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Arrival of the Goddess for the Emotionally Over-Dressed

Posted by on Jan 31, 2021 in Affirmations, Spiritual Healing | 0 comments

Oh my, what a heavy overcoat of agitation. You must be hot and bothered. May I take that and hang it up over here? Ah, now I see the hat, scarf, and gloves – the worries that scratch and itch and make it difficult to touch small things – May I store them over here? Still a little flushed? I see – May I help you with the buttons on that angry sweater? There I bet that feels better. Let’s just put it over here. Oh, that is expensive looking jewelry of self-doubt. Oh, and what a fearfully large watch. Still without them, you look even more beautiful, and they won’t be scratching the ones you embrace…. Let’s go inside now and see what else you might remove, to feel more free. ~Lisa S. Nelson 2017 Poem from the...

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