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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Put Your Best Foot Forward

Posted by on Mar 10, 2021 in Shopping | 0 comments

Whether you’re taking your vacation closer to home, adventuring internationally, or even just trying to get more steps in, nothing can ruin a day like wearing the wrong shoes. Men especially have always known comfort prevails. But that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style in doing so. So, before planning your next getaway, or hitting the trails, make sure to include choosing the right footwear as well.  Sandal Basics Though you probably own a pair, not all sandals are created equal. Depending on what you’re trying to do, your closet’s plastic flip flops might not get the job done. A good pair of sandals need to be comfortable, durable, have excellent traction, fit properly, and of course look good. “A lot of guys are self-conscious about sandals, but if you like them, you should wear them; guys need...

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How to Find a Primary Care Physician For Your Family

Posted by on Mar 10, 2021 in Health | 0 comments

Doctors are well-versed in preventative care, diagnostics, health management, and treatment. As such, their services are vital to you and your family’s quality of life. Unfortunately, finding a family doctor isn’t as easy as it sounds. From individual health needs and personal preferences to availability and affordability, there’s a lot to consider. Not to mention, there are so many medical practices to choose from. How do you narrow down your options? Continue reading to learn more.  Family Medical Needs Not every primary care physician has the experience you need to maintain your health. You want to find a medical expert with knowledge and expertise in areas of concern for your or your loved ones. So, before selecting a doctor, take an assessment of your family’s medical needs. Does anyone suffer from long-term illnesses like diabetes, heart disease, or lupus?...

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Shrimp and Vegetable Salad Recipe

Posted by on Mar 9, 2021 in Family, Melissa's Produce, Recipes | 0 comments

Warm weather is coming back, and it is the perfect time to make some refreshing dishes for your family. My neighbor is one of the most talented chefs that I know, and she comes over to my home to help me out as a single mother by cooking for my family. She has taught me so much about cooking, blending flavors and some unique new ways to integrate Melissa’s Produce into my weekly meal planning. One recipe that she made last week was a refreshing and delicious shrimp and vegetable salad. The salad was so flavorful, and it was perfectly served over a slice of toasted bread. This is a dish that I will enjoy making for years to come, and I am so grateful that she can share it with all of you. Enjoy!! Shrimp and Vegetable Salad...

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OC Rescue Mission in Dire Need of Car Seats

Posted by on Mar 9, 2021 in Events, Family, Giving Back | 0 comments

Orange County Rescue Mission has recently announced a critical need for new car seats and booster seats for its infants, toddlers, and young children living at the Village of Hope, the Rescue Mission’s transitional living facility for homelessness in Orange County. The nonprofit is urgently seeking help from the local community to provide a total of 36 car and booster seats, which will allow the Rescue Mission to provide these essential needs and ensure the safety of young children throughout its facilities. “Over the last several months there has been a rapid increase in homelessness throughout the region,” says Jim Palmer, President of Orange County Rescue Mission. “In fact, the homeless crisis has been exacerbated as a result of the pandemic.” According to Palmer, the safety and welfare of these children is the utmost importance to the Rescue Mission....

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Big Parm Offering BOGO Pizza Deal to Celebrate Pi Day

Posted by on Mar 9, 2021 in Dining, Events | 0 comments

Orange County pizza lovers and math fans don’t have to wait until Sunday, March 14 to celebrate Pi Day, as Big Parm in Tustin is offering a BOGO pizza deal all week, March 8 through 14. Guests at the popular New Jersey-style pizzeria can buy one pizza and get a second pizza of equal or lesser value free when mentioning Pi Day. In addition to classics such as Margherita, pepperoni, and veggie, Big Parm serves specialty pizzas such as Lobster (with tomato sauce, Maine lobster, drawn butter, mozzarella), Spicy Garlic Shrimp Pizza (with tomato sauce, shrimp, roasted garlic, chiles, mozzarella), Pastrami (tomato sauce, pastrami, Thousand Island, chopped tomato, mozzarella), White Pizza (Alfredo sauce, parm, bacon, mozzarella), and a Greek Pie (chicken tomato, feta, olives, capers, pepperoncini, tomato sauce, mozzarella.) A build-your-own pizza option is available, and vegans can request...

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What To Do When An Aging Parent Needs Help

Posted by on Mar 9, 2021 in Family | 0 comments

The parent-child relationship goes through many challenges, but one of the most challenging is aging. When an adult child starts to realize that the person who once raised them needs help, it’s a hard pill to swallow. An even more significant challenge is addressing these concerns with their parents and finding a resolution. Ultimately, you want to do what’s best for everyone, but making the right decision isn’t always easy. If you’ve found yourself in this position, these tips can make finding a solution easier.  Assess Your Parent’s Needs The first thing you want to do is assess your aging parent’s needs. Have you noticed that your mom is forgetting things or continuously slipping and falling? Maybe your father recently passed and your mother is living alone with a few friends and family around. Perhaps your father’s mismanaged diabetes...

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4 Compelling Reasons to Abandon Fast Fashion – for good!

Posted by on Mar 8, 2021 in Beauty, Family | 0 comments

We’re always telling ourselves to cut back on our bad habits. From smoking cigarettes to eating too much junk food, not exercising or even procrastinating too much, we’re always looking for ways to improve our lifestyles and lead happier healthier lives. But have you ever considered that making some simple changes to our habits can not only benefit our lives but also the planet? I’m talking about fast fashion and its impact on the world we live in. According to Green Peace, fast fashion is the second-largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions and pollution (after the oil industry) and with its huge drain on the planet’s natural resources, fast fashion is a habit we should all be trying to give up once and for all. Thankfully, companies like Szade are paving the way for people like you and me...

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The Importance Of Being A Life-Long Learner While Working From Home

Posted by on Mar 8, 2021 in Education | 0 comments

Learning is a lifelong activity. If anything that the past year has taught us is that there is more than one way to learn. With so many kids being at home, remote learning, or hybrid learning – which is a style of being on campus some days and at home on others – it’s been proven that the traditional learning model is outdated.  Through it all, what we’ve learned is that there are alternatives to any model. Take the example of kids learning online.  A traditional classroom has an attendance bell, assigned seating, and a disciplined schedule where a lot of the classroom decorum is a give and take between teacher and student.  Teachers have had to adapt to how they infer what a student is thinking with the virtual learning environment rather than observe body language and other...

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Talking to Your Kids About STDs and STIs

Posted by on Mar 7, 2021 in Parenting | 0 comments

Talking to your kids about sex is never easy, but it’s a conversation that you need to have sooner or later. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, over 50 percent of American teenagers engage in sexual intercourse before they turn 18. This means that if you have teenage children, they are either already having sex or thinking about having sex. Contrary to what many people seem to believe, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Sex is perfectly normal, and it shouldn’t be presented as a bad thing. However, this doesn’t mean that you should be turning a blind eye to the possibility that your child may be sexually active. They still need to be taught how risky sexual activity can be, especially when it comes to STDs. What are STDs? STDs, or sexually transmitted diseases, are...

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First-Time Dog Parents: A Few Things To Know Before Your Pooch Arrives

Posted by on Mar 6, 2021 in Family | 0 comments

After careful consideration, you’ve decided you want to adopt a dog. Although it may have taken some time to find the right pup to call your own, you and your family are excited for what comes next. As you await the day you can bring your fur baby home, there are a few things you must do to get prepared. While you may know some of the basics, here are some considerations to keep in mind.  Learn Everything You Can While the basics of caring for a dog are similar (food, exercise, rest, and companionship), each breed has its own set of needs. To ensure that you’re giving your pup the best care possible, you must learn everything you can about the breed. You want to research things like their personality, temperament, genetic conditions, and special needs.  Find a...

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Speed Guide: How Make Your Slow Old Phone Feel Brand New Again

Posted by on Mar 5, 2021 in Family, Tech | 0 comments

Whether you have an Android or an iPhone, eventually your device will begin to slow down. Over time, you’ll notice that it can’t quite keep pace with what you’re asking of it. And, eventually, it feels painful to operate. Why does this happen? Well, one reason is software creep. Over time, developers release increasingly resource-intensive apps. Think about how little memory and processing power the original Nokia operating systems required. Hardly anything. But then, over time, more complicated OSs became available. And they required more resources to run them. Thus, in turn, consumers needed more powerful phones and so on. That’s essentially what’s happening when your phone gets old. It’s no longer able to keep up with the requirements of the operating system or individual apps. And so it begins to slow down. Another common issue is that your...

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The Six-Month Makeover: The Most Intense Beauty Transformation Ever

Posted by on Mar 5, 2021 in Beauty, Family | 0 comments

You can achieve a lot in six months. You can sort out your finances, get fit, switch to a different career, and even get an education. You can also radically overhaul your face and body to the point where people will hardly recognize you. Most cells in the human body turn over every three months or so. Some last a little longer than that. But for the most part, they come and go at a regular clip. That might sound a little weird and scary – and it is – but it’s also good news if you want to go on a total body transformation. It means you can recycle practically every cell in your body and bring it back new. It also means that you have time to straighten out teeth with outstanding dental care and build new...

