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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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What is Sociological Imagination?

Posted by on Jul 23, 2022 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Sociological imagination is a concept that explains how to see things. This concept enables you to know how they interact and influence each other. It is the ability to link a little issue to a bigger social issue. It is looking at things or a situation from a separate perspective. The principle is useful in personal and professional lives. Individuals that use the skill in their everyday life will always see changes. An individual can have a sociological imagination when he can see an event from a different angle. Mill explained the two varied concepts of social reality. They are the individual and society. This concept is explained in the example of the sociological imagination essay. In the essay examples, you are exposed to how an individual knows their biography is related to their historical process. The concept is...

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Top Plagiarism checkers for students

Posted by on Jul 23, 2022 in Education, Family | 0 comments

In education or any digital marketing content, students opt to make research online. Teachers always give assignments to students to monitor their progress. For that reason, they tend to copy from websites to add more points to the ones they have in essays. For instance, if you are into writing, all your teacher expects from you is an accurate essay that is unique and plagiarism free. You happen to get higher marks if your written contents are also free from error.  However, you can make use some free plagiarism checker for students,  and essay examples that will help improve your writing. Below is a list of some duplicate checkers that students can use; Graduateway Grammarly Uni check Que text Copyscape Graduateway This is a plagiarism checker free that assists students in the university. This is done by facilitating the...

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When Is the Best Time to Begin Your College Search?

Posted by on Jun 2, 2022 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Parents and students anticipate college with a mix of excitement and anxiety. The college application process is long, and it can be challenging to know where to start. Some students begin their college search in the summer after their junior year of high school, whereas some wait until the fall of their senior year. So, when exactly is the best time to begin your college search? The answer is – it depends on you! Every student has a different academic background, extracurricular interests, and college goals. Because of this, the college search process looks different for everyone. The earlier you start your college search, the more time you will have to research various colleges and determine which one is the best fit for you. Certain factors influence when you start your quest for the perfect college. We are here...

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What Is Outlining an Academic Essay?

Posted by on May 19, 2022 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Essay writing is a complex of several stages that must be completed to get the highest grades for academic papers. They have to select relevant topics, write the main writing stages, and revise the entire work. Besides, they have to deal with outlining. Some people wonder whether this stage is compulsory, and others do not even know about it. We know that this stage is crucial and helps avoid a lot of potential mistakes. Many students ask – Who can write my academic essay online? Students hope to get help from a competent academic company, such as DoMyEssay. Its experts are skilled and easily handle the most urgent assignments on time. Students use professional help due to various reasons. They are not able to cope with their papers properly, and one of such reasons is poor outlining or its...

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7 Back To School Tech Tips for Teachers

Posted by on May 16, 2022 in Education, Family | 0 comments

As a new academic session looms, teachers are having to adapt to an EdTech approach with alarming speed to keep up with the times and to increase the performance, productivity, and benefit that can be meted out to students through various digital interventions. Here are a few back-to-school tech tips that can be very useful for teachers who are looking to adopt greater digitization methods in their teaching.  Use Interactive Checklists Some of the skills taught in school are organizing, planning, meeting deadlines, and discipline when it comes to completing tasks. Encourage your students to use interactive checklists so that they can learn to break up large and multi-step projects into smaller chunks. Every time they are done with a step they can click on the checklist icon on their computers to keep track. As a teacher, it will...

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Effective Ways to Teach the Alphabet to Your Kids

Posted by on May 12, 2022 in Education | 0 comments

Are your children having difficulty learning the alphabet? Are they starting to fall behind in school? The alphabet is one of the most important things kids learn in their early years of schooling. It lays the foundation for reading and writing skills. If you are looking for ways to teach the alphabet to your kids, you have come to the right place. This blog post will discuss some effective methods that will help your children learn their ABCs quickly and easily. Without further ado, let’s get started. Use Technology To Your Advantage One of the most effective ways to teach the alphabet to your kids is by using technology. Many great apps and games out there make learning the alphabet fun and interactive for kids. For instance, with a letter generator wheel app, your child can spin the wheel...

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Back-to-School Tips for Orange County’s Neurodiverse Students

Posted by on Aug 14, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Sasha Shtern, CEO, Goally For parents of neurodiverse kids, the “back to school” season usually brings with it one consistent emotion: feeling overwhelmed. Any kind of abrupt change in general can be difficult for learners with autism, ADHD, ODD, or other neurodiverse diagnoses. Tack on navigating a post-pandemic world in Orange County, and you have a challenge that no one was prepared for. Parents, then, are left scrambling to find strategies to make this transition as easy as possible. But what exactly are those strategies? If you find yourself feeling like this, take a deep breath! With a little bit of preparation and strategy, you will be ready to embrace the turn of the season head-on. Just tuck the following few tips in your back pocket, use them as the school year rounds the corner, and get excited for...

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The Secret to Thrive Academically: Habits of Successful Students

Posted by on Aug 2, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

The joy of every college learner is the successful completion of their education years. With all the obstacles and challenges of going through a college education as a young adult, finishing college is worth celebrating. However, the question is, how well will you have passed academically upon graduating? If you are working hard and putting your all into your education, this will not be a hard question. It is not easy to balance academics, social, and work-life, which is a typical lifestyle for many college students. However, you need to focus and do your best to get the most out of your college years. Here are helpful tips to help you thrive academically. Have a Routine Do you want to stay focused and ahead of time always during your college years? Then, having a routine is mandatory. So, when...

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Role of a School Social Worker for the Development of Students

Posted by on Jul 27, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

The school provides an educational experience for children. Depending on the child’s background, the school might be a safe space or a terrible and threatening place. Crayons, brightly colored walls, and pictures of bulletin boards can bring joy or fear to children. The best teachers understand that to reach their students; they must implement a variety of strategies. The same goes for the best social workers-they use a diverse set of abilities and expertise to help students in different ways. To enable students to succeed in education, school social workers promote activities and therapies that boost students’ motivation. They help them to learn and feel connected to their school environment. Students, parents, and academic institutions all benefit from the services of a school social worker. They can assist children and adolescents in overcoming different challenges that could hinder academic and...

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Seven Reasons Moms Should Continue Studying

Posted by on Jul 27, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Are you a stay-at-home mom who’s been wanting to go back to school but can’t seem to find the motivation for it? Well, consider this your last day of wallowing in doubt because this post will help lift your spirits and make you realize how important education is for mothers. As a mother, the weight of the future of our blue planet rests on your shoulders. You have to make ends meet, all the while managing your happiness. For less savvy moms, things are much harder. But, it’s never too late to get back on your feet and continue your education as there are so many benefits to it. Consider Michele Obama – the former first lady of the United States. She didn’t allow her financial status to get in the way of education and look at where she...

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8 Tips to Boost Your Writing Skills

Posted by on Jul 22, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

A wise man once said, “Forget the word count, just make your words count,” and that is one of the most brilliant writing instructions you will ever receive. Writing is simple if you know what you’re doing, but many people struggle to write effectively. Effective writing, like everything else in life, can be learned. It is a skill that you can hone through regular practice and the use of writing tips from custom essay writing service experts. We’ve compiled the eight best writing tips to jazz up your writing skills in no time. Create a Daily Routine The best way to get better at writing is through practice. There are no shortcuts to success in becoming a good writer. The more you write, the better you become, so writing every day is the logical thing to do if you...

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3 Tips to Help Your Child Succeed in School This Year

Posted by on Jul 22, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Summer vacation may be in full swing, but before you know it, it will be time to send your kiddos back to school. Whether they are in kindergarten, heading off to middle school or are starting their junior year in high school, there are things that you can do as a parent to help ensure their success. When thinking about your child and their wellbeing, it remains imperative to ensure your child maintains a healthy amount of confidence. This doesn’t mean feeding your child with lies purely to increase confidence, it means showing them how to deal with situations they may incur in a regular day. It’s also about helping them through personal insecurities they may have for example their body weight or their teeth. So getting in touch with an orthodontist near me for braces would be important...

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Ten Energizing Brain Breaks for Children

Posted by on Jul 6, 2021 in Education | 0 comments

Ideas for maximizing mental breaks kids can take in between learning tasks Stratford School’s Mary Kiely, Director of Lower School, and Melissa Sidebotham, Principal With children on devices for extended periods throughout the day learning at home, it is essential for them to disengage from devices and take intentional brain breaks. It’s also important to find ways to calm minds before and after school. Creative outlets can be an effective way to prepare for the day ahead, as well as provide a meaningful and blissful way to end the day. Here are a few ideas to provide their brain a necessary time out and all while having some fun! Play with Play Dough! Try making your own playdough and playing with it! There is something so calming about making a batch of playdough and then having the opportunity to...

