresh on their academic skills, but our main goals are… relaxation. deviation from a strict routine. and FUN! On the first day of summer, the children on our street all huddled together to decide what they wanted to do.  Thrilled that they were not inside asking for screen time, I supported their creativity.  After a meeting of the minds, they decided to: make their own slip n slide! To make your own slip n slide, you will need: 1. A tarp 2. A...

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Father’s Day Handprint Tree

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Father’s Day gifts don’t have to be complicated. Looking for ideas on Pinterest this past week made me almost give up the idea of making a Father’s Day gift with my kids. Let’s face it – not everyone has the talent to make three dimensional father’s day tie cards or printables. I took the kids over to the Michael’s to see what we could figure out together when we saw a display for a Father’s Day Handprint Tree. Brilliant! The activity was perfect for my boys who won’t stay at the art table for more than 30 seconds, and the gift could actually be made by them! (well with a little supervision) The entire project took about a whole five minutes, so there is plenty of time to still make this for dad before Sunday. Supplies needed: 1 boxed...

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Handmade Paper Plate Berry Baskets

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One of my biggest passions is gardening. What I love most about summer is the large amount of fruits and vegetables I yield from my backyard garden. While spending time sifting around Pinterest last night, I came across a pin that inspired me to make handmade berry baskets out of paper plates. I immediately ran over to the store to pick-up a package of paper plates to make the baskets with the kids in the afternoon. Before we started making the paper plate berry baskets, we went into the garden to pick fresh berries for gift to some of our neighbors. Now, I am often found complaining about my berry bushes throughout the year. They take over my entire yard, and constantly poke me with their thorns. Then when summer comes – it is all worth it. The fruit...

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How to Make Shrinky Dink Rings

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Summer is here! Well for most kids it is…mine still have another week and a half. Since today is the first day of summer for the majority of OC kids, we are starting our “Dog Days of Summer Activity Series”. Every Monday through Friday, we will feature a new activity to help keep your kids busy during those “dog days of summer.” Today we are sharing how to make Shrinky Dink Rings. These are super fun, super easy, and can keep your kids busy for hours. Supplies needed: Shrinky Dink Paper (can be found at Michael’s craft store) Scissors Oven plastic gloves Ruler Colored pencils How do you make them! It is easy! 1. Use a ruler to measure 1 1/2 inch strips. 2. Cut the strips, and round out the edges of each strip. 3. Let your kids...

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Roly Poly Races

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Looking for something unique to do with this kids this afternoon? I’ve been working on getting our summer garden ready over the past couple of weeks, and have come across thousands of roly poly’s. What do you do with roly poly’s? Have races of course! After collecting all our roly poly’s from the garden, the kids and I, drew a race track out of chalk. We all picked out our favorite roly poly and then raced them! We spent hours of fun together laughing as our roly poly’s would walk right off the track, and cheer when one of them crossed the finish line. After having fun with the roly poly races, we found a special place in the garden for them to live together. “Casa de Roly Poly’s” is what we named it. I hope that you enjoy...

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Button Letter Craft Project Tutorial

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I love names. I really love to dream up baby names! So I love to do crafts that are centered around the names I picked for my own two precious babies and am sharing one of my favorites, a button letter craft project! Michael’s has a wide variety of letters, big and small, white and plain wood! I chose a large white letter and a darling variety pack of buttons in a bag, including flowers, hearts, jewels and fairytale carriages. This letter is great because it has the option to prop it up or hang it on the wall. I love a craft that costs under ten dollars! Don’t forget to use your coupon! I laid out the buttons and chose my favorites. I started laying them on my letter and hot-gluing them on as they fit. This is...

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Captivate Kids with a Cute Birthday Card

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  Unfortunately, birthday boys and girls usually tend to be more interested in their gifts than the cards that come with them.  And it’s sometimes disappointing for parents and other family members when they see their letters tossed aside after they put a fair amount of time and effort into writing a heartfelt message. So what can you do to make those little ones appreciate your thoughtful cards even more? It’s easy! All you have to do is give it a personal touch. And this can be done by decorating the card with playful pictures, fun embellishments and cute caricatures as well as some sweet birthday sayings. So if you’re feeling crafty and have the time to cut, glue and color, go ahead and make a charming card completely from scratch. But if you’re like most people, it’s tough...

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Giving Back to the Earth with Homemade Ant Farms

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It is important to me that I teach my children that Earth Day is not something that we should celebrate one day out of the year, but every day. The best way that I have been able to encourage my children to care and appreciate our environment in through gardening. We love caring for the Earth by planting fruits and vegetables every year in our backyard. During the past six months, I have let our personal situations get in the way of my commitment to doing this with my children. With baseball practice, school band and other activities, our garden has suffered. About two weeks ago, I brought the kids back into the garden to start getting it ready for our Summer planting. When we were working in the garden, we learned that many animals had turned our garden...

