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Kuan Yin Oracle Message of the Day: Immortal Treasures

Posted by on Feb 3, 2021 in Kuan Yin Oracle Readings, Spiritual Healing | 0 comments

You carry within you precious Immortal Treasures, beloved. They exist beyond life and death, belonging to the celestial, heavenly realms of the Divine presence within you. Kuan Yin now guides you to honor these treasures, the gifts of your Soul, which include the ability that you have to transmit healing. Honor yourself as a Healer beloved. Whether formally or informally, your Soul brings a special healing light to humanity. You have divine support in your role as a healer, in whatever way, usual or highly unusual, that this is unfolding for you now. Each Soul is unique and precious in its own way. Certain Souls have the light of healing. Yours is one such Soul. Your presence on this planet brings light and hope to others, sometimes in ways that you don’t consciously recognize. Kuan Yin is with you,...

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Kuan Yin Oracle Message of the Day: Sacred River Yangtze

Posted by on Feb 2, 2021 in Kuan Yin Oracle Readings, Spiritual Healing | 0 comments

The sacred River Yangtze eternally flows and changes. Just as the river flows and changes course, you too are evolving in your Divine Path. Veils and sheaths that once covered your Soul light are being washed away. Cleansing by sacred water specifically indicates that your emotional life and your life direction are being purified and healed. Changes in the flow of energy within you are in the momentum of your life path unfolding are imminent. This is exciting! You are growing and changing and soon your life circumstances will reflect your inner evolution. The sacred River Yangtze in which beloved Kuan Yin delights is always subtly changing course, flowing and growing. You, like the Sacred River, are changing too, beloved. Your life direction is going through subtle realignments or even in the midst of a far more obvious change....

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