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5 Work-from-Home Wardrobe Essentials for the Busy Professional

Posted by on Jun 21, 2021 in Education, Family, Fashion | 0 comments

Before the pandemic, working from home was an idea that many professionals toyed with but few actually tried. In the past year, however, many people found themselves confined to their homes even during regular office hours—a precaution that the government and private entities have taken to curb the spread of the disease. And while adjusting to a new work environment has been an uphill battle for many, there are also plenty of people who have found that they like working at home more than spending their most productive hours in an office. To set a clear boundary between their job and personal life, many professionals have adopted rituals to get themselves ready for work. This process often includes dressing up for the office even though they’re simply working from a dedicated room or table inside of their residence. If...

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8 Tips to Choosing the Perfect Homeschool Planner

Posted by on Jun 18, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

To pick the right homeschool planner to help with your home-school student, you need to check if you want digital or paper, the level of detail, the binding type, and available features. Homeschool planners are the small notebooks you use to store notes and key information. It is somewhat a mix of a “to-do list” and a “reminder list. This is very important for every homeschool student.  Why Do You Need a Planner? If you are homeschooled, then you need a planner to write down your daily, weekly or monthly study plans. It becomes very difficult to keep track of your study and keep notes if you do not have a well-maintained homeschool planner. But getting a good homeschool planner is just as hard as maintaining one. You need to pay attention to a lot of key details. If...

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4 Factors Causing Mental Health Issues Among Students

Posted by on Jun 3, 2021 in Education, Family, Health | 0 comments

Many students find studies to be a challenging experience. Because of advances in information technology and the rapidly growing global economy, education has become a requirement for career success. During the academic years of life, developmental milestones present cognitive and psychological challenges for students. Since the 1990’s college students aged 25 have posted the lowest levels of emotional health. Several studies have been conducted in this area, raising questions about students’ emotional and mental wellbeing. Experts and analysts use words like “epidemic” or “crisis” to describe mental issues. These issues have been on the rise in students. But what is causing mental health problems among college students? Studies have found the following factors at play for mental health crisis in students: Increased academic strain Financial stress Uncertainty about the career direction Excessive use of social media A lower stigma...

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10 Student Blogs You Should Read

Posted by on Jun 1, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Student life is an amazing time in one’s life. It’s full of adventures and experiences, both exciting and insightful. While some of them might not be the most pleasant ones, they surely provide you with some serious knowledge regarding being an adult and living an adult life. Still, it’s always better to avoid any harmful or unpleasant situations in order to be focused more on what’s really important. And in the case of students, that’s learning. Fortunately, there’s quite a lot of resources to help you learn about the basics of student life and focus on more important and fun things. Made for Students by Students One good thing about being a student is that life on campus has this strong sense of camaraderie, by which it essentially lives. You’ll find yourself willing to help your mates because chances...

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Inside Out: Fostering Emotional Intelligence (EI) in your Child

Posted by on Apr 13, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Teaching children to recognize and express their emotions in healthy ways. As parents, we take on a number of roles including the most important role as our child’s first teacher — charged with the responsibility of supporting their healthy development – physically, emotionally, and intellectually. Developing a child’s intelligence is not measured by academic outcomes alone. You may have heard the term “emotional intelligence” many times, yet what exactly is it and why is it important for children to develop their emotional intelligence? Emotional intelligence is defined as a person’s ability to express and manage feelings appropriately while respecting the feelings of others. It’s a skill that children can begin learning at any age. Dr. Vicki Chiang, PsyD, a mental health professional comments, “After many years of working with parents, I’ve learned that parents (myself included) have a collective...

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The Importance of Education in Today’s Society

Posted by on Apr 7, 2021 in Education, Family | 1 comment

Students often consider doing assignments and projects as a waste of their time. However, if you are among the many students with such a notion, you should reconsider your position. Education is a significant part of today’s society as a major contributor to progress and growth, including a Predictive index learning indicator. With education, you can contribute to your family/society’s growth by contributing to the development of a stable and progressive community. Below are some of the benefits of education that should convince students to focus on learning, including a paper writer service. In addition, today there are many specialized services ready to help with your student assignments. One such resource is They can guide you in the right direction when writing various papers and give you a vector of thoughts. With such services, you don’t have to worry...

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The Impact of Inequality in Today’s Education Systems

Posted by on Apr 7, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Education is an essential element in the development of countries worldwide. Education provides a skilled workforce that has all the necessary skills and knowledge to take advantage of 21st-century opportunities. On the contrary, economic development is nearly impossible without access to quality education. As such several countries worldwide have adopted an almost similar education system characterized by three tiers, i.e., Elementary/ primary school, Secondary/ high school, higher education (college/ university). These tiers of education are carefully planned out to provide students with knowledge and skills with increasing specialization levels as they progress to higher levels of learning. Therefore, education is meant to provide students with a chance at improving their quality of life. However, access to education is not always equal for all students. Inequality in the education system can be defined as the biased/ uneven allocation of resources...

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How To Protect Your Kids While They Operate Online

Posted by on Mar 31, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Ensuring that your children stay safe as they go about their lives matters so much – as you already know at this stage. As a parent, you need to make sure they’re enjoying life while staying away from too much negativity. They should be challenged, but nothing should ever scare them or traumatize them as they grow. The software on computers, smartphones, and all kinds of similar technology are fun activities for children to take part in. As a parent, they’re great for teaching kids new things and keeping them occupied when you have things to do. There are certain risks that come with the likes of the internet and various other online programs, however. Plenty of children all over the world can fall victim to issues online due to their naivety. They can be scammed or taken advantage...

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How Children Benefit From Early Childhood Education

Posted by on Mar 30, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Education is often regarded as the key to a successful future. As such, parents and guardians worldwide are likely to prefer giving their children a head start. Therefore, as a parent/ guardian, you would be better placed to choose from a list of institutions that offer learning facilities focused on early childhood education and development. Studies have clearly shown that early childhood education and development are among the best ways to help children develop the emotional, social, and mental skills needed to prepare for primary school. But what exactly is early childhood education? According to Masterpapers experts, early childhood is defined as the time before your child reaches 8 years of age. This time is characterized by fast mental, emotional and social development greatly influenced by their environs and the people around them. Therefore, early childhood education is essential...

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The Use of Technology in The Education System

Posted by on Mar 30, 2021 in Education, Family | 1 comment

Technology is the driving force behind most major industries in today’s ever-changing economy. Technology can be defined as applying a scientific approach for a particular purpose that is often characterized by the use of specialized equipment. Justifiably, the education system has also taken advantage of the various technologies available to improve the current learning environment and thus provide students with adequate skills and knowledge to identify various opportunities in the 21st century. The implementation of technology into the learning environment is aimed at improving how students and teachers interact. In the long run, the incorporation of technology in learning has significantly contributed to developing a more conducive learning environment that is accommodating to both teachers’ and students’ needs, especially as the world struggled to curb the spread of COVID-19. The global pandemic has forced most learning institutions to close...

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Reliance on Education to Reduce Global Poverty in Developing Countries

Posted by on Mar 30, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Education is defined as a continuous process of receiving instructions in a dedicated learning institution. Most people worldwide consider access to education as a basic human right due to its characterization as the key to a successful and prosperous future. Therefore, education and development go hand in hand, whereby lack of a skilled workforce often slows down the economy and increases the poverty levels. Children have a right to access quality education to get the chance to improve their standard of living in the future. However, despite the apparent detrimental effects of limited access to quality education, there are often not enough learning facilities in developing and underdeveloped nations. Poverty reduction and improving the state of a country’s economy are often hinged upon having a skilled labor force that is only achievable by offering quality education. Education can equip...

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5 Ways to Improve Your College Academic Performance

Posted by on Mar 29, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

as you pursue your degree can help in your professional and personal life. For instance, you learn how to make friends who can help you in the future. If you study a technology course like cybersecurity, you become the professional that most companies want. If you study something like nursing, or even go back to college to jump from a BSN to MSN, you can help more people than you ever thought possible. It is also in college that you can find time to have fun. First, there are enjoyable college events where you don’t pay anything to have fun. They include extracurricular activities such as basketball tournaments and cultural events. If you have money, you can also attend exclusive fun events like discotheque entertainment. In the end, you should understand that you went to college for academic work....