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5 Tips for Traveling with Children

Posted by on Mar 5, 2021 in Family, Travel | 0 comments

Traveling with children is oftentimes thought of as a stressful event, or even by some as a waste of time, especially with younger children. But why should you stop exploring the world around you when you have children? After all, helping them learn about the world around them is vital for their development and what better way to learn than to let them experience other cultures and ways of life first hand. This way, they will learn more than being stuck in a classroom. But does the benefit mean it is worth going through the hassle that traveling with kids can create? If you have some tips, then these issues can be greatly reduced and allow you to not only have a smoother, more enjoyable trip but give your children a better traveling experience too. What Should You Know...

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Affordable Ways To Treat Yourself For Being An Awesome Mom

Posted by on Mar 5, 2021 in Parenting | 0 comments

Raising a happy, healthy family isn’t an easy task. Yet, you find the time, energy, and strength it takes to get the job done every day. No matter what you’re feeling, what you’re going through, what you desire, your children’s needs come first. Though these things are expected of a mother, there’s nothing wrong with rewarding yourself for everything you do. Here are a few affordable yet rewarding ways to pat yourself on the back for being such an amazing mom.  Have a Cup of Coffee Most moms enjoy indulging in a cup of coffee throughout the day. Not only does it taste good, but it’s packed with health benefits. You can head to your favorite coffee shop and enjoy your favorite flavored brew or invest in a coffee subscription and enjoy a cup at home.  Read a Book...

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The Importance of Hydration for Healthy Skin

Posted by on Mar 3, 2021 in Beauty, Family | 0 comments

About 60 percent of the human body is made of water. Basically, we are walking cucumbers. All joking aside, it is a known fact that we cannot live without water. It plays a key factor in biochemical and cellular processes that happen in our body. In addition, water has other important roles since it carries nutrients, acts as a medium for eliminating toxins, and as a thermal regulator. All of our organs contain different amounts of this liquid. For example, kidneys are 79 percent water and bones are 31 percent water. Our skin, the largest organ, contains about 64 percent water. Therefore, it comes as no surprise that proper hydration is important for our skin. This organ has so many tasks, from protecting the body against external toxins to regulating body temperature, and it needs water to perform them....

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Ways To Heal After The Loss Of A Loved One

Posted by on Mar 3, 2021 in Family | 0 comments

Losing a loved one is never easy. It may be a very painful experience for you, especially if you were close. However, that doesn’t mean you have to be sad and spend time sulking for the remainder of your life. There are ways to heal after the loss of a loved one and you owe it to yourself to give these ideas a chance to work. You deserve to be happy and feel good even though you may be missing someone special in your life. Be kind to yourself, most importantly, and remember everyone grieves differently and in their own way and at their own pace. Practice Acceptance One way to health after the loss of a loved one is to practice acceptance of what is. Come to terms and face the reality that your special person is now...

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3 New Tech Tools and Gadgets To Embrace In 2021

Posted by on Mar 3, 2021 in Tech | 0 comments

Well, you made it….you survived 2020! Doesn’t it feel like we should get t-shirts commemorating this fact? For moms and parents who had to juggle the incredible stress of running a sustainable household, caring for kids home from school while also working remotely and dealing with the psychological stress of a pandemic, this feels well-deserved. But alas, the best reward is a job well done. However, as 2021 rolls into, it’s time to set our sights on bigger prizes: new gadgets, tech upgrades, and, most important of all, new skills.  As the world grows continuously into a high-tech haven of start-ups, entrepreneurs, and innovation, each year seems to bring a new raft of cool inventions and gadgets. The average person – especially your everyday mom or dad – cannot possibly try out and learn all of these new tools. ...

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Advice for Mothers Considering College

Posted by on Mar 2, 2021 in Education | 0 comments

Have you been thinking about going to college, but put those thoughts on hold because of your responsibilities as a mother? If so, you should know that you’re not alone. Many women put off their educational, professional, and personal desires for the sake of their children. Chances are you’re worried about things like finances, household responsibilities, and more importantly, how your commitment to education will impact your family. Though these are all valid concerns, the reality is that you can earn a degree while raising a family. All it takes is a bit of planning.  What Do You Want To Do?  The first thing you want to ask yourself is what you want to do. Before you can make an effective plan for yourself and your family, you have to know the goal or end game. Are you interested...

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Important signs that you need blue light blocking glasses

Posted by on Mar 2, 2021 in Family | 0 comments

We all need to take better care of ourselves. When we know we need a health kick, it’s completely natural to overhaul our eating habits, add some exercise into our daily routines, all whilst cutting back on things like our alcohol and sugar consumption. But, in our rush to treat our bodies better, most of us neglect one crucial part. Our eyes. Preserving our vision and prioritizing our eye health isn’t something most of us think about – until something goes wrong. If you’re someone who is struggling with headaches, blurred vision, dry uncomfortable eyes and you’re spending excessive periods in front of digital screens, then you’ll benefit from blue light blocking glasses. Blue light blocking glasses are the visual aid of choice for those who want to look after their vision without compromising on their personal style. Bluelight...

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Great Ideas for a Work from Home Career for Women

Posted by on Mar 2, 2021 in Family | 0 comments

Not everyone is keen on the idea of working in an office. Some people just prefer working from home, but at first, it might seem a bit limiting because there are a lot of jobs that you can’t do from home. But look on the bright side – there are plenty of them that you can do from home and for which you only need a laptop and a stable internet connection. That being said, if you are forced to stay home most of the time or starting a remote career is your personal choice, the options are endless. Depending on your needs and expectations you can start streaming on the best cam site for fast earnings, or start a learning journey and build a career in tech. With that in mind, here are several great suggestions that you...

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4 Tips for Meeting Big Life Moments with Optimism

Posted by on Mar 2, 2021 in Family | 0 comments

Life is an amazing thing, full of all sorts of powerful moments that can leave a permanent impact, and an array of (hopefully good) memories that you will carry with you for years to come. Unfortunately, though, many of the big moments in life can also seem innately stressful, as they come with plenty of responsibility, consequence, and the need to be focused, attentive to detail, and highly aware of what’s going on around you. Nonetheless, being able to meet those big life moments with a spirit of optimism and enthusiasm is a very powerful thing, and can totally shape your overall experience of life for the better, in a wide variety of different ways. Although there is no perfect one size fits all formula that is guaranteed to work for every person in every situation, there are certainly...

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Struggling to Relax at the Weekend? This Guide will Help you to Unwind and Let Go

Posted by on Mar 2, 2021 in Entertainment, Family | 0 comments

If you are finding it hard to let go at the weekend because you are just so stressed with work then you’re not alone. So many people are in the same situation as you are, but if you don’t take the time to make a positive change then you may find that the negative effects of stress continue to have an impact on your life. If you’re ready to turn things around for yourself, then simply take a look below. Read a Book Did you know that the best way for you to truly unwind would be for you to read a book? You can easily get lost in a completely different world and you can forget about your meetings, to-do lists and work-related activities. Reading is ideal if you want to relax and reduce your stress in general....

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Which Toothpaste Is Best For Pearly Whites?

Posted by on Mar 2, 2021 in Family, Health | 0 comments

Everyone needs a caring family dentist. They will be able to advise you on all areas of dental health, therefore it’s vital your kids have access to one very early on. But how do you maintain pearly white teeth when you’re away from the dentist? We all want great teeth but often struggle to choose the right toothpaste that will help keep our teeth this way. Cavities, gum problems, bad breath and teeth whitening are just some of the oral hygiene problems that toothpastes are designed to treat. But when it comes to choosing a toothpaste, you should know a little more and choose the ointment that is right for you. The most important thing in maintaining oral hygiene and preventing cavities, tooth decay and gingivitis, is to simply brush your teeth properly twice a day at least in...

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3 Tips to Improving Your Financial Health

Posted by on Mar 1, 2021 in Family | 0 comments

So your credit history isn’t so hot–now what? Sometimes you might feel like there is no road to recovery, but there is. Many Americans have at some point struggled with not having their finances in order. Divorce, risky investments, business ventures, reckless spending from youth, are all things that can affect one’s ability to open new lines of credit and acquire loans. It may feel like a well that you can’t seem to climb your way out of, but I can assure you there is always a way. Take it from folks who’ve been there–there’s a road to recovery with improving credit health. This won’t be something that will happen fast, it will take a while but there are some tried and true ways to increase your credit score and repair past credit history. Here are 3 quick tips...

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Five Tips for Paying Off Your Loans

Posted by on Feb 28, 2021 in Family | 0 comments

Taking out loans can be stressful and annoying. When you need them the most, it doesn’t feel good to have to take one out. Depending on your situation, your loan may get under your skin and cause you a lot of anxiety. Luckily you have many options for dealing with it. Loans need to be paid back, but it is also important to give yourself the best opportunity to do so. Read on for five tips on how to get a handle on your loan and work towards paying it back. Refinancing If you have a loan on a car or a home, a great option is to refinance. Refinancing can re-contextualize your loan and give you the best opportunity to pay it off. When you refinance a car loan, there are quite a few advantages. Not only will...