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5 Unique Monsters University Inspired Handmade Items

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With Monsters University coming to theaters this summer, crafters are getting the crafting scissors ready to make some of the scariest handmade monster items. We have already found some crafters that have begun, and these are our top picks for the five unique Monsters University inspired handmade items. Become a top scarer when wearing this Monsters University inspired airbrush t-shirt. Want another scary monster airbrushed on a t-shirt? No problem. Airbrushmonsters on Etsy can create any custom monster themed t-shirt. . Bring your little monster home from the hospital “monster style” with this Monsters University inspired Mike Wozowski crocheted hat. The hat is made for children ages newborn to twelve months. Craftylovecreations on Etsy will custom crochet a hat for your little monster. Prepare your little one for Monsters University early with these hand painted Monsters University inspired sneakers....

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Chalk Body Tracing Fun

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Spring Break is officially here in my household, and I am working hard to keep the kids busy and happy. Yesterday afternoon while doing sidewalk chalk, the kids came up with a great idea of doing body tracing fun…and fun it was! What would normally be a ten minute sidewalk chalk event, it turned into two hours of fun doing body tracing. All the neighborhood kids joined together, and start drawing each other’s bodies on the sidewalk. It is easy to do with your kids and encourages them to express themselves. To begin, find a bright and sunny place with clean white sidewalks to begin. Have one child stand with their shadow overlying the sidewalk, and then have the other child begin tracing their body. Once the kids are done tracing encourage them to decorate their traced body with...

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Ultimate Leprechaun Trap: The Leprechaun Playground

Posted by on Mar 14, 2013 in Crafts, Family, Featured, St. Patrick's Day | 2 comments

When I woke-up this morning with a 102 degree fever. I chugged down some Tylenol, and got busy on creating a fun Leprechaun trap with my son Tyler this afternoon. What I thought was going to be a ton of work, ended up being one of the best bonding experiences together. I made a quick stop at Walmart before getting him from Kindergarten planning to make a simple “Pinterest inspired” trap. Well, he had other plans in mind when telling me his vision on the car ride home. I was inspired by his imagination that I turned around, for another Walmart stop to get the supplies he needed to make the leprechaun trap he had envisioned. Four glue gunned burned fingers, a little spray paint in the hair, and we were done! He wanted a train, not the $10...

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Family Fun with Oz the Great and Powerful Activity Sheets

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As we headed down to see “Oz the Great and Powerful” with our older children last night, most of the shows were sold out. I ended up going to a late night show with one of my girlfriends, and ordered tickets for a matinee performance with the kids today. Before taking the kids to see “Oz the Great and Powerful,” we had so much fun playing with these interactive Activity sheets. These sheets provided over two hours of fun for my kids! We have a free link for parents to download these activity sheets to play with their children. Enjoy!! Download the maze printable here. Download the matching game here. Download the “what’s missing worksheet” Disclosure: We attended a media screening and press junket for the film. We were not compensated for this post and downloads courtesy of Disney....

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Sofia the First Princess Activity Sheets

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Have your little princesses fallen in love with Sofia the First yet? She has become an overnight sensation in my household with both my son and daughter. The Disney Junior’s animated television movie, “Sofia the First: Once Upon a Princess,” will make a grand debut in stores on March 5th. The DVD will include “A Princess in Training Activity Kit” with stickers and Tiaras just for your little princess. In anticipation of the DVD release, we have a fun activity pack for parents to download and use with their children. The activity kit includes: Party Planning Tips Spring Printable Cards Easter Egg Holders Princess Dancing Tips Disclosure: We were provided with a copy of Sofia the First. We were not compensated for this post. All facts about the movie and the printable download were courtesy of press materials from...

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Wreck-it-Ralph Printable Valentine’s Day Cards

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I can’t believe it is already Valentine’s Day! My kids are busy putting the finishing touches on their Valentine’s and will be including these fun printable “Wreck-it-Ralph” trading cards in all their Valentine’s. These fun Valentine’s Day cards are perfect for the “Wreck-it-Ralph” fan in your home. “Wreck-it-Ralph” will be available on HD Digital February 12th and on 3D Blu-ray combo pack on March...

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President’s Day Fashion Camp

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Peter Pan Star Locator

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Do your kids believe in magic? Mine sure do. In celebration of the 60th Anniversary release of Peter Pan on February 5th, Disney has offered a fun free printable for families to enjoy. The printable star gazing locator will help your family look at the different constellations in the night sky to figure out where you think Neverland might exist. My daughter Ella spent the afternoon cutting out the printable star locator. While cutting out the locator, we were able to talk about the different constellations and where she thought we might find Neverland while star gazing tonight. For the printable you will need one glue stick and one brass brad. After putting the star gazer together, it will need about 4-5 hours for the glue to dry before using it. After your family enjoys a Peter Pan movie...