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5 Ways to Make Your College Life Comfortable

Posted by on Mar 29, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Securing college admission is one of the most important milestones in life. It is something that most people want to achieve, but they do not. The skills you gain as you go through college can help you to secure a good job. Additionally, you learn how to live with people. During your college years, you have many new experiences. For example, you make friends who can help you in the future. You learn how to use online writing services such as and how to conduct academic research. You participate in group projects and so much more. Besides, you can have the freedom to attend events that you could not. If you misuse your new-found freedom, you may mess up and regret it later. However, things are not always going to be easy. You are bound to deal with...

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5 Incredible Skills You Can Master Online

Posted by on Mar 17, 2021 in Education | 0 comments

Believe it or not, you don’t need an expensive education to learn skills that can impress people and help you earn a living. You can learn plenty of things just by going to your computer and typing them in to make the first step. They may charge some money, and you may need a degree to get into the field, but you can get all of that online at home. 1. Learning Code or Learning IT Software coding and IT maintenance are growth industries with an ever-growing number of positions needing to be filled. Several open-source projects can provide you with the tools you need to master these necessary skills without having to pay a penny. It’ll take about 1,000 hours, but it’s worth the time investment to get the coding skills needed to become an expert in crafting...

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The Importance Of Being A Life-Long Learner While Working From Home

Posted by on Mar 8, 2021 in Education | 0 comments

Learning is a lifelong activity. If anything that the past year has taught us is that there is more than one way to learn. With so many kids being at home, remote learning, or hybrid learning – which is a style of being on campus some days and at home on others – it’s been proven that the traditional learning model is outdated.  Through it all, what we’ve learned is that there are alternatives to any model. Take the example of kids learning online.  A traditional classroom has an attendance bell, assigned seating, and a disciplined schedule where a lot of the classroom decorum is a give and take between teacher and student.  Teachers have had to adapt to how they infer what a student is thinking with the virtual learning environment rather than observe body language and other...

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Advice for Mothers Considering College

Posted by on Mar 2, 2021 in Education | 0 comments

Have you been thinking about going to college, but put those thoughts on hold because of your responsibilities as a mother? If so, you should know that you’re not alone. Many women put off their educational, professional, and personal desires for the sake of their children. Chances are you’re worried about things like finances, household responsibilities, and more importantly, how your commitment to education will impact your family. Though these are all valid concerns, the reality is that you can earn a degree while raising a family. All it takes is a bit of planning.  What Do You Want To Do?  The first thing you want to ask yourself is what you want to do. Before you can make an effective plan for yourself and your family, you have to know the goal or end game. Are you interested...

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Diversity and Inclusion – The Benefits in Raising Your Children to be Accepting

Posted by on Feb 24, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

“Diversity is the mix. Inclusion is making the mix work.” – Andres Tapic We live in an increasingly diverse world where our children encounter people of varying races, cultures, and abilities. As parents, teaching our children about diversity and inclusion is paramount as we focus on raising tolerant, accepting, and empathetic children. How do you guide your child to grow to be a diverse, inclusive, and compassionate individual? Here are three great ways where you, as a parent, can teach your child to have a positive attitude and approach. Be a Role Model. Parents have so much influence on their children’s worldview and ways of thinking, especially in matters related to how they treat other people and how they make decisions. Parents should message to children at an early age that “diversity” is not just a nice-to-have, feel-good goal...

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CSArts Academy: Fun and rewarding arts classes for kids

Posted by on Feb 17, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

This spring, Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) invites aspiring young artists from near and far to experience its quality arts instruction from the comfort of their own homes. Reimagined for distance-learning, the school’s community engagement program, CSArts Academy, is back for Spring Classes with a new Virtual Saturday Series. Nearly 2,000 students have missed the program since it was canceled because of the current health crisis last March. Designed for children ages 8-15, the spring program offers both eight-week classes and two-week workshops in a fun, creative and nurturing online environment. Students can choose the art form and length of session that best meets their interests and schedule, with opportunities for both beginner and advanced studies in a variety of artistic fields. These unique Saturday classes encourage students to develop important fundamental skills while providing practical experience...

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Essential Guide for Starting a Business From Your College Dorm Room

Posted by on Feb 9, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

When it comes to college life, it is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. When you factor in the costs of it all it can really add up. Working alongside studying can be needed for a lot of students, which makes the juggle of student life very real. As a result, it is easy to see why so many people look to start businesses from their college dorms. In fact, businesses like Facebook were started right there at Harvard University, so why couldn’t you potentially do the same? Another example of a college dorm business being a huge success is the founders of mobile-scanning app (Scan), who sold their app to Snapchat for $54 million. This was done at college in Utah by a group of three friends. But how could you do something like...

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5 Things You Should Find Out Before Hiring An Essay Service

Posted by on Feb 9, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Writing is one of the essential skills that a student needs to master to get through the college study and receive a diploma. No one has ever managed to avoid all these essays, thesis and research papers, and other paperwork yet. Hence, if you cannot hide from it, you have to face it and find ways to cope with these assignments either on your own or using essay help from the Essayhub writing service. The lack of time and creativity often makes students feel tempted to try out the service of college essay writers, but they usually hesitate to do that. Oftentimes, they are afraid to be caught on cheating or simply do not know how to pick the right service and where to find the best essay writers online. To help you with the latter problem, we created...

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5 Tips for Choosing an Independent School

Posted by on Feb 5, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

How to Choose an Independent School UK boarding schools offer a wide range of educational environments and opportunities for students to thrive in and choosing one can be a difficult decision for any prospective parent to make. Here are 5 simple tips to help make choosing an independent school easier and to help you focus on making the best choice possible for your child. Independent School Rankings and Your Child’s Age An obvious key performance indicator of an independent school is their ranking compared to other schools based on their GCSE and A level results. Whilst by no means the only criteria that should be considered, it provides a baseline metric on which to assess the quality of the teaching and the ability of the school to create an environment in which students can thrive academically. But it is...

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Should You Move Back Home After College

Posted by on Jan 26, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

When you headed off to college, you probably assumed you would be ready to spread your wings and be financially independent after graduation. While that is certainly possible, many people are finding that the idea of returning home to regroup makes sense. There are benefits and drawbacks to moving back in with your parents, and only you can decide if it is the right choice. Managing Your Finances If financial concerns are the only thing making you consider moving back home, look for creative ways to make your budget work while living on your own. The idea of taking on all of your living expenses can be scary if you have never been responsible for that before, but it is something you will have to be comfortable with eventually. Taking smaller steps into adulthood is fine, and moving back...

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4 Ways Parents Can Use Technology to Provide Speech Therapy to Kids

Posted by on Jan 25, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Speech and language issues are more commonplace than you might think. Statistics indicate that close to 1 million American children are undergoing some kind of speech therapy. Parents are a child’s first teachers and you’re likely right by your child’s side as they learn to articulate their thoughts and understand the spoken word. Using Apps and Tools Keeps the Child Interested Educating your child is also a learning experience for parents as therapy for speech begins. If you’ve been looking for additional tools and apps to streamline therapy, check online for options. An added advantage of using apps is that you’ll vary the lessons to keep the child interested and have them play games while they learn. Children should feel free to enjoy their sessions with no pressure, otherwise they might develop an aversion to therapy and even the...

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6 Things that Can Make College Life a Whole Lot Easier

Posted by on Jan 23, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

College life is extremely demanding because of the high expectations set for today’s students. Especially, now that the education system all over the world experiences a dramatic transformation due to the pandemic. The youths need to be flexible in order to rapidly adapt to the fast-changing circumstances. Being a college student also means having adult responsibilities, like budget planning and domestic chores. In addition, students need to learn how to make extra money for leisure activities and keep up with the studies at the same time. What’s more, being far from family makes young people homesick. The combination of these complicating factors can make college life very tough. Hence, students need something that will relieve their burden. Let’s have a look at some tools that can make college life more manageable and enjoyable. Apps Apps can serve a variety...