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Covid-19 Teaches Us The Importance of A Strong Immune System

Posted by on Feb 27, 2021 in Health | 0 comments

There have been many hard lessons learned from the Covid-19 pandemic, ranging from the nature of infectious diseases to the difficulties of social contagion and, of course, the co-dependencies of our economy and physical health.  Another lesson has come from the nature of Covid-19’s mortality rate itself. People who were already in poor health when they contracted the coronavirus are much more likely to get seriously ill or die. Conversely, people with strong immune systems and generally good bills of health are much more likely to either be asymptomatic or have a mild case.  There are many exceptions to this, of course. It’s certainly not only sick, elderly people dying of Covid. However, generally speaking, you have a much better chance of surviving if your body is able to fight back with a solid immune response.  So another lesson...

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Tips for Keeping Your Family Safe and Healthy During the Coronavirus Outbreak

Posted by on Feb 25, 2021 in Family | 0 comments

2020 was certainly a year like no other. 2021 is starting out with the COVID-19 outbreak still in full swing, but with a vaccine that is promising to make things a little better. As a parent, protecting your family from the virus is your top concern.  With the cold and flu season ramping up and promising to be a bad one, the COVID-19 outbreak is proving to be even scarier than it was during the summer months. In this blog, you’ll find a few tips for keeping your family safe and healthy by doing all you can to prevent them from catching COVID-19 in 2021.  Make Sure Your Health Insurance Is Up-to-Date The first thing you want to do is check that your health insurance is up-to-date. If it’s not, or you feel that it doesn’t cover your family...

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Making the Most of ‘Me’ Time as a New Mom

Posted by on Feb 24, 2021 in Family, Fitness | 0 comments

Trying to lose weight is tough, but if you’re a new mom who already has their hands full, it can seem impossible. As important as regular exercise is, it’s not always easy to find time to do it, especially if you’re a new one. Thankfully, there are ways to squeeze in even a mini workout. Read on to learn some of the best ways to start a healthy exercise routine for new moms. Make Time Exercising while taking care of a newborn or young child is all about balance. Naturally, you’re going to prioritize the child’s care over exercise. However, this doesn’t mean you can’t find ways to integrate exercise into your day. Even moms need time to themselves, so think about your schedule and see what free time you have. Use that time to do your favorite type...

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What to Know About the Road to Recovery

Posted by on Feb 24, 2021 in Health | 0 comments

The first step in starting a recovery plan is admitting you have a problem and taking steps to get help. Some say this is the most challenging step because it’s something that the individual must do independently. Once you take the action of finding a recovery facility to help you, there will be professionals there to guide you through the following process. Start With Detox Before you can begin addiction treatment, you’ll have to get sober and clean. Depending on the severity of your addiction, you’ll probably need the services of a medically supervised detox program. This concerns many addicts because it involves administering another type of drug, such as Subutex, that simulates the drug or alcohol they had been using. You may be wondering how long does Subutex stay in your system, and that’s a common concern for...

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Tips to Make Your Tofu Taste Better

Posted by on Feb 24, 2021 in Dining, Family | 0 comments

Tofu – it’s pretty plain, right? Wrong. While tofu doesn’t have much taste on its own, it is actually one of the most versatile foods on this planet. It is amazingly absorbent and can be coerced into representing dozens of different foods. The trick is knowing exactly how to cook it. In this article, we will look at some top tips to make your tofu taste much better. What is tofu? First, it’s essential to understand what tofu actually is. It’s a food product made from soybeans, with a texture that ranges from soft and cream cheese-like to a harder structure. It is popular in East Asian dishes, such as miso soup and stir-fries. However, people all over the world now use it to create fake meat-like products or in delicious creamy desserts. Tofu has virtually no flavor on...

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Diversity and Inclusion – The Benefits in Raising Your Children to be Accepting

Posted by on Feb 24, 2021 in Education, Family | 0 comments

“Diversity is the mix. Inclusion is making the mix work.” – Andres Tapic We live in an increasingly diverse world where our children encounter people of varying races, cultures, and abilities. As parents, teaching our children about diversity and inclusion is paramount as we focus on raising tolerant, accepting, and empathetic children. How do you guide your child to grow to be a diverse, inclusive, and compassionate individual? Here are three great ways where you, as a parent, can teach your child to have a positive attitude and approach. Be a Role Model. Parents have so much influence on their children’s worldview and ways of thinking, especially in matters related to how they treat other people and how they make decisions. Parents should message to children at an early age that “diversity” is not just a nice-to-have, feel-good goal...

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Building a Successful Business Brand

Posted by on Feb 23, 2021 in Family | 0 comments

Creating a brand makes it easier to spark engagement within your target audience. When clients or consumers can associate your business with particular values or visual assets, your organization becomes instantly recognizable. What’s more – the services, products, and experiences you provide are intrinsically linked to your branding, which means customers or clients will instantly associate your business with particular goods or services. Every business should take a proactive approach to brand creation, although people often assume that creating a brand is more difficult than it really is. If you want to enhance your success, take a look at these top tips for building a successful business brand: Conduct Market Research Your brand needs to connect with your target audience, which means you need to get to know your market. If you don’t know exactly what your target demographic...

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Tips for Keeping Your Marriage Strong in 2021

Posted by on Feb 23, 2021 in Family | 0 comments

When it comes to new year resolutions, it’s essential to improve your lifestyle and relationships. The most important relationship in your life is your marriage, which makes it necessary to keep it healthy and help it grow. If you want to keep your marriage strong in 2021, there are a few tips to follow. Schedule Monthly Date Nights It can be easy to get too busy in life and forget to schedule time with your spouse. It’s essential to schedule date nights to ensure you prioritize your time together and can connect. Try going somewhere new or enjoying a different activity type each time to keep it exciting and fun. If you have small kids, budget for a sitter each month to ensure you can get away and have alone time outside the house. Spend More Time on Your...

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7 Top Advantages of Indulging In Coding Tests

Posted by on Feb 23, 2021 in Family, Tech | 0 comments

Organizations need to conduct unit testing or code testing nowadays because this particular concept is full of multiple advantages for organizations. The code can be considered as the smallest possible testable software component which further provides the organizations with several kinds of advantages in the long run because the designing, execution, recording and analysis has been perfectly carried out. In this way, the defects in the whole system are perfectly revealed by the whole system and everything becomes very easy in terms of repairing. The basic goal of indulging in code testing is to segregate every smallest part of the program and ensure that individual parts are working correctly and efficiently. Following are some of the topmost advantages of utilizing the whole comprehensive concept of coding test: The whole process becomes very much agile One of the best possible advantages...

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Top Reasons You’ve Already Given Up On Your New Year’s Resolutions

Posted by on Feb 22, 2021 in Health | 0 comments

Here you are just a few weeks into the year, and your priorities are already out of order. Like most people, you created a list of goals you’d like to accomplish in your personal or professional life. You started on the right track, but it wasn’t long before old habits returned and routines fell by the wayside. While there’s still plenty of time to recover, you can’t help but wonder if it’s pointless.  If you’re feeling this way, you’re not alone. Many people have great intentions to make positive changes in their lives, only to have something stagnate their progress. As there are several reasons, this can happen, getting to the bottom of your core causes can help you achieve greatness. Here’s a look at some of the most common factors.  Your Why Is Superficial All too often, people...

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How to Recognize the Signs of Child Abuse

Posted by on Feb 20, 2021 in Family | 0 comments

  Recognizing child abuse is tricky. Many people imagine that child abuse will be obvious: bruises, injuries, and so on. That’s not always the case. Abusers often train children to hide what’s being done to them. However, there are still signs you can look out for. Before we go forward, it’s essential to know that there are several different forms of child abuse: Physical Sexual Emotional Neglect Some signs of child abuse might be present no matter which kind of abuse occurs, while others indicate a particular type of abuse. It’s also likely that if someone is abusing a child, more than one type of abuse is happening. If you want to help a child you think might be an abuse victim, remember that you don’t need proof. Reach out to child abuse prevention services in your area so...

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Chef Collaboration Dinner at Gracias Madre Newport

Posted by on Feb 19, 2021 in Dining, Family | 0 comments

You are invited to an upcoming Chef Collaboration Dinner featuring Gracias Madre Executive Chef Alan Sanz joining forces with Executive Chef Sergio Ortega from Chato’s Bar & Grill next Wednesday, February 24th at 7pm at Gracias Madre Newport! The theme of the dinner will be “modern takes of home classics from Central West Mexico” – an ode to Chef Sergio’s roots in Morelia, Central Mexico – and will feature a five-course meal for $75 per person (pre-paid). Reservations can be made by calling the restaurant at (949) 386-8100. The five-course meal will pay tribute to both chefs’ Mexican origins, with specials like a Mexican-style olivier salad tostada and enmoladas (mole moreliano, leek and carrot ragout, vegan cheddar, red onion, cilantro, sesame seeds) by Chef Sergio; and Capirotada (bolillo, cranberries, piloncillo, peanuts, cinnamon, figs, hibiscus leaf) for dessert by Chef...

