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Misión de San José del Cabo Anuiti in San Jose del Cabo

Posted by on Nov 17, 2013 in Cabo San Lucas, Featured, Mexico, Travel | 0 comments

Whenever we travel with our children, it is important to us that we expose them to the history and culture of the place where they are visting. While on our trip to Los Cabos, Mexico, we rented a car to bring them to see the historic Misión de San José del Cabo Anuiti in San Jose del Cabo. As we drove along the cobblestone streets of San Jose del Cabo, we were mezmorized by the beautiful church in the center of the town. The town has become a popular cultural area with many fine art galleries throughout the historic town. The old-world village has a special charm with its adobe buildings. What we learned while visiting the mission (facts and information provided courtesy of the mission): The mission was founded by father Nicolas Tamaral in the month of April,...

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An “Epic” Way To Travel Safely With Your Family in Mexico

Posted by on Nov 12, 2013 in Cabo San Lucas, Featured, Mexico, Travel | 5 comments

Sponsored I’ll be honest – at first I was fearful about traveling with my family to Mexico. I have read all the Government travel warnings, had multiple friends tell me it was not safe, and read all of the scary headlines on the evening news. Before making the commitment to travel to Mexico with our children, we took steps to ensure that we would travel safely in-between the hotel and airport by hiring Epic Mexico. Epic Mexico has been in business of 25 years, and all of the online reviews raved about their hospitality and safety measures taken when helping families travel in Mexico. When we first arrived in Los Cabos, Mexico, we walked out of the airport doors, and a group of gentlemen called out my name. (They had obviously done their research online to know what I...

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Watching Baby Sea Turtles Being Born in Los Cabos

Posted by on Nov 11, 2013 in Cabo San Lucas, Featured, Mexico, Travel | 5 comments

Sponsored We woke-up early to cloudy skies over the beach of the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort, and went out for a walk on the beach to watch the sunrise over the water. As we walked hand in hand along the beautiful Los Cabos beach, we heard a whistle in the distance. As we walked toward the whistle, we saw a young man waving us over to witness one of the biggest miracles we have ever seen in our lifetime – baby sea turtles being born. The young man did not speak any english, but somehow we were able to learn so much about his love for these beautiful animals. The Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort, is working to help save these endangered animals by creating a special hatchery for the eggs, giving...

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Playa Santa Maria Beach Cabo San Lucas – Los Cabos

Posted by on Nov 9, 2013 in Cabo San Lucas, Featured, Mexico, Travel | 0 comments

Sponsored On our second day in Cabo San Lucas, we rented a car to go discovering the beautiful area of Los Cabos. Just a few short miles from our resort, the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort, we drove down a small dirt road that would bring us to one of our favorite beaches in Los Cabos – Playa Santa Maria Beach. After driving down this long dirt road, we found a bunch of cars parked at the start of the beach. We got out of the car and were immediately in paradise. The water was calm and crystal clear at this horseshoe-shaped cove. Not only was the water perfect for the children to swim, but it had some of the most magnificent snorkeling. We cannot wait to return to Los Cabos, just so that we can...

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Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort Kids Club

Posted by on Nov 8, 2013 in Cabo San Lucas, Featured, Mexico, Travel | 0 comments

Sponsored My husband and I love going on vacation with our entire family, but we always find ourselves wanting just a couple of hours alone to connect while on vacation. While in Los Cabos, last week, we treated ourselves to a relaxing couples massage at the resort while introducing the kids to the Sheraton Adventure Kids Club at the Sheraton Hacienda del Mar Golf & Spa Resort. We got to spend time with the children as they got comfortable with the staff at the Kids Club on the morning of our couples massage. We had planned an hour to spend with our children getting acquainted with the staff, and were shocked to see them run off giggling with the staff within just five minutes. With their name tags around their necks, they were off to enjoy an adventurous afternoon...

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Dia de Los Muertos in Cabos San Lucas – Los Cabos

Posted by on Nov 6, 2013 in Cabo San Lucas, Culture, Featured, Mexico, Travel | 0 comments

Sponsored Every year my children have enjoyed celebrating Halloween by trick-or-treating around our neighborhood. Last week, they had a unique opportunity to trick-or-treat in Los Cabos. Not only did they get to experience Halloween in a different culture, but they got the opportunity of a lifetime to experience a true Dia de Los Muertos celebration in Cabo San Lucas – Los Cabos. Our children had only learned about Dia de Los Muertos from the textbooks in their classrooms, but for the first time, they got to be immersed in the cultural celebration. My children had always had the perception that Dia de Los Muertos was about darkness and death, but it is truly about celebrating life – celebrating the lives of those who are no longer here. Our family was provided bus transportation by Epic Mexico to the Puerto...

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Celebrating Halloween in Los Cabos Mexico with Trick-or-Treat Fun!

Posted by on Nov 1, 2013 in Cabo San Lucas, Featured, Mexico, Travel | 3 comments

Sponsored Every Halloween has always been the same. We invite all of our close friends and family over for a chili dinner, and the kids spend the night running around the neighborhood collecting giant bags full of candy. Then the next day almost all of the candy is either donated or given away due to my older sons severe food allergies. This year, we mixed things up by heading to Los Cabos Mexico for a week during Halloween. I prepared the kids early, that they would be celebrating Halloween, in Los Cabos Mexico, and for them not to expect to do their traditional trick-or-treating. What we didn’t  know was that the kids would have the most epic trick-or-treating experience while spending Halloween in Los Cabos, Mexico. When we arrived in Los Cabos the afternoon of Halloween, we enjoyed a...

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