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Few Tips on How to Choose Reliable Coursework Writing Service

Posted by on Dec 28, 2020 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Coursework writing service has become a necessity for students. Mostly, the learners are unable to complete assignments on time due to a busy schedule. The rise in demand for student assignments has led to the emergence of numerous custom writing services, many want to do my essay with professionals. Beware, as some of the paper writing service providers are fake. Students need to identify reliable companies. Do not Go Cheap Never go with the cheapest custom essay writing service available online. Your grades and academic performance are important for your career. So, it would help if you took it seriously. To develop a good quality assignment requires time, effort and expertise on the part of the writer. A company which is offering the cheapest rates and promising to deliver the assignment within an hour is not reliable. If you order...

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The Main Advice How to Get Homework Help Online

Posted by on Dec 28, 2020 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Teachers assigning students homework is a way of measuring their capability of doing work independently. However, doing your homework at home can be a menace, especially if you don’t have the proper assistance to guide you through it. This is why we are here with some top suggestions to help you out. Devise a plan To ensure perfect homework, the first and foremost thing to do is construct your homework plan. At the end of your class period, ask your teacher about how the homework that is assigned is expected to be done. It is better to know all the things required first than to be in doubt later at night. If you have any family plans after school hours, inquire with your teacher if she could estimate how much time your homework can take. This way you can...

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Some Tips on How To Write An Essay Faster

Posted by on Dec 28, 2020 in Education, Family | 0 comments

Writing a long essay for students in a quick time is easier said than done. However, with proper planning and research, completing an essay within a couple of hours is doable as much as stir-frying the noodles. Before you begin to write the paper, you need to brainstorm the topic and generate a few ideas. You also need a professional online writing service like EssayService to proofread your essay once you are done with it. Understand the Assignment Are you searching about how to write a research paper fast then you have come to the right place. This article will cover everything that you need to know about writing essays fast while maintaining quality. It is a total waste of the student’s energy and time when you create a paper which does not comply with the given instructions. In...

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The Challenges of Distance Education: Evaluation

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In this article, we want to explore the area of assessment in a remote and asynchronous learning environment. We present several strategies to address the three most important challenges in distance assessment: Student mindset, structure/content, and logistics/technology. How to Design Assessments to Ensure that Student Work is Authentic? Strategies Consider using performance evaluations where students demonstrate their new knowledge in a product, such as an investigation, portfolio, project, Assignment, experiment, prototype, or even a real situation like write my essay. Since performance reviews are often multi-part and more realistic, teachers report feeling a greater degree of confidence that the products are genuine. When performance evaluations are completed in stages with small deliveries of the product throughout the entire assignment, the teacher has the opportunity to witness the progress of the learning and progress of the assignment. Customize your performance...

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How This app Can Protect Your Child from Cyberbullying?

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We do not have to tell you this, but you probably already know that smartphones and other digital devices are now an integral component of our daily lives. This is particularly true for your child. Someone growing up in an environment where digital technologies are pervasive will consider them to be a normal part of life. However, if you follow the news, you also know that the internet and similar technologies have a dark side as well. For example, parents frequently cite inappropriate content and loss of privacy as the leading dangers but cyberbullying is another serious threat that is overlooked. In this article, we are going to explore this facet and evaluate how a parental monitoring app such as XNSPY can help you deal with the matter. The threat of cyberbullying You probably experienced or saw someone being...

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Never Forget to Do These 3 Things If You’re Left to Your Own Devices While Aging

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As we age, we need to consider how and where we will live, who will take care of us if we are no longer able to do it on our own, and our finances. For those of us with a partner or family, the process may seem cut and dry. We may designate our partner or family members as caretakers, medical proxies, and beneficiaries of our estate. However, more of us are aging alone or remaining single in our golden years. Many aging singles may be wondering how to go about planning for those golden years. While some of the details of end-of-life planning can be more obscure for singles, the overall framework is similar to those who have partners or families. Here are some important steps you don’t want to neglect if you’re aging alone. Establish a Support...

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Resource Tools for Small Businesses During COVID 19

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GoDaddy Partnership Do you have a small business? If you are a small business owner, then this uncertain time is impacting your life significantly. One of the hardest parts of living through this scary time is seeing so many entrepreneurs who I care about worry about keeping their dreams alive. Not only is there the stresses of trying to stay healthy, but also of keeping the doors open to their businesses (if possible at this time). I have been using GoDaddy to host my website domains since first starting my business, and they have always provided me with excellent tools to aid in helping my business to be successful. Recently, GoDaddy has launched an #OpenWeStand resource website to help give entrepreneurs resources, inspiration, and tools needed to help be successful during COVID-19. Resources On the resource part of the...

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Storymakery Virtual Online Classes + Giveaway

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Storymakery is pleased to offer virtual classes and workshops. All of their online offerings include 1:1 guidance from the safety of your home, storybook(s), free Storymakery account and shipping. Most importantly, all their structured sessions are fun yet enriching for children ages 4 and up. There are three different online workshop options that people can choose from. Right now, Storymakery is also offering a 10% discount through March 31st with code: Virtual! Registration is currently available for the classes online. Online-Led Young Author Class A four-part online-led session where children will work one-on-one with a remote instructor. Classes include lessons on plot development, story structure, character development, genre and more. Curriculum will be adjusted by age. Some homework may be required. Each session is one hour. Also includes two soft cover story books. After booking, Storymakery will contact you...

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The Newly Reimagined Boys & Girls Club of Irvine

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I am an official ambassador for Boys & Girls Clubs of Central Orange Coast For many of us who grew up in the ’80s/’90’s, our memory of the Boys & Girls Club was dirty carpets, torn couches, and pool tables. Well, those days are gone, and the Boys & Girls Club has transformed into one of the best places for children to learn and grow after school. The Boys & Girls Club of Central Orange Coast (Costa Mesa, Irvine, Newport Beach, Orange, and Santa Ana) have recently undergone a $2 million transformation. I took my son last week to the all-new Irvine location to get an inside look at their high-tech teen room. The Irvine Club is equipped to educate youth for the careers of the 21st century while continuing to advance the IMPACT Model that motivates members to...

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Sage Hill Celebrates 20 Years of Achievements + Pioneering an Innovative Approach to Education

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Newport-based Sage Hill High School is celebrating its 20th anniversary this year, looking back at over two decades of innovative education, academic achievements and positive community impact. The school, which was recently named the #1 Best Private High School in Orange County by – a ranking and review website for K-12 schools, colleges, cities, neighborhoods and companies across the U.S. – has pioneered a creative and individualized approach to education for Orange County students since 2000, all while earning numerous academic awards, arts + athletic achievements, and making a lasting impact on the community through Sage Hill’s one-of-a-kind Service Learning program. This Saturday, October 12, members of the community will get an inside look at Sage Hill during its annual Admission Open House event, where parents and prospective students have the opportunity to meet with faculty, staff, administrators,...

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Play-Based Learning with Tinkergarten

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Sponsored Having a degree in Early Childhood Education, play-based learning has always been a passion of mine while raising my children. There is something magical about watching children learn through nature. My older two children attended a traditional elementary school, and my youngest is currently enrolled in a Waldorf school. I have been able to see the significant difference between the two educational philosophies. I have been able to see how much my younger son has thrived by learning through play, nature, and an education based on my child’s development. “Education is a journey, not a race.” A lot of families that attend our elementary school also participate in Tinkergarten classes with their children. Tinkergarten offers educational experiences for children ages six months to 8 years of age in the best classroom, nature! Children have a unique opportunity to...

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StoryCorps: Stories From the OC

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Sponsored You are invited to have a unique opportunity of being a part of history. Until the end of December, FivePoint is inviting families to tell their stories from the OC with StoryCorps. It is one of the most significant oral history projects where people come to the Great Park Neighborhoods, and record their stories inside of a retro airstream. The recordings will forever be a part of history as they will be preserved in the Library of Congress. How it Works… Reserve a Day Schedule a time online at Once you’ve made your reservation, bring the guest you will be interviewing to Cadence Park in Irvine to do the recording. What to Expect Once you arrive at the park, you’ll be invited into the building by a volunteer who will walk you through the process. You’ll begin...

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Unleash Your Creativity with the Buddha Board

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Samples of the Buddha Board provided I go to school to study art, so I am always trying to find new and modern art supplies. With all the new advancements nowadays it is not very hard to find something that I really like. Luckily for me, I discovered the Buddha Board. Since a lot of times, my art can waste paper and supplies the Buddha Board is now one of my new favorite platforms for creativity. The reason why the Buddha Board is so helpful is that when you paint, you paint with water. After a little while, the water evaporates, and you can start all over again without having to waste supplies or canvas. It helps the environment and helps relax you. The Buddha Board is all about focusing on the present and what is happening right now....