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Chicken with Walnuts and Lemon Recipe

Posted by on Feb 18, 2021 in Family, Melissa's Produce, Recipes | 1 comment

Today, we attended an amazing cookbook event hosted by Melissa’s Produce for author Susan Hermann Loomis- Plat du Jour: French Dinners Made Easy. The tutorial started with something I have always wanted to learn how to do – cut apart a whole chicken. One of the recipes that we learned how to make was Chicken with Walnuts and Lemon. It looked so delicious that I could not wait to get online at to order all the produce to make it for my children next week. The author was so gracious as to share the recipe with us to give to all of you to make at home. Enjoy!! Chicken with Walnuts and Lemon, from the Dordogne POULET AUX NOIX ET CITRON SERVES 4 TO 6 EQUIPMENT: large heavy skillet with a lid, tongs PREPARATION TIME: 10 minutes if...

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4 Tips For Driving Again After A Car Accident

Posted by on Feb 18, 2021 in Autos, Family | 0 comments

Even if you walked away from your car accident without a scratch, but perhaps especially if things were more serious and you needed time to recover from your injuries and professional car accident lawyers were involved, it can be hard to get back behind the wheel again. An accident is sure to leave some psychological mark as well as the more obvious physical ones, and trying to drive again can be a hard task to manage. This is perfectly normal, and if you’re having trouble it’s only to be expected. In time, you will be able to drive again. However, if you want to speed up the process, perhaps to show yourself what you can do or because of practical reasons – you need to drive to work or take the kids to school – then read on because...

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Must-Try Camping Dutch Oven Dishes

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Dutch oven dishes and camping are made for each other. The great thing about a Dutch oven is that you can make easy, one-pot dishes directly over the fire and then roast your marshmallows afterward. Win! Of course, you’ll want a Dutch oven like the one at Uno Casa or similar, and you’ll want some tasty recipes for one-pot meals. Here are some of our selections for you to whip up delicious meals while camping. Campfire Sloppy Joes This recipe serves 5 people. Ingredients 1 pound ground beef 1 small onion, diced 1 stick celery, chopped 1/2 green pepper, diced 1 can chopped tomatoes 2 tablespoons ketchup 1 tablespoon brown sugar Dash white vinegar 1 tablespoon Worcestershire sauce or similar ½ teaspoon garlic powder ¼ teaspoon paprika 4 hamburger buns, cut in half Method Sauté the beef, onion, celery,...

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How to Troubleshoot Dryer Issues

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Moms that use dryers on a regular basis often rely on them heavily. Should you have nowhere to hang clothes or you live in a wet climate, not having your dryer working is a huge problem. If it breaks down it is good to know how to quickly identify what the issue is and how to fix it. Here are details of some common dryer issues along with some information to help you to get it working again. Your dryer won’t turn on at all Unless you have a dryer that is more than 40 years old it will have a thermal fuse built-in. It is there to make sure that it does not overheat. If things get too hot it is this fuse that causes things to shut down. Once it blows, your dryer will not turn on...

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CSArts Academy: Fun and rewarding arts classes for kids

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This spring, Orange County School of the Arts (OCSA) invites aspiring young artists from near and far to experience its quality arts instruction from the comfort of their own homes. Reimagined for distance-learning, the school’s community engagement program, CSArts Academy, is back for Spring Classes with a new Virtual Saturday Series. Nearly 2,000 students have missed the program since it was canceled because of the current health crisis last March. Designed for children ages 8-15, the spring program offers both eight-week classes and two-week workshops in a fun, creative and nurturing online environment. Students can choose the art form and length of session that best meets their interests and schedule, with opportunities for both beginner and advanced studies in a variety of artistic fields. These unique Saturday classes encourage students to develop important fundamental skills while providing practical experience...

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10 Best Immune Boosting Foods

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One of the most important things to keep on top of for preventing regular common illnesses is your immune system. Your immune system acts very much like the military, in that it defends you against foreign invaders to prevent disease and common illness. Immune fighting vaccines have been around for over two millennia, but it is now easier than ever to help strengthen your immune system yourself. Having a strong immune system can inhibit colds, flu, and infections and there are only a few ways you can boost your immune system. Getting enough sleep, managing stress, washing your hands regularly, and partaking in regular exercise are a few ways you can improve your immunity. However, a key thing to integrate into your daily routine is a healthy balanced diet of foods rich in immune-boosting nutrients. There are many foods...

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Things You Should Know in Staging an Addiction Intervention

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Although intervention is a known activity to inform a person of an unhealthy habit or addiction they may not know that they have, many have only learned about this program through TV shows or movies. The problem with this is that it’s not as simple as they’ve portrayed it to be. People may have misconceptions about it and may result in misunderstanding and conflict. It’s crucial that you understand the purpose, nature, and standard process of interventions. What is an intervention? An intervention is a planned activity usually staged by a person’s family and friends to help a person see what they have made a habit of doing and that it has become a problem that you all have observed to be affecting the person’s well-being, and the people around him/her. What should you do before an intervention? The...

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Sedan: What Is It And Why Should I Care?

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Sedans are the quintessential family car. They offer you lots of headspace, legroom and great handling characteristics. They have been born out of a long tradition that goes back to the earliest racing roots. The GT was a concept that took off first in the UK. This was a grand tourer type of car. It was new, agile, fast and could handle rough roads as these were the old types back then. These GT cars were usually 2-door or sometimes 1-door. But they morphed into a 2-door mostly past the 1970s. This was because rich racing drivers wanted to take their mechanic along and thus, you had the 2+2 GT car. Some designers in Europe stretched it out into a fully 4-door car and it became the sedan. Jack of all trades Sedan cars can do it all. They...

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Here’s How you can Revamp Your Home for Spring

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After months of dreary and cold weather, it’s time to embrace the season of colors and vibrant energy. Spring season, the season of colors, flowers, and blossoms, when the snow begins to melt, and the hemisphere begins to warm significantly, and a renewed energy cheers us up. It’s that time of the year when you can think about the new beginnings, bringing in the freshness and going with “out with the old and in with the new.” For some, it might be organizing their home and their office properly, opening up the windows and decluttering the mess, evaluating down everything, or simply giving a makeover to their spaces. But, one thing that is common everywhere is the feeling of bringing in positive change and modernizing our places. Hence, it’s time to welcome the warm, vibrant, and rejuvenating energy of...

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Spending Time With Your Tweens or Teens

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Remember when your kids thought you were cool and wanted to spend every waking moment with you? No matter where you’re headed, they were happy just to be with mom. Now, getting them to hang out is like pulling teeth. As your adolescent gets older, they distance themselves from the family as they seek to find their independence. Their friends, passions, and hobbies take precedence as quality time with mom and dad seems to fade.  While allowing your tween or teen to experience different people, places, and things is vital to their growth and development, so is maintaining a positive parent-child relationship. At this point in their lives, they need your guidance and support as they learn to discover their true selves and place in the world. Though it may be challenging and even awkward at times, there are...

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How to Teach your Kid Basic Hygiene Skills

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A healthy child tends to be a happy child. Uncomplicated and essential, your kid’s hygiene skills matter. It helps our physical and emotional health, and for our kids, it allows them to make well-informed decisions about their health. Today you cannot go anywhere without seeing COVID-19 alerts and warnings. Most of them feature the importance of handwashing and how to sneeze! Good hygiene has taken on a whole other level, and it’s never been more vital for our children. So how do you teach your kid basic hygiene skills? Well, let’s take a look: Why soap matters Up until the third decade of life, your brain is still developing. Which at its core means you’ve still got a lot of learning and growing to do! For kids, having context is essential. They want to know why they have to...

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Mental Health Matters: How to Establish A Good Sleeping Routine with your Child

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Have you ever woken up from a broken nights sleep feeling grumpy, unsettled and not quite yourself? If your answer is a resounding “yes,” grabbing your first coffee in the day is a high priority. Now put yourself in your child’s shoes. Not only are they grappling with intense brain development, your little one is trying to figure out their place in the world. When your child doesn’t get enough sleep, you can pretty much guarantee an explosion of emotion, increased fretfulness and added clinginess to boot. Good mental health is intrinsically linked to quality sleep. So let’s take a look at how to establish a good sleeping routine with your child: “Bed o’clock” Sticking to a bedtime window is massively helpful when trying to establish a routine. Once your little one gets used to a set time, their...

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Design Any New Apartment With Impeccable Architecture

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Luxury apartment design is an area that is gaining momentum and popularity all over the world. Whether in a private home or an apartment in a high-rise building, the right design can convey a luxurious classic on a temporary basis. The role of an architect who specializes in luxury design, is in understanding the daily routine of their clients, what their personal style is and how they imagine their life and their prestigious and designed home after the renovation. That is why you should consider Scenario Architecture. Emphasis on luxury apartment design Kitchen – Planning a kitchen is not an easy task. Proper design of the kitchen will make it a practical and aesthetic place at the same time. Among the important considerations when designing the kitchen should be taken into account the visibility of its components towards the...

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Integrating Exercise More Realistically Into Your Life

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Many people find it quite tough to exercise, and to exercise with reliability. This is because exercise takes time, energy, enthusiasm. While it can actually give you those three things in space (you get out what you put in), it’s also true to say that integrating working out into your schedule can be quite tough to say the least. For that reason, many people elect to simply not do it. We’re not here to chastise anyone for their decisions of course, only to positively encourage positive habits if they fit into your lifestyle, and for most people, they can. but how can you integrate exercise into your lifestyle more readily? How can you be more realistic, rather than thinking you can move mountains in the space of two months? And moreover, how can you make exercise a lifestyle rather...