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Free Valentine’s Day Printable

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Free printables are so much fun, and Paper Coterie is my favorite place to get them! They have created such a fun and unique printable just in time for Valentine’s Day for us to share with all of you! (Download here) We hope that you all enjoy this free Valentine’s Day printable! Download and photos courtesy of Paper...

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Free Peter Pan Activity Pack

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The highly anticipated released of the Peter Pan Diamond Edition Blu-ray and DVD is just one day away. If your kids are excited as mine are about the release then they are going to have so much fun with this free printable Peter Pan activity pack. Over the weekend, my kids spent hours using the activity sheets during their art time. The Peter Pan Diamond Edition Blu-ray and DVD will be available in stores everywhere on February 5th. The 3-disc combo pack includes the feature film, bonus features, complimentary download of the storybook app and more. The Peter Pan activity kit comes with activities, coloring sheets and book marks. The activity pack will provide countless hours of magical fun for your children. Download the free activity pack today....

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Kool-Aid Watercolor Painting

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Making an evening art project a full sensory project can create endless fun and memories for your children. When I was a preschool teacher before having kids, the school could not keep up with continually purchasing watercolor sets that would run out within just a few minutes of the kids painting. We had to economize and experiment with new ways of creating watercolors. Now that, I am a parent, this has become one of my kids favorite ways to watercolor. Painting with Kool-Aid creates an exciting sensory experience allowing kids imaginations to blossom. The kids can smell, touch and taste the water colors while creating their own unique masterpieces. The watercolors are easy to make. Simply empty different colors of Kool-Aid into individual bowls and then add water. Then allow your kids to create magic on the paper with...

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Floating Rainbows Science Experiment

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My children love doing science projects with me in the backyard. Last week, we enjoy the relaxing and fascinating floating rainbows science project. Children can do this in smaller jars and experience with the different combinations of colors they can create. Children will learn during this project that food coloring is more dense than oil, and the two do not mix. Instead, it passes through the oil to mix with the water. The drops of food coloring will float in the oil for a few moments before creating floating rainbows in the glass jar. What you will need: Clear glass jar Vegetable oil Food Coloring What to do: Place the jar at your children’s eye level Fill the jar with water and a thick layer of oil on top of the water Squeeze a few drops of food coloring...

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Eco-Friendly Bird Feeders

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The bagels in our cabinet had gone bad this week, and instead of tossing them out, we decided to make bird feeders with them. Since my older son has a peanut allergy, we used sunbutter instead of peanut butter. The craft was so much fun, and the kids enjoyed every minute of making the bird feeders together. First have your children spread the bagel with peanut butter or sunbutter. Next, sprinkle bird seed over the bagel. Add a ribbon, and it is ready to be hung in your garden. Your children can enjoy watching the birds come into your back yard for a delicious and healthy...

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San Juan Capistrano Mission Craft Days

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Wondering what to do with these last couple of winter break days? The Mission at San Juan Capistrano is offering crafts for kids during this week. The Mission offers children an educational experience, and a wonderful place to bring a picnic lunch. On Thursday children can make a mini coiled clay pot and on Friday an Arrowhead Necklace When: January 3rd and 4th from 11am to 1pm Cost: $3 plus the price of admission Where: 26801 Ortega Hwy, San Juan Capistrano, CA 92675  ...

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Homemade Silly Putty Recipe

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Remember how exciting it would be getting a new red egg filled with fresh silly putty? I sure do! The thrill has died a lot over the year, but every time I catch my kids playing with silly putty they have so much fun! This past week, I attempted to make silly putty from scratch. While digging through some of my old teaching supplies, I found the recipe card from one of my old co-teachers, and I was so excited to teach everyone how to make silly putty! The ingredients are pretty simple – just multi-purpose glue and starch. Make sure and use multi-purpose glue for the best results. Allow your kids to join in on the fun. Mix two parts glue to one part liquid starch in a glass bowl. The kids will love watching the glue drip...

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Easy storage box with craft sticks

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Today was a rainy day so we decided to do a craft. I had some craft sticks and a glue gun and we made a box. First we glued some sticks together in a square. We alternated the colors to make it pop! You have to build it tall enough to be able to store some things in it. Then we made the bottom of the box as well as the top for the box. Instead of a handle we glued an army guy. It worked just the same! Box completed! You can put legos, silly bands, bouncy balls, basically anything you want it in!...

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How to Make Ice Cream in a Ziploc Bag

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The kids have been asking me to make homemade ice cream with them all week. Instead of purchasing a fancy ice cream maker, we decided to have a fun science project of making our own homemade ice cream in a ziploc bag. The activity was super easy, super fun and all the neighborhood kids joined in on the fun. The best part about making homemade ice cream in a bag? Is that it keeps the kids busy for hours! The first step is to mix the milk, sugar and vanilla into a quart sized Ziploc bag. Then put the Ziploc bag into a second quart size bag. (This will help with leaking). Then fill a gallon sized Ziploc bag with ice and salt before putting the quart size bag into the bag filled with ice. Finally have your children...

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