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Orange County School of the Arts ‘OCSA’ Grants a Wish with The Make-A-Wish Foundation

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As an Orange County School of the Arts, OCSA, student, I was honored to attend an event where my school granted a wish with the Make-A-Wish Foundation. Being a student at OCSA, I got to go to the event. I watched Kaylin sing and dance on stage with a bunch of back up dancers/singers who were also students at OCSA. About the Make-A-Wish Foundation The Make-A-Wish Foundation is one of the best charities, and I love to see how they change lives. They change the lives of every child who has a life threatening disease, and make their wishes to come true. The first thing I noticed upon arriving at the event was the red carpet. Kaylin would soon walk down it. Kaylin’s Arrival at Orange County School of the Arts There were students lined up on the sides...

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Four Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language at an Early Age

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Sponsored Today, competing on a global scale is integral to a successful career. For the majority of occupations, speaking foreign languages makes you more marketable and valuable to any company. Teaching foreign language lessons to kids can set them up for a lifetime of success. A growing mind can pick up languages quickly, which is why it is an excellent idea to teach children different languages when they are young. It’s never too early for your child to begin learning one – or several – foreign languages. Below, we outline how learning a foreign language sets your child up for success in the future. Benefits of Learning a Foreign Language as a Child Cognitive Advancement Learning a foreign language has been linked to several cognitive benefits. Researchers who studied bilingual children found that, compared to their monolingual peers, had...

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Saturday Teen Culinary Classes

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Do your kids like to cook? Are they they wanting to explore their talents? The OCSA CSArts Culinary Classes are the perfect place for them to start. Not only can your children fall in love with the Culinary Arts, but also get a small taste of what the OCSA Culinary Arts High School program can provide for them. The Saturday classes are geared towards children aged 11-15. During the classes, students will learn a variety of foundational cooking techniques while experimenting with fun recipes. Basic knife skills, cooking methods, garnishes, portioning, plating, and representation will be explored with a culminating gathering and sampling for parents to enjoy. Morning and afternoon sessions are available. Fundamentals of Culinary Arts 9am to 12pm Innovative Flavors and Presentations 1pm to 4pm Cost: $475 Dates: The Fall 2018 classes occur weekly on Saturdays from...

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30 Days and Counting: 4 Tips to Help your Child Concentrate Through the End of the School Year

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Sponsored It’s that time of year again, school is almost over and students are excited to get out of the classroom and into the swing of summer. Unfortunately, this can make it harder for students to concentrate on what’s important including end-of-year testing, final exams, and final projects that will make a big difference in their overall GPA. There are lots of things kids can do to stay on track and work towards academic success for the remainder of the year. Keep regular sessions with your tutor It’s essential to maintain a weekly schedule with a student’s one-on-one tutor in order to maintain organization and promote concentration. When students meet at the same time every week, they feel like they still have responsibilities to fulfill and can stay focused on what’s important regarding assignments and test prep. Students who...

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4 Ways to Get Your Kid Back on Track After Spring Break

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When kids come back from a week away from school, they are often not as focused on classroom work and assignments. Also, at this point in the year students start thinking more about summer and less about school. Whether in kindergarten or 12th grade, every student will have assignments to complete by the end of the academic year. How focused a student is will play a role in exams and quizzes they take as well as their overall GPA. There are some great ways to help get kids back on track after spring break, so they can be successful and finish the year strong. Hire an Orange County tutor There are highly qualified private tutors throughout Orange County who can help students in the peace of their own home and start getting them back on track. Tutors can help...

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Tutor Tips: Should My Kid Study in a Group or Alone?

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Parents often ask if it’s better for students to study alone or in a group. There are benefits and drawbacks to both, and the answer will depend a lot on the individual student’s ability to concentrate and their specific learning needs. Many students find that it’s easier for them to study in a social setting as long as the students they are working with are equally motivated and able to focus on the task at hand. Students who need a little more direction can hire a tutor to run their study group and ensure that every student finishes their assignments or studies for an upcoming exam. Kimberly Truong offers one-on-one custom tutoring services in Corona Del Mar. Peer motivation One of the best reasons for students to study as part of a group is to receive positive motivation from...

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Fine Motor Skills Support Academic Success: Tips to Support Your Child

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Sponsored Your kids are learning and growing every day…and every moment can be a learning experience for them. When it comes to something as essential as developing fine motor skills, your child benefits from extending this skill at home. For young children, fine motor skills can be learned by fastening clothing, using art materials, putting together a puzzle, and practicing handwriting, with long-term benefits. Why is Developing Fine Motor Skills Important? Fine motor skills are necessary as your child grows and becomes more self-sufficient – grasping and using utensils, buttoning and zipping clothes, making crafts, and writing by hand all fall under the umbrella of fine motor skills. An early and firm grasp of fine motor skills will help as your child learns how to write clearly and legibly. Children who write letters tend to produce more words and...

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Sparking a Love for Creativity and Literacy at Storymakery

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We visited as a guest of the venue Reading has never been easy for my youngest son. I had a lot of complications during my pregnancy, and he was born prematurely. He could have had multiple major lifelong challenges, but thankfully he was only left with one – a learning disability. Unfortunately, when you are 10-years-old, a learning disability can feel like the end of the world, and struggling to read can cause endless frustration for a child. The two things that we have been doing to boost his self-confidence is being supportive and finding unique ways for him to learn. One of the best places that I recently discovered that could help do that is at Storymakery at the Irvine Spectrum Center. Storymakery has been open for awhile, and I was always afraid to bring my son in...

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4 Things to Ask your Kid’s Tutor this January

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It’s important for students to play an active role in their supplemental education services, which means asking their Orange County tutors questions and staying involved in the direction their education is taking. Students can inquire about study skills, challenging topics, and deadlines coming up this spring. It’s easy for students to become disassociated with their overall education in the middle of winter but playing an active part in their tutoring sessions will make a huge difference in the big picture. Staying alert can help improve study efficiency, increase a love of learning, and raise a student’s GPA. What should my end-of-year goals be? The first thing students should talk about with their tutor is their end-of-year goals. Between now and June students need to think about midterms and final exams, college entrance exams, scholarship and student loan applications, and...

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Thanksgiving Blessings

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When I was growing up my mother often said, “The only thing in life that’s certain is change.” Over the years these words have resonated with me to varying degrees depending on the happenings of my life at a given moment, but they rang especially true for our family this holiday season. We were set to go out of town for Thanksgiving when we received the unexpected news that our daughter had to have surgery. Rather than hopping in the car to visit family we found ourselves unpacking for vacation and packing hospital bags instead. The sheer disappointment of missing the trip was an obstacle in and of itself, but facing the fear of surgery and the shock of the situation was more than we bargained for. Now that some time has passed and I’ve had a minute to...

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Track the Paw Prints to Free Educational Classes at New Library

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Follow the painted bobcat and mountain lion paw prints prancing on the sidewalk to the new Library of the Canyons. Inside, watch out for the skunk, coyote and raccoon paw prints crawling up the walls to cave style paintings by local artist, Robert Myers. Throughout the children’s section, kids discover interactive displays, puzzles, puppet theatre and crafts. My son and his friends especially enjoy the library’s educational programs. The only place my son wants to be on Monday’s at 4 p.m. is at the library’s Crazy Eight’s math class. His favorite lesson dealt with sound waves. He made a pan flute from straws and noticed the changes in pitch from the different lengths of straw. Then he and his classmates headed outside to test the decibels of the flutes with an app on the children’s librarian, Shanon Delaney’s smart...

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Give Your Children the Gift of Learning

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Sponsored Are you looking for the perfect holiday gift for your kids this year that will encourage them to love learning? Well, we have found it. Every year, our holiday tree has a ton of gifts under it that doesn’t stimulate my kid’s brains, so this year, I have been on the hunt for educational toys to gift them this year. One of my favorite educational toys that I have found is the Omano JuniorScope Microscope. The new Omano JuniorScope is the perfect microscope for your young scientist. The JuniorScope is a high quality, easy to use microscope built with kids in mind. With the JuniorScope, your kids can look at everything from plant cells to water bears. Unlike other children’s microscopes, the JuniorScope has precision glass optics, is easy to use, and gives a crystal clear image of...