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Looking After Your Back As A Mom

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A lot of women develop back pain after having a child. In many cases, this can be caused by pregnancy, which can put a lot of pressure on the spine. In other cases, it can be the result of the constant bending and carrying involved when looking after an infant or toddler. It’s important to look after your back to ensure that any pain doesn’t get worse. Below are just some of the ways in which you can look after your back as a mom. Preventing flare-ups Back pain is unlikely to be constant 24/7 (and if it is, you should see a doctor). Most new moms experience flare-ups – this could include days or hours in which pain is particularly bad. Flare-ups are often the result of specific triggers, which could cause the muscles or joints to become...

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You Can’t Afford Designer… Or Can You?

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We all have our own thoughts about being stylish. For some, being stylish means owning whatever you wear, and walking with confidence. For others, it’s a matter of mixing and matching the right pieces. And for some, style can only be achieved at expensive levels, and while you’re not this kind of person and you’re perfectly happy spending within your budget, you do sometimes wonder… Affording designer or otherwise ‘luxury’ clothing is something not a lot of us can do. However, there are some very clever ways out there of getting a discount or taking advantage of a sale, even when the price tag is way over what you thought you’d spend! So, let’s go through some of these ways below. Buy the Right Items If you want some designer items in your wardrobe, you’re going to need to...

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Essential Guide for Starting a Business From Your College Dorm Room

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When it comes to college life, it is a lot of fun, but also a lot of work. When you factor in the costs of it all it can really add up. Working alongside studying can be needed for a lot of students, which makes the juggle of student life very real. As a result, it is easy to see why so many people look to start businesses from their college dorms. In fact, businesses like Facebook were started right there at Harvard University, so why couldn’t you potentially do the same? Another example of a college dorm business being a huge success is the founders of mobile-scanning app (Scan), who sold their app to Snapchat for $54 million. This was done at college in Utah by a group of three friends. But how could you do something like...

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5 Things You Should Find Out Before Hiring An Essay Service

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Writing is one of the essential skills that a student needs to master to get through the college study and receive a diploma. No one has ever managed to avoid all these essays, thesis and research papers, and other paperwork yet. Hence, if you cannot hide from it, you have to face it and find ways to cope with these assignments either on your own or using essay help from the Essayhub writing service. The lack of time and creativity often makes students feel tempted to try out the service of college essay writers, but they usually hesitate to do that. Oftentimes, they are afraid to be caught on cheating or simply do not know how to pick the right service and where to find the best essay writers online. To help you with the latter problem, we created...

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5 Tips for Choosing an Independent School

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How to Choose an Independent School UK boarding schools offer a wide range of educational environments and opportunities for students to thrive in and choosing one can be a difficult decision for any prospective parent to make. Here are 5 simple tips to help make choosing an independent school easier and to help you focus on making the best choice possible for your child. Independent School Rankings and Your Child’s Age An obvious key performance indicator of an independent school is their ranking compared to other schools based on their GCSE and A level results. Whilst by no means the only criteria that should be considered, it provides a baseline metric on which to assess the quality of the teaching and the ability of the school to create an environment in which students can thrive academically. But it is...

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Eliminating Clogged Pores and Maintaining Healthy Skin

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A healthy, beautiful complexion is literally skin deep. Many complexion problems are caused or exacerbated by clogged pores. Whether the culprit is dead skin, heavy oil-based cosmetics, “maskne” or overly harsh scrubbing and squeezing, clearing clogged pores is an essential element of eliminating acne. Establishing an effective acne skincare routine yields substantial rewards — in the form of clear, beautiful skin — for both teens and adults. What Causes Clogged Pores? A number of culprits contribute to clogged pores. Two of the most common are debris from dead skin cells and slow skin turnover. Dead skin cells combined with dirt and environmental contaminants along with sebum can get trapped in pores, causing inflammation along with blackheads, whiteheads and deeply embedded cysts. Slow cell turnover exacerbates the problem. Lack of proper skincare, including bad habits such as failing to remove...

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Seafood Specials for Lent in Orange County

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With Lent coming up on February 17th, we’ve found some of the best seafood specials from restaurants in Orange County. For those abstaining from meat, these restaurants offer a smorgasbord of seafood dishes for outdoor dining or takeaway, from poached lobster to salmon family meals to fresh ceviche. El Torito | Locations throughout Orange County Founded in 1954, El Torito is the authority on great Mexican food, with many locations in Los Angeles offering safe outdoor patio seating. Rich in heritage and memorable experiences, El Torito offers many seafood specials including All-You-Can-Eat Dos Equis Beer Battered Tacos ($16.50) every Friday, featuring beer-battered shrimp or mahi-mahi tacos served with frijoles de la olla and rice. Acapulco | Costa Mesa Acapulco infuses the savory flavors of Mexican coastal cuisine with California’s freshness and innovation, creating stimulating flavor combinations. With an expansive...

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5 Tips for a Smooth & Relaxing Road Trip

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Road trips should be fun and relaxing, ideally. However, they can make for a terrible experience if you fail to prepare well enough. You could go hungry as you drive for hours, hoping to come across a diner. You could also end up stranded on the road dealing with mechanical problems that are beyond your expertise. It is essential to plan before going on a road trip to make it as smooth and relaxing as possible. Here are six tips to check the whole list: Plan Ahead Spontaneous road trips hardly ever go smoothly. It is fun doing something impromptu and starting on a high note, but you will regret it after you bump into a few avoidable obstacles. Anything can happen on the road; therefore, it is wise to anticipate every aspect of your road trip. Start with...

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What You’ll Need To Think About Before Moving Overseas With The Family

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When you have a family to look after, you have a big responsibility. Each day you’ll have lots on your plate, and you’ll always need to have your eyes on the ball. The safety, the education, and the happiness of the kids are so important, as you probably know by now. Keeping the entire structure of the family is always extremely vital as a dysfunctional family can all kinds of negative ramifications going forward. A huge part of family life in many instances is the idea of relocating. You may have traveled with your family before, but moving overseas and starting a new life together is an entirely different kettle of fish. Taking what you have and moving it to an entirely new place with an entirely new way of doing things might be a little daunting. While it’s...

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Urgent Need: OC Rescue Mission in Need of Hygiene Items

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Orange County Rescue Mission has recently announced an urgent need for hygiene items for its 155 residents living at the Rescue Mission’s transitional living facilities for homelessness in Orange County. The organization is seeking help from the local community to provide basic hygiene items for the homeless men, women and children living at the facility. These donations are more important now than ever before, as donations at the Rescue Mission have fallen significantly due to the COVID-19 pandemic, according to Jim Palmer, President of Orange County Rescue Mission. “The pandemic continues to affect the local community, which has ultimately led to an increase in homelessness,” says Palmer. “With the influx of homeless individuals and a drop in donations, we are currently experiencing a lack of basic hygiene necessities for the homeless men, women and children at Village of Hope....

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Landing Your Dream Job Out Of College On The Other Side Of The World

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Some of us spend hours scrolling job sites looking for the perfect job. Occasionally graduates are lucky and discover their dream job is on their doorstep, and they can move back home. Others may have to move across the country. But for some of the most specialized jobs or ambitious candidates, the perfect job cannot be found in their home country. For those precious few, immigrating to another country is their best chance of furthering their career after college. If you want to be in that elite group, then here are some top tips on how to secure a job overseas. Enquire With Honesty Different countries will have different employment laws. Each country will have particular laws relating to jobs and immigration. If you have found a perfect job, then get in touch with the organization to enquire if...

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Ways To Make The Best Out Of Your Toaster Oven

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Get to know the different ways you can use your toaster oven to prepare amazing meals at home and make the best out of this little equipment. Toaster ovens have been here for quite a while now. But today, they are more popular than ever. No wonder why you can find them in almost every household nowadays. There are various reasons why this appliance became a staple in our home. A common reason for becoming so popular is the convenience it offers. These ovens are not gigantic heat producers that our grandmas used. They are compact, easy to use, cost-efficient, and offer all the benefits of those old school ovens, and more in some cases. You can use your toaster oven for a wide array of cuisines. Some of them even offer multiple cooking techniques. This article highlights some...

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Café Gratitude New Year Cleanse

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As we all try to kickstart our healthy new year resolutions, Café Gratitude has several January offerings to help everyone obtain a healthier lifestyle. Meal & Juice Cleanse Experience a feeling of renewal this New Year with Café Gratitude’s delicious and filling plant-based Meal and Juice Cleanse. Enjoy a curated, nutrient-filled menu of breakfast, bowls, salads, pressed juices and herbal tonics as the perfect way to kick off 2021. Take the thought out of prepping and order Café Gratitude’s 3-day or 5-day meal and/or juice cleanse – available for pick-up or delivery within 5 miles of any Café Gratitude location until the end of February. Dive into this plant-based meal plan with highlights including: ‘I am Patient’ made with Ginger Tumeric Overnight Oats and Mixed Berries, and ‘I am Gracious’ a Keto Cauliflower Rice Salad made with Arugula, Edamame,...

