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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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Give Dad the Gift of Virtual Reality

Posted by on Jun 5, 2016 in Family, Father's Day, Holiday, Tech | 0 comments

 Sponsored dad /dad/: noun Superhero, Dedicated, Devoted, Role Model Father’s Day is my favorite holiday of the year. It is the day that my children and I can come together to shower their dad with love, and show him how grateful we are for everything he does for our family, but I almost always have trouble finding him the perfect gift until now. Have you also had trouble finding the perfect Father’s Day gift? Having trouble finding the ultimate gift for the dad who seems to have everything? I am so excited to have found the ideal gift for dads of all ages that they’ll enjoy using for years to come. Give them the gift of a Samsung Smartphone that he can use to capture crisp, clear, beautiful pictures of his favorite family memories throughout the year. He can...

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10 Ways to Get Your Teen to Unplug

Posted by on May 22, 2016 in Entertainment, Hot Topics, Parenting, Tech, Television Shows | 0 comments

 We are a member of the Netflix Stream Team Do you have a teenager? Are they always connected to a device? What teen isn’t? Teens of today are always texting, snapping, and live streaming every moment of their life using their mobile devices. The biggest downside is that they are more disconnected from physical relationships, and miss opportunities to learn essential social skills. How do you get your teen to disconnect and join your family at the moment? These are our ten top tips: 1. Hide the chargers. While this is not my #1 recommendation, and there will be tears, your teen will be forced to unplug, and spend quality time with your family. 2. Cut off their wifi. There are multiple devices that parents can utilize that will help with managing their children’s online access. There is the...

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How to Set-up the Canary Home Security System

Posted by on May 21, 2016 in Family, Tech | 0 comments

 Sponsored by Verizon Home security is important for every family. We have had multiple attempted break-ins over the past year and have found it more important than ever to increase security at our house. We recently received the Canary home security system that provides in-home security that can be managed from your smartphone device. It is motion sensor so that if an intruder breaks into your home, you’ll get a notification on your smartphone device where you can sound an alarm and contact the local law enforcement. We have purchased many home security devices in the past that are challenging to set-up, but I found that the Canary home security system is so simple to set-up. In fact, it was so simple to set-up that my children helped with most of the installation process, and I had the added...

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Child Internet Safety Made Easy

Posted by on Apr 11, 2016 in Family, Tech | 0 comments

 Product Received for Review Do your children have access to the internet? Then it is vital to have the ability to protect their online usage with a product like KoalaSafe. Once my kid’s school switched from textbooks and paper to Chromebooks, I quickly watched my control of their online safety disappear. No longer could I sit with my kids while they were online to ensure they were not going onto inappropriate websites or being contacted by strangers on social media because of the amount of time they were now required to be online. I began to research different products available on the market to help me with managing my kids online time and discovered KoalaSafe. The tool offered everything that I was looking for and even featured an app to make it easy for me to stay on top...

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Best Emergency Mobile Phone for Kids

Posted by on Jan 14, 2016 in Tech | 0 comments

  My younger son has been begging me for a mobile phone. All of his friends have them, and yet they are only eight-years-old. It has been our personal parenting decision not to allow our children to have a cell phone at such a young age, but after the entire LAUSD was closed for a whole day due to a terrorist threat, I now want to ensure that my kids can get ahold of me when they are at school. Since I still don’t want my eight-year-old son to have access to all the capabilities of a traditional mobile phone, I did some research and found the perfect emergency mobile phone for kids. I got all of my kids the new SpareOne Emergency AT&T GoPhone. Why? They don’t need electricity; it doesn’t need to be charged, and will be...

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Preserving Family Memories with the Shutterfly App

Posted by on Jan 13, 2016 in Family, Hot Topics, Parenting, Tech | 0 comments

  Shutterfly Promo Offers Families Free Prints for a Limited Time I love to take pictures of my kids, and the one tool that I use to capture my favorite memories with my children is with my cellphone. Cellphone photography is my favorite hobby, and I find myself maximizing my cellphone space every month with photos. Sometimes too much, and I end up deleted apps just so that I can take more pictures of my children. Sound familiar? I’ve been committed to finding a simple solution to back-up my cellphone images (other than my home computer) and a place where I could purchase prints to send to the Grandparents or give as gifts on special occasions. I downloaded a couple of different apps, and the one app that I found to work perfectly for me as a busy mom...

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AT&T GoPhone Makes the Perfect Holiday Stocking Stuffer (Giveaway)

Posted by on Dec 10, 2015 in Family, Giveaways, Tech | 19 comments

 “This blog post was sponsored by AT&T, but the opinions are completely my own based on my experience.” Looking for the perfect gift to slip into your kids holiday stocking? The AT&T GoPhone not only makes a perfect holiday gift for your children but also makes for a great “first phone.” AT&T GoPhone helps parents to see if their children are ready for the responsibility of owning their own cell phone without making the long-term commitment of a contract. To make giving a GoPhone affordable, AT&T GoPhone is hosting a special holiday discount from December 7th through December 31st. The holiday special allows customers to get a free ZTE Maven device or $40 off any other GoPhone smartphone with new activation plus $45 or greater airtime purchase at AT&T stores or online. (Must buy phone and airtime at the...