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Food Network Star Pays Visit to OCSA’s Culinary Students

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Laughter filled the room as celebrity Chef Alex Guarnaschelli impressed Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) students from The Mekjian Family Culinary Arts & Hospitality Conservatory with her expertise and down-to-earth personality during an exclusive OCSA master class held on Thursday, Nov. 9. Executive chef at Butter restaurant in New York City, Guarnaschelli is also a winner of the Food Network’s “Iron Chef America” and a judge on “Chopped” and “Chopped Junior.” Early in her career, she spent seven years cooking at restaurants in France, including Guy Savoy and La Butte Chaillot. OCSA students, parents and VIP guests excitedly filled the school’s Event Center for a private demonstration from Guarnaschelli about creating herb-infused olive oils to transform an ordinary meal into a gourmet dish. She cooked olive oil with thyme, curly-leaf parsley and rosemary, and used it to...

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Mom’s Night Out Holiday Cooking Class

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Enjoy a night out with friends or a special date night where you can learn some cooking basics, drink wine, eat what you cook, and have a great time! The classes provide hands on, practical culinary experience under the guidance of Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA)’s renowned Chef Instructors in their world-class teaching kitchens. Monday, December 4th – Fresh Pasta Anyone? Monday, December 11th – A Night in the Mediterranean Time: 6:00 p.m. – 8:30 p.m. Cost: $60 per class Ages 21+ Cost of registration includes beer and wine! Registration is currently available...

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Creating an Effective Partnership with Your Child’s School

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It’s that time of year again, and school conferences are upon us. I have the advantage of being a parent, as well as, the school counselor so I’m privy to information from teachers, as well as, other parents. Consequently, I’ve been reflecting on this process from both perspectives. Parents typically go into conferences looking forward to hearing about what their children are doing well and sometimes cringe when they hear about children’s missteps. What I’ve learned is it’s very difficult for teachers to deliver less-than-optimal news to parents, especially if they worry about parents’ reactions. However, when they don’t deliver the news or soften the blow by minimizing the information they’re often doing students a great disservice. Teachers have unique perspectives of students. The reality is that children may behave very differently at school than at home. The dynamics...

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Changing the Lives of Kids with the Boys & Girls Clubs of America My.Future

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This post was sponsored by Boys and Girls Club as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. We were so enthused to be invited and see first hand the recent unveiling of My.Future to the Boys & Girls Clubs of America in Los Angeles. As we walked into the gymnasium full of energetic, happy kids, we knew we were about to witness firsthand what happens when a corporation partners with a non-profit organization to change the future through the lives of children. Boys & Girls Clubs of America and Comcast NBC Universal have partnered to start My.Future; a wonderful opportunity that provides young people with a safe, fun digital platform they can use to learn, play and socialize while at the Boys and Girls Club of Los Angeles....

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How to Know Your Child is Ready for Preschool

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Sponsored Have you been thinking of transitioning your toddler to preschool but aren’t sure if your child is ready? Even though you are your toddler’s first and most important teacher, it may be time for your little learner to explore the world, meet new friends, and gain knowledge that will be with your child forever. Why is Preschool Important? Preschoolers must explore, experiment, and make discoveries for themselves through playful interactions with the environment as well as with other people in order to make sense of their world. A preschool that promotes STEM and STEAM (Science-Technology-Engineering-Arts-Math) curriculums, allows children to engage in fun hands-on activities at a very young age. With an early start, your little one will be well prepared for the many years of learning to come. Here is a checklist to see if your little one...

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Kindness is Captivating

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We all need more examples of kindness in the world, and in my work as a school counselor, I attempt to teach children to be kind because it’s the right thing to do. If children are only kind when they know someone is watching or because they hope to be recognized for their kindness we’re missing the mark. My message to students is “Be kind, especially when it’s hard.” It’s easy to be nice when others treat us well or when we get exactly what we want. However, my hope is that children will learn to pause and make good choices even when it’s not easy. That’s where we come in, because children must be taught how to do this. Ironically, this is as much a challenge for adults as it is for kids. I teach our students to...

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4 Reasons to Get a Tutor Early in the School Year

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Many kids will need to work with a ap calculus tutor at some point in the school year either for one particularly challenging subject or for overall study skills improvement. The child may be in elementary school or they may be entering their college prep years. More often than not students wait until there is a particular problem before they start investigating one-on-one tutoring and, unfortunately, fall far behind by the time they start their sessions. It’s definitely beneficial to work with a tutor early in the school year so that students can stay on track academically and maintain positive feelings about education. Keep self-esteem high Most students have one subject that gives them more difficulty than all the others. It’s that one topic or series of topics that makes the student want to avoid learning and eventually view...

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Wonder Sprouts Fall Nature Classes

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September is just around the corner and they have a special line up of sessions planned for our Wonder Sprouts this autumn at the Outdoor Education Center. Come out and join us as we hunt for berries, harvest squash, plant food for bees, build micro-greenhouses from re-purposed containers and more! Dates/ Times: Monday, September 11 – 10:00-11:30 am Friday,September 15 – 3:00 -4:30 pm Monday, September 18 – 10:00-11:30 am Friday, September 22 – 3:00 -4:30 pm Monday,September 25 – 10:00-11:30 am Friday, September 29 – 3:00 -4:30 pm Monday, October 2 – 10:00-11:30 am Friday, October 6 – 3:00 -4:30 pm Friday, October 13 – 3:00 -4:30 pm Monday, October 16 – 10:00-11:30 am Friday, October 20 – 3:00 -4:30 pm Monday, October 23 – 10:00-11:30 am Price: Adult/ 1 child – 1 session $15.00 Adult/ 2 children...

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Fun Toys to Encourage Kids to Get Outside

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Sponsored Let’s be honest. Our children are growing up in a time where most kids spend the majority of their time inside. Electronics and video games are distracting children of this generation and discouraging them from spending their time outside having fun and playing. This summer, we had a technology-free summer, and my children spent all of their time outside playing. With them spending all their time outside, I had to look into finding new tools to help make it fun (especially for my teenagers). One brand that my I discovered this summer, and my children loved was Toysmith. Their outdoor products make playing outdoors fun for children, and these are our favorite Toysmith outdoor toys that you’ll want to add to your toy box. Spring Ring Enjoy your outside playtime with the Toysmith Spring Ring. Play a variety...

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Back to School Educational Toys

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Sponsored The best gift that parents can give their children is the gift of play. We all live busy lifestyles, and taking time out of your day to sit down on the floor and play with your children is the best thing for them. As a retired preschool teacher, I remain passionate about empowering parents to play more with their children. One of the best ways to make playing with your children fun is to have educational toys that stimulate your children and help them to learn through play. One brand that I have been purchasing for my children since they were babies is Learning Resources. Their educational toys make learning with children extra fun, and they are high-quality products that will last for many years. While purchasing back to school supplies for your children, also purchase some learning...

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Five Ways to Help Your Kid Socialize This Summer

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Kids have a ton of opportunities to socialize during the school year because they see their friends and classmates almost every day. During the summer, however, many kids don’t get a chance to socialize as much as would be ideal. Some students live far away from their school or don’t get to spend time with classmates for any number of reasons. However, there are tons of ways to help your kid socialize this summer so they can learn and grow with their peers. Summer camp Summer camp can last all summer long or might just take up a week of a kid’s time. There are tons of options from sports camps to arts and crafts programs to academic programs that help fill a kid’s schedule while giving them a chance to socialize in a structured environment. It’s important for...

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Summertime STEAM Family Fun

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Astronomer Carl Sagan believed “every kid starts out as a natural-born scientist.” Think about it, children exhibit insatiable curiosity! Everything babies touch ends up in their mouths and they love to study cause and effect in their environments. Toddlers stop to investigate bugs on the ground and often imitate their parent’s every move. Elementary aged children have a strong need to know “why” and “how.” In recent years, educators have pushed the STEAM initiative. STEAM is an acronym for science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics. The goal of this initiative is to help students develop critical thinking skills through the use of project based learning. The rationale behind this learning philosophy is that the ability to solve novel problems will prepare children for the future. Examples of STEAM activities involve asking “why” questions, engaging kids in counting and rhyming...