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Slapfish Introduces New “Community Burger”

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Slapfish in Huntington Beach has launched the Community Burger, a new half-pound cheeseburger that is free in exchange for any size donation to the restaurant’s 86 Restaurant Struggle fund. Slapfish owners Andrew and Lauren Gruel created the GoFundMe last month to assist unemployed restaurant workers nationwide and have already given out more than $300,000 to help struggling workers make ends meet. Partnering with Slapfish to support the cause is industry veteran Craig Nickloff, founder of Claim Jumper and current owner of West Coast Prime Meats, who is donating all Prime Grade meat for the Community Burger. The burger is ½ lb. (in two patties) of freshly ground meat smothered in Slapfish signature burger sauce and packed into a potato roll. Gruel has filed a 501(c)3 application to establish 86 Restaurant Struggle, a non-profit organization that will continue to provide...

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Valentine’s Day Dining Specials in Orange County

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February will be full of sweet treats for Orange County diners! From brunch to dinner and dessert, there are plenty of new dishes and menus to try– plus a new line-up of drive-in movies to attend! Las Brisas The iconic restaurant perched over the cliffs of Laguna Beach is the perfect destination for a romantic dinner with unmatched views of the OC coast. This Valentine’s Day weekend, Las Brisas will be offering a 5-Course Menu for $125/person Friday 2/12 – Sunday 2/14 from 3 p.m. – close, available on the patio and extended outdoor dining area (regular menu is available for take-out; regular brunch menu will also be available on Sunday). Romantic Valentine’s Day menu highlights include a Champagne Toast; Calamari Ceviche Tostada; Grilled Lamb Chops with chipotle-agave glazed carrots; Scallops with cauliflower, olives, and tomatillo; and Tres Leches...

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Should You Move Back Home After College

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When you headed off to college, you probably assumed you would be ready to spread your wings and be financially independent after graduation. While that is certainly possible, many people are finding that the idea of returning home to regroup makes sense. There are benefits and drawbacks to moving back in with your parents, and only you can decide if it is the right choice. Managing Your Finances If financial concerns are the only thing making you consider moving back home, look for creative ways to make your budget work while living on your own. The idea of taking on all of your living expenses can be scary if you have never been responsible for that before, but it is something you will have to be comfortable with eventually. Taking smaller steps into adulthood is fine, and moving back...

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Super Bowl Eats Around Orange County

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With Super Bowl LV coming up on Sunday, February 7, we have got the details on some of the best game-time meals from restaurants around Orange County that can be enjoyed safely at home. No matter if people care more about the game or the half-time snacks, these restaurants offer a great variety of to-go meals, including Taco & Margarita Party Packs and a Weekend Brunch option Las Brisas Las Brisas’ Taco Party Pack ($75, serves 2-4 people) includes six tacos with the choice of two fillings such as crispy chicken, grilled rockfish, pork belly, and maitake mushroom and comes with sides of rice, beans, Caesar salad, guacamole, chips & salsa, and tres leche cake. The party pack also comes with a 750 ml bottle of Las Brisas Margarita, which customers can upgrade to a Cadillac Margarita for $10...

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Blood Orange Banana Bread Recipe

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I seem to be a little late to the COVID bread baking game, but it is never too late to make your family a fresh loaf of banana bread. Am I right? Last week, I got some amazingly delicious blood oranges from Melissa’s Produce, and I decided to mix-up my traditional banana bread recipe to make an orange banana bread instead. The result, was some of the best freshly made bread that has ever come out of my oven. Blood Orange Banana Bread Recipe Ingredients: 1 1/2 cups sugar 3 Tbl vegetable oil 2 Large eggs 4 Ripe bananas 3 Cups flour 1 1/2 teaspoons baking powder 1 1/2 teaspoons baking soda 2 blood oranges from Melissa’s Produce Directions: In a bowl, combine the sugar, oil and eggs. Stir in bananas and the juice from the two oranges. Mix...

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4 Ways Parents Can Use Technology to Provide Speech Therapy to Kids

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Speech and language issues are more commonplace than you might think. Statistics indicate that close to 1 million American children are undergoing some kind of speech therapy. Parents are a child’s first teachers and you’re likely right by your child’s side as they learn to articulate their thoughts and understand the spoken word. Using Apps and Tools Keeps the Child Interested Educating your child is also a learning experience for parents as therapy for speech begins. If you’ve been looking for additional tools and apps to streamline therapy, check online for options. An added advantage of using apps is that you’ll vary the lessons to keep the child interested and have them play games while they learn. Children should feel free to enjoy their sessions with no pressure, otherwise they might develop an aversion to therapy and even the...

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6 Things that Can Make College Life a Whole Lot Easier

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College life is extremely demanding because of the high expectations set for today’s students. Especially, now that the education system all over the world experiences a dramatic transformation due to the pandemic. The youths need to be flexible in order to rapidly adapt to the fast-changing circumstances. Being a college student also means having adult responsibilities, like budget planning and domestic chores. In addition, students need to learn how to make extra money for leisure activities and keep up with the studies at the same time. What’s more, being far from family makes young people homesick. The combination of these complicating factors can make college life very tough. Hence, students need something that will relieve their burden. Let’s have a look at some tools that can make college life more manageable and enjoyable. Apps Apps can serve a variety...

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How Accurate Is Fetal Monitoring?

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Several tests are available to help monitor how a mother and her baby are doing throughout a pregnancy. These tests include blood and urine screenings, ultrasounds, and other ways to mine useful information. And in some cases, a doctor may deem it necessary to use a fetal heart monitor. What Does a Fetal Monitor Measure A fetal heart monitor allows a physician to monitor the heartbeat of a fetus during pregnancy. The information obtained through this process is available from the early months of the pregnancy until the baby is born. The fetal heart monitoring process normally includes one of two methods: External Monitoring The most common way to monitor a fetus works by placing sensors on the abdomen. These sensors allow medical professionals to listen to and record the heartbeat of a fetus. Doctors often monitor the heartbeat...

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MADD About Drunk Driving: How Moms Made a Difference

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Just one death caused by drunk driving is too many. This is the philosophy of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD), an organization that is dedicated to reducing drunk driving victims to zero. When Candace Lightner’s 13-year-old daughter, Cari, was senselessly killed by a drunk driver, Lightner founded MADD to change faulty drunk driving legislation [source]. Since their inception in 1980, MADD has helped decrease drunk driving fatalities by 50%. Even though this is a major triumph, sadly, drunk driving remains the main cause of death on the road today. MADD addresses distracted driving in multiple capacities. While the organization’s name suggests drunk driving is their focus, MADD advocates against drugged driving and teen drinking as well. Drugged driving and teen drinking are directly linked to increased risky driving. Drunk driving has significantly decreased since 1980 thanks to MADD, but...

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The Rooftop Lounge Launches Three New Takeout Menus

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The Rooftop Lounge, a Laguna Beach-local favorite, known for its stunning panoramic ocean views, California-casual cuisine, and selection of signature craft cocktails, has announced three new ways to enjoy the Rooftop experience from the comfort of home. A trio of menus, now available for takeout and delivery only, introduce a curated selection of Rooftop Lounge’s American fare, elevated homestyle Chinese cuisine from the restaurant’s new ghost kitchen: Surf Panda, plus a popup menu from East LA’s popular onigiri bar: SUPERRICH. A selection of bottled cocktails by Yamashiro Beverage Co. are also available to-go along with Biodynamic/Organic & Natural Wines. The Rooftop Lounge menu features the restaurant’s take on comfort food classics, with mains such as the La Casa Smashburger with white cheddar, bacon jam, sweet pickles, shaved romaine, smokey Del Camino sauce on a brioche bun, and the Buttermilk...

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Daphne’s Introduces Four New Pita Sandwiches

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Daphne’s, the fresh and wholesome fast casual restaurant known for its nutritious menu of Mediterranean-inspired dishes, has introduced four new pita sandwiches to the menu that will be available for a limited time. The new offerings, which showcase Daphne’s Mediterranean ingredients in four innovative combinations, will be served individually now through March 29, 2021 at all Daphne’s restaurants across California. The Honey Chicken Pita ($9.59) features grilled chicken, cucumber-tomato salad, lettuce, and honey mustard sauce on a warm pita and is served with a side of tzatziki sauce, while the Cali Pita ($8.59) is a Mediterranean spin on a Cali Burrito, and begins with a choice of hand-carved gyro or grilled chicken, topped with fire feta, onions, and french fries with tzatziki sauce on a warm pita. For guests looking for more intense flavors, the Zesty Steak Pita ($10.99)...

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When a Father Dies: Children’s Rights Explained

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Losing a parent can be a very devastating thing to experience, especially for a young child. While dealing with the emotional loss can be quite difficult, the financial loss can be devastating as well. This financial loss can be especially devastating if the father was the primary earner for the family. If the father of your child has passed away and you want to know what your child’s rights are, here is some information to help you out. When a Father Doesn’t Leave a Will A will is a great thing to have, in that it helps to ensure that the wishes of your loved one are carried out after their death. While most fathers would want to make sure their children are taken care of after their death, the absence of a will can sometimes make that a...