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Verizon FiOS Helps Families Give Back During the Holidays

Posted by on Nov 30, 2015 in Tech, Uncategorized | 0 comments

 Sponsored Verizon FiOS rewards their customers every day with the My Rewards+ loyalty program. Every month that customers use their Verizon FiOS service, they earn points through the loyalty program that can be redeemed for gift cards. Points are earned by doing the simplest things like paying your bill online to connecting with Verizon FiOS on social media. During the holidays, families can redeem their points for gift cards to use as a stocking stuffer or to give back to the community with the Charity Choice gift card. What is a Charity Choice gift card? It is a gift card that goes directly to a pre-selected charity of your choice. There are more than 1000 charities that Verizon FiOS customers can choose from to use their My Rewards+ points to send a donation to their favorite charity with the...

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Gamers Paradise at the Xbox Lounge at Beaches Turks and Caicos

Posted by on Nov 4, 2015 in Tech, Travel, Turks and Caicos | 0 comments

 My mom attended the Beaches Social Media on the Sand Conference The Xbox Lounge at Beaches Turks and Caicos is really cool! I liked it a lot! The reason I like it so much is because of all of all the Xboxes lined up in one cool room. Each Xbox has a different game on it (Except for Madden NFL! There are 2 of them). The one thing that sold me on the Xbox Lounge being one of the coolest places at the resort is that they have a Bobby Dee’s Restaurant RIGHT NEXT DOOR!!!!! Whenever I was in the lounge, I would not play alone. I had made some friends while I was there and every day at eight o’clock we would meet up at the Xbox lounge and play. We made good memories there. We really did!...

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5 Animal Apps that Help with Elementary Math Skills

Posted by on Oct 2, 2015 in Family, Tech | 0 comments

  Math can be fun or entirely boring depending on how it’s presented. The old fashioned pencil and paper with a series of times table sheets didn’t do much back in the day but there are so many exciting ways for young learners to learn necessary and important math skills while actually having fun at the same time. One thing that has stayed the same through the years is that kids love animals. These five apps offer learning and fun with cute (and some not so cute) animals. Some of the apps are aligned with Common Core State Standards and some are even free. With the intense competition and rigorous standardized testing these days it’s important for young kids to take on a practice makes perfect mentality but that doesn’t mean their whole life needs to be spent on...

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Comic Con Takes Over Long Beach

Posted by on Sep 18, 2015 in Events, Family, Tech | 0 comments

 We attended as a guest of the venue Twice a year in Long Beach, Ocean Blvd turns into a scene out of a comic book.  Strolling down the sidewalk you can see Batman walking alongside the Joker, as a group on Teenage Ninja Turtles cross the street to enter the Long Beach Convention Center.  As you rub your eyes in disbelief you realize that it’s that magical time again the Long Beach Comic Convention (LBCC). This was our family’s second pilgrimage to the LBCC and though we thought that we had seen it all at that the last one, we were very wrong!   The LBCC is an amazing experience for anyone who loves comic book and appreciates the animation world. Not only can you find fantastic deals from reputable comic vendors, but you can also find memorabilia, clothing,...

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Tips for Monitoring Your Kids Television Time

Posted by on Aug 31, 2015 in Entertainment, Family, Hot Topics, Parenting, Tech, Television Shows | 1 comment

 Sponsored Let’s be honest that monitoring kids television time is a challenge for many parents. With all the great series, movies, and documentaries, it can be tempting for children to try and spend most of their free time watching television. Now that the kids are back in school, and spending less time being active outdoors, it is more important than ever to monitor their screen time so that they can live a well-balanced lifestyle. Charting I am the queen of charts. With our family being so busy with school, sports, and work, charts are the easiest way that my family has found to balance our kids screen time. I keep a small chart by the television where we monitor our children’s screen time. I also use the same chart to add extra television time as a reward for good...

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Motorola Moto E GoPhone Tween Review

Posted by on Aug 25, 2015 in Family, Tech | 0 comments

 Sponsored I just got my first cell phone, and I was surprised to see it was a Motorola GoPhone. At first I had some doubts, but when I got to know it, I loved it more than any phone I have ever tried out or seen! It is possibly the best first phone any kid could ever want. I have always wanted a phone that I could text and call my friends, but when I was looking at other phones I noticed that they all had limited calling and texting, but Motorola Moto E has unlimited calling and texting with one fixed monthly price. My parents got me the $45 plan. I love it because it gives you 2.5 gigabytes of data, unlimited calling and texting, and wifi hotspots. The $30 plan gives you unlimited calling and texting and...

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Family Fun at the International Surf Festival

Posted by on Aug 9, 2015 in Events, Tech | 0 comments

 Sponsored by AT&T Last weekend, hundreds of families across Southern California came together to the Manhattan Beach pier for the International Surf Festival. There was entertainment all weekend long as families got to watch surfing, swimming, and volleyball competitions. One of the highlights of the festival was all the fun happening at the AT&T booth. It was not your average event booth, but a place where festival goers could charge their cell phones, make souvenir bags and get funky in the interactive photo booth. The music was pumping as kids were dancing around the booth while charging their cellphones at the complimentary charging station. Our kids had the time of their life at the festival and watched the volleyball matches for hours. My daughter was happy that she was able to keep her brand-new GoPhone charged to snap pictures...