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5 Things Every Parent Should tell Their Kid’s Tutor Over The Summer

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Kids are enjoying some time away from the classroom this summer while playing outside or enjoying quality time with family and friends. Many students will work with a one-on-one tutor over the summer in order to catch up on difficult and complicated subjects or get ahead of the game by completing test prep or college applications before the school year starts up again. Sometimes students already know their tutor because they’ve worked with them during the year and, as a result, their supplemental educator already knows what’s going on in the student’s academic life. In other circumstances the tutor will be a brand-new element to the child’s education. Regardless, there are definitely a few things every parent should tell their kid’s Orange County tutor this summer. Learning differences One of the most helpful things a parent can discuss with...

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Five Ways to Cope with Summer School

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Summer is here and students are out of school; they‘re excited to take a break from academics and enjoy exploring some fun extracurricular activities. However, many students need to attend a summer school program of some kind. Summer school used to be something students needed to do to catch up but, these days, many students attend summer school programs to get ahead or even help them apply to college. Most students will resist summer school to some extent but there are definitely some great ways to cope with the idea of spending more time indoors. Mix it up Many summer school programs offer students the chance to work on academics in the morning and sports or creative activities in the afternoon. This is a great way for students to work on math or English while still having the chance...

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Best Teen Summer Read – The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy

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Sponsored The one thing that I love to do is read. With school ending within just a few short weeks, I have been busy planning my must-have summer reading calendar. One book that I couldn’t wait to read this summer is The Trials of Apollo: The Dark Prophecy. Imagine my surprise when I received a box on Friday that had a copy of the book I have been dying to read – I dropped everything and read the book within a couple of hours. Who doesn’t drop everything to get their hands on the newest Rick Riordan book? The man is a genius of an author who immerses his readers into another realm. The Trials of Apollo is one of my favorite book series by far! The book is complete with puns, backstabbing, poetry and so much more! The...

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Your Child’s Education Beyond the Classroom

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Many parents understand their child’s education does not end at 3 PM Monday through Friday. Education outside the classroom is just as important as the math, English, science and history our children learn inside the classroom. The question now is, “What other type of education is there that is important and crucial to my child’s social, emotional and intellectual development?” Learning to relate to other people is a very important thing to learn from a young age. Parents try very hard to teach that to their children, but it may not be enough. Schools teach that, but it’s always on the back burner to math, English and other traditional subjects. There needs to be another system that focuses entirely on effectively communicating and relating to your peers. LEARN TO LOVE YOU Now that’s an important thing to learn. Really...

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Five Spring-themed Educational Activities for Elementary School Kids

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When kids are young, it’s fun to find a theme throughout the year that can help them get interested in academic educational activities. Now that spring is officially here parents and teachers can focus on spring-themed activities to help kids learn while having fun at the same time. Whether kids are doing an art project or learning about numbers, there are lots of ways elementary school age children can learn from the season. Arts and crafts projects There are some excellent spring-themed arts and crafts projects for kids that also have an educational element. Kids can learn about different types of flowers and even purchase a tulip bulb or wildflower seeds and plant them in a pot or their back garden. They can learn about soil and how much they need to water flowers and whether or not it...

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Inspiring Children to Learn through Play

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This post was sponsored by Landscape Structures as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central. All opinions expressed in my post are my own. One of the best gifts that a parent can give their child is the gift of play. Putting down the electronics, going outside, and playing. With my job requiring me to be online for a large portion of my day, many would think that my children live a high-tech lifestyle, but we actually have the opposite. The minute that I had children, I knew that I wanted them to be outside as much as possible, digging in the dirt, climbing trees, and learning through play. My younger son attends a Waldorf School where he learns by going on nature walks, draws his own textbooks, and has a no-tech learning environment at school. Ever since...

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Five Perfect Graduation Announcements

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Sponsored Is you child getting ready to graduate this year? Create a lovely graduation announcement for all your friends and family before your precious child puts on their cap and gown and gets ready to walk up to the stage to accept their diploma. When it comes to graduation announcements, the choices are endless, but when it comes to announcing one of your child’s biggest accomplishments, you’ll want to send high-quality announcements. Basic Invite is one of our go-to places for high-quality announcements and invitations, printed on your choice of high-quality 110-pound matte, semi-gloss, or shimmer card stock. They offer their customers over 150 different colors to personalize your card to perfection. You can change the color of the text, background, and photos making all their templates customizable. If you’re worried about invitation etiquette, they have experts available via...

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Save a Life with Bayer Aspirin

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I am participating in an Ambassador program on behalf of Influence Central and hosted by the makers of Bayer® Aspirin. I have received compensation to thank me for my participation. All opinions expressed are my own. One night when I was a teenager, my father went out to walk the dog along the beach. The minute that he walked into the house, I immediately knew that something was wrong. He calmly went up to my mother and said the words that no child ever wants to hear their parent say, “I think I am having a heart attack.” Since my grandma had a history of heart-related issues, my mom knew what to do and got him a Bayer aspirin to chew on while she rushed him to the emergency room. Looking back, she should have called 911, but we...

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Storymakery: a Perfect Daddy/Daughter Night Out

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We visited as a guest of the venue One of the activities my wife and I like to do from time to time is spend an evening with each child one on one.  With that in mind on Friday night, my daughter and I had a planned activity. Trying to figure out an activity that is fun, educational and unique was my focus for the week prior to our night out. Fortunately for me, I was given an opportunity to visit Storymakery at Irvine Spectrum. While I was not fully familiar with the store, the evening’s plan was very intriguing.The activity would start by local author, Jeannie Fung reading her book (Hawaii) and then answering some questions. After that, the kids would each write their own stories and get it published. I thought that ending the evening with a...

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5 Tips to Keep Your Elementary School Kid on Track This Winter

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There is so much to learn during the elementary school years and the school year seems longer to a student of this age. In fact, many students lose interest in school halfway through the year and have a little bit of trouble staying on track. Testing requirements seem to get harder each year, and teachers don’t have as much time to review as they did in the past. Although pressure is higher, there are so many ways a student of the stage can be successful in the classroom environment while still learning at their own pace. One of the best ways for elementary school kids to be successful is to work on time management with the help of their teachers and parents. There are trained people who are looking for NYC Teaching Jobs and that they are worth it for the...

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Girl Scouts of OC Ignites Girls’ Interest in STEM

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Girl Scouts of Orange County Ignites Girls’ Interest in STEM with STEMsational ME badge! Girls lose or gain interest, skill, and confidence in STEM by the 8th grade – a startling statistic made more alarming given that women make up half of the workforce, but only 25% of STEM professions (U.S. Department of Commerce). Girl Scouts of Orange County is working to change this by developing girls’ love of STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) before they reach this critical tipping point. The leadership development organization recently introduced STEMsational ME!, a new STEM badge exclusively for Orange County Girl Scout Juniors (grades 4-5). Whether you have a sporty girl, a creative girl, or an engineer in training, STEMsational ME! is all about encouraging all 4th and 5th grade girls to explore how they use STEM every day to be...

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Inspiring Ali Stroker Performs with OCSA Students

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We visited as a guest of OCSA Last week I had the opportunity to have a one-on-one interview with Ali Stroker at Orange County School of the Arts (OSCA). My mom and I attended the “Performing with the Pros” showcase performance at OCSA featuring Ali Stroker. Ali Stroker had been working with the students in the showcase for weeks leading up to the performance by sharing her talents and inspiring the group of students to reach for their dreams. Ever since I was ten, I have been watching Glee and The Glee Project, so I was so excited to meet Ali Stroker in real life and not just on a television screen. In case you don’t know Ali Stroker is, she is the first ever Broadway star in a wheelchair, and she also stars in multiple shows. When we...

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Wonder Sprouts Helps Kids Become Eco-Heroes

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In organic gardens overflowing with herbs, kale and berry bushes, Suzanne Slavens led my son and his new friends in song during the fall session of Wonder Sprouts at the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center. “Capturing sunlight, collecting worm poop, I can make a difference even though I am little.” Soon the children jumped up and danced to the music, their voices rising loud enough for the citrus trees in the hills above to hear. Suzanne is excited about the new winter curriculum for ages 3-6. Topics include making dyes out of beets and greens, searching for “gold” treasure in citrus groves and training kids to be eco-heroes. Turns out Suzanne created the quoted song about kids making a difference. She believes active lessons in nature during early childhood produce huge dividends later. “Hopefully Wonder Sprouts will inspire a...