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Trundle Bed Options: Which One To Purchase?

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The trundle bed has extraordinary purpose and shape, and the coolest one comes with enough storage space. They are exceptionally designed beds and can be easily pulled out whenever required. The beds have proper pull and push features with adequate storage space. Yet simple, but when you buy a trundle bed, you will be happy with the features it has. Here are some of the exclusive choices of trundle bed options you should look for. Velvet bed frame It has a unique design, and the double bed is spacious with drawers at the bottom. The beds are made of high-quality wood, so many find it to be a bit expensive. When you buy one and keep them in your bedroom it uplifts the beauty of the place. The piece of furniture is a great choice and offers a great...

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Banana and Cacao Breakfast Bowl Recipe

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Breakfast does not have to be complicated to be healthy. Plus, it does not have to come out of a box. I love keeping it simple during breakfast time. First, I am not a morning person. Second, there is always so much happening in the household while getting everyone started with their day. After recently attending a Civana Resort wellness retreat, I learned how fun and delicious breakfast bowls can be. The chef at the resort made me a yummy bowl every morning, making it my favorite new morning routine. This morning, I got a little creative with our favorite snack from Melissa’s Produce, Clean Snax, and made the kids banana and cacoa breakfast bowls (with chia and flaxseed). The result – delicious! It only took a few minutes to make, and it a healthy start to their day....

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Few Tips on How to Choose Reliable Coursework Writing Service

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Coursework writing service has become a necessity for students. Mostly, the learners are unable to complete assignments on time due to a busy schedule. The rise in demand for student assignments has led to the emergence of numerous custom writing services. Beware, as some of the paper writing service providers are fake. Students need to identify reliable companies. Do not Go Cheap Never go with the cheapest custom essay writing service available online. Your grades and academic performance are important for your career. So, it would help if you took it seriously. To develop a good quality assignment requires time, effort and expertise on the part of the writer. A company which is offering the cheapest rates and promising to deliver the assignment within an hour is not reliable. If you order an assignment from EssayZoo, you are sure...

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The Main Advice How to Get Homework Help Online

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Teachers assigning students homework is a way of measuring their capability of doing work independently. However, doing your homework at home can be a menace, especially if you don’t have the proper assistance to guide you through it. This is why we are here with some top suggestions to help you out. Devise a plan To ensure perfect homework, the first and foremost thing to do is construct your homework plan. At the end of your class period, ask your teacher about how the homework that is assigned is expected to be done. It is better to know all the things required first than to be in doubt later at night. If you have any family plans after school hours, inquire with your teacher if she could estimate how much time your homework can take. This way you can...

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Some Tips on How To Write An Essay Faster

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Writing a long essay for students in a quick time is easier said than done. However, with proper planning and research, completing an essay within a couple of hours is doable as much as stir-frying the noodles. Before you begin to write the paper, you need to brainstorm the topic and generate a few ideas. You also need a professional online writing service like EssayService to proofread your essay once you are done with it. Understand the Assignment Are you searching about how to write a research paper fast then you have come to the right place. This article will cover everything that you need to know about writing essays fast while maintaining quality. It is a total waste of the student’s energy and time when you create a paper which does not comply with the given instructions. In...

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California Courts: How Custody Is Determined

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Divorce can be emotionally devastating for the couples going through it, but it is often far harder on any minor children involved. The welfare of minors can be a major point of contention in these cases, with couples vying for full or partial custody, and courts working to ensure that the best interests of minors are upheld. In the state of California, each custody hearing is conducted on a case by case basis with the court system accounting for the preferences of children who are 12 and older, parental histories of drug use or domestic violence, and the mental and emotional stability of all parties involved, among other factors. If you are dealing with divorce, these are the aspects that will influence the final decision regarding the custody of your children. Honoring the Rights and Well-Being of Minor Children...

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Swanky Brie-zy Appetizer in 20 Minutes

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I love cheese! I know I’m in good company from the many zoom calls I’ve had sharing virtual charcuterie evenings with friends. Delicious cheese, glorious cheese, ha! This year I thought I’d share this swanky little appetizer with all of you. It only requires a few ingredients; it’s simple, looks great and it will make you very happy. You may want to get extra ingredients since you’ll likely need to make this dish again. Warmed Brie with Strawberries, Candied Pecans + Honey 8 oz wheel of Brie 1/2 lb of sliced Strawberries Balsamic Vinegar Candied Pecans Honey Trader Joes Fig + Rosemary Crisps Parchment Paper Preheat oven to 350, place rack in the center. Cut the rind off the top of the cheese. Place in an oven safe dish and heat for 10-15 minutes. Place parchment paper on a...

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Here’s How A Professional Kitchen Remodeling Company Keeps Your Renovation From Going Wrong

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Every homeowner is well aware that renovating a kitchen does not happen overnight and takes up a considerable sum of money. It only makes sense to invest it into something worthy of all that effort, time and money. Before all, comes the task of choosing the right remodeling company. Some people go for DIY renovation but there are so many things that could go wrong with that. For instance, you installed the cabinet doors the wrong way and now removing them might damage them and you have to spend more money?, Or the countertops weren’t sealed properly?, etc. This is a risk homeowners can’t afford to take. So if you’re thinking of a kitchen remodel, here’s why you should only work with the best kitchen remodeling companies to avoid any rookie mistakes: Design Recommendations and Portfolio Everyone wants their...

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Spreading Cheer for All to Hear: Family at Village of Hope Experiences the Joy of Giving

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The holiday season is often a happy and hopeful time for all of us. This is especially true for homeless men, women and children living at Orange County Rescue Mission’s Village of Hope. It is a time of year that demonstrates life after homelessness and often one of the first holiday experiences these individuals and families share. This year looked a bit different for everyone, including Orange County Rescue Mission, who was forced to cancel its traditional holiday celebrations. That said, there was one tradition they did not want to give up, and that was spreading holiday cheer for all their residents through its annual gift giving celebration among family and friends. This year’s gift exchange was especially important to Theresa, a resident of Village of Hope, and her three children. As a single mom, Theresa came to the...

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Wild Taco Takes On Stay-at-Home Order with Revamped To-Go Menu

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Wild Taco, the cult-favorite taco joint with locations in Laguna Beach and Newport Beach, ramps up their to-go menus with new family-friendly takeout options. With a focus on Baja Californian cuisine and Santa Maria-style grilled meats, the modern-day taqueria makes it easy to bring home a fiesta for the holidays. Founded in 2015 by commercial fisherman-turned-restaurateur Thomas Carson, Wild Taco is inspired by Baja’s laid back cantinas and California’s surf culture. Carson also owns Bear Flag Fish Co., which has three locations in coastal Orange County, and Circle Hook Fish Co. at Lido Marina Village in Newport Beach. The Baja-inspired eatery focuses on wild-caught fish from Carson’s fleet of three fishing boats, including local and sustainable Swordfish, Bluefin Tuna, and Yellowtail caught along the coast. The full Wild Taco menu is available to-go, including its housemade margaritas, sangrias, and...

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How to Restore Old Photographs by Yourself

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Don’t you just love thumbing through old photo albums and marvel at the people and places the pictures show? Your family photo archive is a treasured and important thing, but it is also immeasurably fragile. Old pictures crack, crumble, and fade. Nothing lasts forever and there is nothing you can do about it. Or is there? Good news – there are ways to save your family archive. And even better news – you can restore old photos yourself. Let’s have a look at how it’s done. Brush off the dirt Put on rubber gloves so that you don’t leave fingerprints or grease stains on the photo. Then, use a soft brush to clean off any dirt or sand from your picture. Work carefully and make sure you don’t scratch the pic. Then, rinse it under running water and leave...

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Casual Indian Eatery in Downtown Fullerton: Miirch Social

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Miirch Social, a new Indian concept bringing a unique form of casual dining to Downtown Fullerton in the Soco District is now open. The menu features cuisine utilizing natural ingredients, fresh fruits, vegetables, and meats to replicate traditional recipes directly from India, while also bringing in global flavors and inspiration from other cultures with an innovative spin. Indian staples, comfort food, and other dishes that have been passed down through generations grace the menu, with standout dishes including Chicken, Lamb, or Paneer Kathi Rolls, Masala Fries, and a Miirch speciality, Truffle Oil Chicken Tikka; a signature Indian-spiced chicken prepared with a creamy marinade that is roasted in the tandoor oven. The menu also features more traditional dishes of Amritsari Chole, Rogan Josh, and Butter Chicken, and several plant-based based options for guests with dietary restrictions, which include the popular...

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Safe Family Fun at Welk Resorts San Diego

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Many families are nervous about traveling during this time, but it can be done safely when choosing the right resort and adhering to the proper safety protocols. During the stay-at-home orders, I have still been traveling safely, and one of my favorite destinations has been the Welk Resorts San Diego. The family-owned resort puts families first. My favorite feature was that my family was able to drive right up to the front door of our luxurious, and spacious, villa. There was no elevator or busy lobby was making me feel comfortable from the moment that I arrived. In fact, there was drive thru check-in, making the check-in process seamless. My second favorite feature is that families need to make reservations for the pools to ensure there is no overcrowding. Rooms The room that we stayed in was a two-bedroom...