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BattleKasters Takes Over Comic-Con

Posted by on Jul 22, 2015 in Events, Family, Tech | 0 comments

 Sponsored BattleKasters was the highlight of Comic-Con San Diego this year as the new “it” game being introduced to guests visiting the Gaslamp area. While at Comic-Con this year, we had a unique opportunity to get an in-depth look at the game, and the book that inspired the creation of the game. The game is based on the popular teen book, The Red Sun, by Alane Adams. The Red Sun is the first of six books in the Legends of Orkney series. Alane Adams created the series when her 12-year-old son challenged her to write something he would enjoy reading. While in San Diego during Comic-Con we played with the new game, met Alane Adams, and talked with the creators of the game. The game is unlike any other in that it inspires young gamers to find a love...

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Literacy Meets Gaming with BattleKasters at Comic-Con San Diego

Posted by on Jul 7, 2015 in Education, Events, Featured, Parenting, Tech | 0 comments

 Sponsored Comic-Con is an event that your family is not going to want to miss, and BattleKasters is taking Comic-Con by storm. During the event,  the all-new mobile game is going to transform the Gaslamp Quarter into a Game Board from July 9th-12th. Players will have a chance to win a $5,000 grand prize that will be split between the winner and the winner’s library of choice.. What is BattleKasters? Based on the award-winning, young adult book series, Legends of Orkney, by author Alane Adams, BattleKasters is a whole new experience for gamers and readers. This app-based game allows players to collect digital trading cards, cast spells, and close the stonefire portal to protect Earth from dark magic – all while giving gamers the chance to explore the historic district near the San Diego Convention Center, where Comic-Con is...

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Expand Your Children’s Imagination with Disney Infinity 3.0

Posted by on Jun 24, 2015 in Disney, Entertainment, Film, Tech | 0 comments

 We attended a media event as a guest of Disney There is only one video game that my children play in our house. It is Disney Infinity. The reason that I enjoy having my children play Disney Infinity is that it encourages imaginary play. It is much more than a video game, and my children can use the characters to expand on their play outside of the “video game” setting. In fact, my younger son has played with his Disney Infinity characters so much over the years that many of them are glue gunned back together and missing limbs. Even though the characters have been put to the test by my younger son, they still work great in the game. Disney Infinity is getting even better this Fall with the introduction of Disney Infinity 3.0. The all-new platform comes...

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Disney Infinity Introduces ‘Inside Out’ Play Set

Posted by on May 28, 2015 in Disney, Entertainment, Family, Film, Tech | 0 comments

 Our kids cannot wait for the upcoming film “Inside Out” to come out in theaters on June 19th, and they were even more excited when hearing the news that Disney Infinity is coming out with an all-new “Inside Out” inspired play set. Not only can kids enjoy the movie in theaters this Summer but also expand on the fun at home with Disney Infinity 3.0. The play set will be available this Fall featuring all the emotions inside of the mind of a young girl named Riley. Her emotions (Joy, Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness) rally together to calm the turmoil that has overtaken Imagination Land. As single-player or two-player co-op, players must help Riley’s Emotions journey through Imagination Land, work together using each character’s unique skills to defeat enemies, gather Riley’s displaced memories, and return them to the...

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An App That Brings Families Together

Posted by on Apr 28, 2015 in Family, Hot Topics, Parenting, Tech | 0 comments

 Sponsored Talking to family that lives hundreds of miles away from you is relatively easy in this age of technology. Connecting with them as if they were in the same room is a different story. While a phone call or a social media message will carry a nice sentiment, they oftentimes feel as if you’re “checking in” rather than growing a bond. This is especially true with grandparents and grandkids, where the generation gap oftentimes produces shallow conversations. The need to make and cultivate these connections is why Panasonic’s HomeTeam™ app is such a vital download. This special online service reaches across distance and generations to connect grandparents, parents, and grandkids by letting them enjoy shared experiences in real-time. With the HomeTeam™ app, family members of all ages can engage in the kinds of activities that may otherwise only...

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Tips for Organizing and Preserving Online Family Photos

Posted by on Mar 31, 2015 in Family, Parenting, Tech | 0 comments

 Sponsored If you’re anything like me, then your online family photos are completely unorganized. I take hundreds of photos every week, and then upload them to various computers throughout our house. I have photos backed up on multiple flash drives, hard drives, and external drives. The one problem is that there is no organization, and I often find myself spending hours searching through different drives when looking for a specific photo. As part of my Spring cleaning this year, I am committed to organizing and backing up all my family photos safely online. While preparing for the organization, I found these great resources to help make organizing simple. With the help of Verizon FiOS, families can upload all of their family photos to different online photo storage sites at lightening fast speed. Photos can take the longest time to...

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