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How to Find a High-Qualified Tutor

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Sponsored in partnership with Everly Learning has never been easy for my youngest son. When a family has a child who struggles in school, it can often impact the entire family. My husband and I spend all of our time in the evenings helping our youngest son trying to ‘catch-up,’ and our two oldest children don’t get as much time from us to help them with their homework. I finally made the decision to hire a tutor to help us, so that I can divide my time more equally between all of my children, but then didn’t know where to start with finding a qualified tutor. I am a working mom and don’t have time to interview tutors or search job boards looking for the perfect educational professional. That was when my girlfriend told me about a new tutoring...

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5 Tips to Help Your Kid Succeed in the New Year

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The holidays are already over, and it seems like time flies; kids are about halfway through their school year and are, hopefully, rested from the holiday break. Now is a great time to reevaluate academics and think about what will make the rest of the school year a success. Perhaps a student needs a little push to get organized, or maybe they need to tackle that one tough subject. There are tons of things parents can do to help their kid have a great experience between now and June. Personal organization skills Personal organization can be hard at any age. In fact, it can be a full-time job in and of itself. Most kids, even really responsible and motivated kids, need a little bit of help with their organization. The start of a new year is an ideal opportunity...

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Five OC Holiday Break Educational Activities

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The holidays provide an excellent opportunity for kids to be able to participate in educational activities outside the classroom. Most schools provide more than a week off for kids in elementary and middle school, which leaves a lot of time to fill between holiday family activities. There are tons of things parents have wanted to do with her kids but they simply didn’t have time to experience during the first semester of the school year. Now that kids are at home for winter break, there are some excellent holiday educational activities in and around Orange County. Aquariums There are several beautiful aquariums within close driving distance of cities in Orange County. They provide a great field trip for people of all ages and can be pretty educational as well. Whether a kid is in first grade or fifth, there’s...

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Word of Mouse Gives Kids ‘Words to Live By’

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Sponsored My children love to read. They are the rare children in todays society that are always walking around with a book in their hand vs. a digital device. Since my children are always reading, I love when I come across a book with a good message. Word of Mouse is a new book that was just released yesterday that sends children a great message on friendship. Before giving my children the book to read, I encouraged them to think about what words do they live by? Love. Kindness. Hope. These were a few of the words that my kids mentioned to me. We talked about what those words mean to them, and then I let them jump into the world created by James Patterson in Word of Mouse. James Patterson’s newest illustrated middle grade story follows the illuminating...

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The ‘Write Gift’ for the Teen Who Loves to Learn

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Sponsored There are two things that my son loves more than anything in life, and that is learning and cooking. He is always striving to do his best in school so that he can accomplish many of his life goals. When I was a teenager, I didn’t know what I wanted to do with my life, but my son has already planned many of his life goals, one of which he recently achieved by getting into the culinary program at the Orange County School of the Arts. Thousands of children applied for this esteemed high school educational program, and after a lengthy interview process, he was invited to attend the high school program. Since starting the school in the Fall, I have watched him blossom, grow and love life more than ever. He is passionate about his educational path...

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My Day in a CSArts Academy Visual Arts Class

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We are proud to be an OCSA family If you read my earlier story, you know that I am taking a CSArts Visual Arts Portfolio class at OCSA. My first CSArts class was last week, and it was a blast. Last week we started off by drawing our hands and seashells, but this week we did a little bit more complex drawings. The class started off by doing some blind contour drawings. If you don’t know what that is, it is a drawing exercise where you cannot lift your pen, and you cannot look at your paper. The teacher started us off by giving us each an object and having us draw it with blind contour. We did this for about an hour and then we began to do controlled contour, which is the same thing except we were...

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Orange County School of the Arts’ First Annual College Fair

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On October 20, 2016, Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) hosted its first annual College Fair for its high school students and parents. Most college fairs offer several information sessions about admissions and financial aid, and booths featuring representatives from universities and colleges. OCSA’s College Fair took this model a step further by offering a variety of interactive master classes, arts and academic panels, and showcases. The event kicked off with a performance from USC’s infamous Trojan Marching Band. Whether you are a USC fan or not, the Trojan Marching Band provided great entertainment to the attendees, playing upbeat hits such as Bruno Mars’ “Uptown Funk,” Pat Benetar’s “Heartbreaker,” and The Offspring’s “The Kids Aren’t Alright.” Additionally, the band conductor spoke about ways for students to get involved in any university’s campus life, such as going to sporting...

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Fighting the Fall Flu Bugs with Providence Express Care at Home

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Sponsored I have found this year to be one of the hardest as a mom. I have three children in three different schools with three different after school activities. Since school started in September, I have been living in my car, spending all day driving my kids around town. If I’m not shuffling the kids from activity to activity, I am stopping at various coffee shops to try and get my work done. Winter coming soon means the start of colds and flus. Normally, I would be fearful of my kids coming down with a cold or flu this year because I just don’t have a free moment in my schedule to take them to a doctor’s appointment to get a prescription. Over the summer, I learned about a great online tool for parents called Providence Express Care Virtual....

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My First CSArts Academy Visual Arts Class

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We are proud to be an OCSA family If you don’t know what OSCA is, then you should definitely do some research! OCSA stands for Orange County School of the Arts, and it is amazing! There are certain things you can apply for to be accepted into OSCA. My brother applied for Culinary Arts & Hospitality and got accepted, and I was so excited for him. I love photography and drawing, so when I found out there is a category that you can apply for under for visual arts, I freaked out (with excitement.) My parents did some research and figured out that OCSA was holding CSArts Academy classes every Saturday for portfolio preparation for Visual Arts. Once they had signed me up, I was a little nervous about making friends and all, but I soon figured out it...

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Orange County School of the Arts Master Class with Wynton Marsalis

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It is not every day that high school students have the opportunity to work with legendary artists of our time. However, 21 students in the Orange County School of the Arts’ (OCSA) Ambassador Jazz Orchestra participated in the once-in-a-lifetime master class with the internationally renowned trumpeter and composer Wynton Marsalis on Friday, October 7, 2016. For those not familiar with the nine-time Grammy Award winner, Wynton Marsalis is the managing and artistic director of Jazz at Lincoln Center. In 1983 and 1984, he became the first, and only artist to win both classical and jazz Grammys in the same year. The master class is a part of the arts charter school’s Master Artist Series in celebration of its 30th anniversary. The sold-out crowd of more the 425 attendees bubbled with excitement in anticipation for the beginning of the master...

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Affordable Nature-Based Education for Children

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Looking for something fun and educational for your children? I recently experienced a fantastic nature-based educational program at the Irvine Ranch Outdoor Education Center. During our first Wonder Sprouts class, my son discovered the joy of turning lemons into lemonade, literally. Suzanne Perry Slavens, Life Science Director and teacher, sang a song about a moose who loved his juice. Afterwards, she led our class to the on-site organic citrus orchards where everyone picked lemons and piled them high into baskets. Returning to the pavilion overlooking a large, colorful organic garden, we continued singing while the children pressed juice out of the lemons. In a large mason jar, the children swirled the lemon juice with sugar and water. While drinking a cup of his very own lemonade, my son said, “Mmmm. Lemons are yummy.” The children also made seed mosaics...

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Interactive Game Night with Pie Face Showdown

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This post was sponsored by Hasbro as part of an Influencer Activation for Influence Central and all opinions expressed in my post are my own. Our favorite thing to do together as a family is to have a family game night. Our kids would rather play games with us in the evening vs. watching television, and it is all because of interactive games available like Pie Face Showdown. I have wanted to get the kids a new game to play, and when I found out about the Pie Face Showdown game that was coming out on October 1st, I couldn’t wait to test it out with my kids. Since this game is more of an “outside” game, I planned to surprise my kids with the new game during their after school snack time. Once the kids finished their snack,...

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Enter Your Kids Science Teacher to win $250

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Discovery Cube OC wants to hear your stories and recognize the science teachers who open up the wonders of the world – and beyond – to students! Do you remember the science teacher who built a bubbling volcano using nothing more than baking soda and vinegar? Or maybe the teacher who convinced you to dissect a frog and inspired you to explore new subjects and careers? Perhaps you have a colleague who is amazing at being a science educator. Well now it’s time to share your favorite memories of your favorite science teacher! So How Do I Enter? * Snap an amazing photo showing your favorite science teacher in action (be creative!) * Post that photo to Instagram, Facebook or Twitter with a description of how he or she inspired you or your kids. * Use #MyScienceTeacher in the...

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