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Fable & Spirit Expands Its Culinary Arsenal with Grilled-to-Order Charcoal-Fired Yakitori

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In response to the latest restrictions put on restaurants throughout the region, Fable & Spirit has added another level of excitement to its culinary arsenal with the introduction of Fable Express, a fast-casual takeaway service featuring a charcoal-fired Yakitori grill. Executive Chef David Shofner and his kitchen crew delight all of the senses with a culinary performance on the restaurant patio Wednesday through Sunday from 11:30 a.m. to 7 p.m., when the Fable Express menu is offered for takeaway. The following Yakitori skewers are available a la carte, with orders of two or more served with coconut-ginger fried rice, kimchi pickles, and tare dipping sauce (sweet & salty or spicy). FABLE EXPRESS CHARCOAL-FIRED YAKITORI Prime Ribcap $6 Pork Belly $5 Octopus $6 Chicken Thigh $5 Wild White Shrimp $6 Vegetable $4 (Mushroom, Sweet Onion, Red Bell Pepper) The Fable...

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A Whole New Meaning to Count Your Blessings

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Family at Village of Hope Celebrates the Holiday with a Thanksgiving Feast Orange County Rescue Mission, in its continuing efforts to aid in providing Thanksgiving dinner for hundreds of homeless men, women and children, recently hosted its 55th annual Thanksgiving feast for its residents at Village of Hope. Each year, the Rescue Mission reaches out to the local community and asks for help in providing specific food items for Thanksgiving. The donated items are not only for the homeless men, women and children who currently reside at Village of Hope but are also used for food boxes for families in need throughout Orange County. This post is the first in a two-part series following two families as they get to truly experience the holidays together at Village of Hope. Chuck moved to Village of Hope with his son and...

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Toast Kitchen + Bakery: Family Meal

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‘Tis the season for family, and Costa Mesa’s favorite modern diner, Toast Kitchen + Bakery, has introduced an all-new Family Meal to celebrate just that! The Family Meal was specially curated by Executive Chef John Park and for just $59 will feed a family of four. Toast’s Korean-inspired Family Meal consists of some truly delicious dishes, including: Curry Shrimp Bulgogi (Korean-style beef) Spicy Chicken Candied Sweet Potatoes Yakitori Vegetable Skewers Black Garlic Noodles Herb & Butter Rice Broccoli Salad with Mint Yuzu Kosho Vinaigrette Chocolate Ganache Cake For more information about Toast Kitchen + Bakery, please visit their website at and follow them on Instagram @toastamesa. (Please note that the restaurant is closed on Mondays). Dates Now through December 31, 2020 Times Tuesday through Friday; 8:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m. Saturday and Sunday; 8:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m....

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Bayside & Bistango Open for Takeout: Help Support, Local, Family-Owned

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Support the Bayside family by letting us do the cooking to feed yours. While we miss seeing our amazing community of guests for in-person dining, we look forward to serving you safely for takeout, 4:30 p.m. to 8:30 p.m. seven days a week. From a charcuterie board to share, delicious healthy salads, braised short ribs, pan-seared salmon, diver scallops, perfectly cooked steaks, and more, Bayside has something for everyone on your list. Gift cards are also available, with a special bonus for those who purchase $400+ in gift cards – get a $25 bonus card as a thank you! Full menu available for online or call-in orders at: Very special 3-Course Prix-Fixe Family Meal for 2 & 4 available, will update with pricing ASAP. For more info visit . To call in an order for take-home, dial...

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Spreading Cheer at a Time of Crisis: OC Rescue Mission Seeks Help

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The country is in a time of crisis as it navigates the COVID-19 pandemic. As the holiday quickly approaches, local communities are continually reminded of the importance of the need for hope, especially at a time like right now. While Orange County Rescue Mission is not able to provide its typical holiday celebrations in the traditional sense, it still hopes to provide homeless families with some cheer this holiday season. They are seeking help from the local community for gift donations to help the formerly homeless men, women, and children living at Village of Hope and other Rescue Mission transitional housing campuses celebrate the holidays. According to Jim Palmer, Orange County Rescue Mission’s President, the Rescue Mission has an extremely urgent need for holiday gift donations for adults, both men and women, and children ages 10 and up. Palmer...

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Orange County Restaurant Dining Guide: Stay-at-Home Christmas

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Select South Coast Plaza restaurants are offering unique, family-style menus for takeout this holiday season. All require preordering and may be picked up December 23 or December 24. They are cooked, chilled and have instructions on reheating. TIFFANY & CO. BLUE BOX CAFE Start a new holiday tradition with Tiffany Tea for Two or Breakfast at Tiffany for Two. The Blue Box Cafe at South Coast Plaza offers curated menu packages to enjoy at home. Orders are placed online and require 48 hours notice prior to picking up. BREAKFAST AT TIFFANY FOR TWO $120 The bento box packaged menu includes chia seed yogurt pudding with farmer’s market fruit, croissants with organic strawberries and lavender mascarpone, Tiffany avocado toast, smoked salmon and buckwheat mille feuille, and Bellocq No. 727 The Tiffany Blend: A floral infusion of Chinese and Ceylon black...

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Slapfish Hosting Holiday Toy Drive with Save The Brave To Benefit Kids in Need

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In a year that has been economically challenging for many people, Slapfish in Huntington Beach continues to give back to the community by partnering with Save The Brave to host their Annual Toy Drive at the restaurant’s flagship location. Anyone who brings in a new, unwrapped toy for children ages 1 to 12 will receive a free street taco from Slapfish at the flagship location in Surf City. Donations will be collected until Monday, December 21. Save The Brave will donate the toys to local children in need. A Southern California-based non-profit organization, Save The Brave provides stress management and other support to veterans recovering from PTSD. Since the Coronavirus outbreak started, Slapfish in Huntington Beach has extended its Kids Eat Free promotion to seven days a week, provided free lunch to 90 teachers in Huntington Beach, has offered...

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Sal’s Pizzeria Opens New Location at Kaleidoscope

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Sal’s Pizzeria, one of South Orange County’s most popular pizzerias, has opened its second location at Kaleidoscope in Mission Viejo. Ladera Ranch resident Matthew Darienzo owns the award-winning pizzeria, which he launched last year in Foothill Ranch. Named after Darienzo’s father-in-law Sal, the pizzeria serves authentic Sicilian-style pizza and an array of specialty dishes with only the freshest and high-quality ingredients, including Stromboli, calzone, pinwheels, heroes, pasta, salads, and cannoli. All sauces and the mozzarella are made fresh by hand. As a young boy in Alcamo, Sicily, Sal would help his father deliver Italian food products out of the back of a horse and buggy. At only 10, Sal’s family came to America and his father started Collica Dairy (later Collica Quality Foods) where Sal later worked, selling the finest Italian food products for 50 years. Sal’s Pizzeria is...

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OC Rescue Mission in Dire Need of Food Donations

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The Thanksgiving holiday is approaching quickly and Orange County Rescue Mission is in dire need of critical food items to serve homeless individuals and families in need throughout Orange County. The food items will aid in providing Thanksgiving dinner for hundreds of homeless men, women and children, as well food boxes for families in need throughout the region. Orange County Rescue Mission, which has received the highest 4-star rating by Charity Navigator for the last three years in a row, has made this annual commitment to the local community for the last 55 years, according to the nonprofit’s President Jim Palmer. In fact, many of the residents at the Orange County Rescue Mission have never had the opportunity to enjoy a traditional Thanksgiving dinner. If in a position to donate, the Orange County Rescue Mission is requesting the following...

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Help Support Our Veterans at OC Rescue Mission’s 3rd Annual OC Veterans Day Dinner

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Nearly 11,000 veterans in California are homeless. This is three times higher than states like Florida, which has the second highest population of homeless veterans across the U.S. These sobering statistics demonstrate the importance of supporting these unsung heroes. By attending Orange County Rescue Mission’s 3rd Annual OC Veterans Day Dinner, you can help in the expansion of Tustin Veterans Outpost, an apartment complex that offers transitional housing for veterans along with veteran-specific services. Hosted at the Santa Ana Elks Lodge, this is the second year in a row that this dinner is the only Veterans Day Dinner event in Orange County. Each dinner ticket includes a three-course prix fixe menu, along with a program to commemorate and celebrate our veterans. 100% of the proceeds from the event will go towards the expansion of housing and services for homeless...

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A List of Luxe Push Presents

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Something that is becoming more and more common now is a push present given by a partner to the brave woman who just gave birth. These gifts generally are something beautiful and special to commemorate you bringing a wonderful new life in the world. After all that hard work and rewarding experience that is giving birth, you are gifted with your beautiful child… but another luxe push present can be the cherry on top! So in case you feel a push present is right for you and your partner, here are a few ideas of what to consider for a luxe push present: Luxe push presents A Rolex A Rolex watch is more than just a luxury watch. It is known as one of the most high-end, beautiful watches that screams ‘something special’, with its high design and incredible...

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