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Things to do in Orange County for OC Moms

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How to Visit Morro Bay in a Day

Posted by on Aug 8, 2015 in Featured, Morro Bay, Travel | 0 comments

We attended as a guest of Morro Bay Morro Bay is a true gem of the Central California coastline offering families and couples a memorable vacation. While on our summer California road trip, we stopped in Morro Bay for the day to experience the vacation destination that so many families have been talking about over the years. We were able to have an epic family vacation in Morro Bay in just one day. When planning your family California road trip, plan to one full day in Morro Bay to get the most out of the intimate seaside community. We arrived around 8 pm on a Wednesday and left at 10 am on a Friday, and yet we were able to experience all the fun that Morro Bay has to offer. Begin by checking into one of the intimate seaside...

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Family Fun Surrey Riding in Morro Bay

Posted by on Aug 5, 2015 in Morro Bay, Travel | 0 comments

We visited as a guest of Farmer’s My absolute favorite thing that we did while visiting Morro Bay was riding a double surrey from Farmer’s Kites Surreys Bikes & More to Morro Rock. Right after finishing breakfast at Frankie & Lola’s, we walked next door to rent a surrey for a couple of hours. The owner of the store was friendly and helped to give us some great suggestions on where we could ride the surrey around Morro Bay. It was all giggles as me and the kids set off on an epic adventure around Morro Bay on the giant double surrey. We stopped Maritime Museum before making our way to Morro Rock where we walked along the beach collecting sand dollars. The area around Morro Rock is a bird sanctuary, and our children were fascinated by all the...

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Morro Bay Estuary Nature Center

Posted by on Aug 1, 2015 in Morro Bay, Travel | 0 comments

After the kids had been done spending time with the animals at the Morro Bay Aquarium, we walked next door to learn about nature at the Morro Bay Estuary Nature Center. The center is located on the second floor of a small shopping center and is a wonderful place to bring your children while in Morro Bay. When you first walk into the center there are multiple open air stores, and at the top of the stairs is the nature center. It is not very large but packed with plenty of information to keep your kids entertained for hours while being educated on the importance of conservation. All of the exhibits in the nature center are interactive (which kids like mine love). The kids could use binoculars to look at the animals in the bay, push buttons that would...

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Visiting the Morro Bay Aquarium

Posted by on Aug 1, 2015 in Morro Bay, Travel | 0 comments

We visited as a guest The Morro Bay Aquarium is one of the smallest yet special aquariums we have visited during our travels. If you were not looking for it, then you might walk right past it. It is right on the waterfront in Morro Bay, and the front of the Aquarium is a large souvenir shop. The kids and I visited the aquarium while on our bike ride and wished that we had scheduled more time to spend with the animals. We began by parking our double surrey in front of the Aquarium, and the kids walked in to look around at all the wonderful souvenirs sold in the store. Once they were done shopping, we purchased some food for the seals went into the aquarium. The moment that we walked in the aquarium the seals were so...

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Exploring Morro Bay with Sub Sea Tours

Posted by on Jul 29, 2015 in Morro Bay, Travel | 0 comments

We attended as a guest of the venue One of our favorite family activities in Morro Bay was exploring the magical world under the sea with Sub Sea Tours. With my kids getting a little older, I was a little worried at first that they would be too old for the “glass bottom” submarine sea tour. I was wrong – they loved every minute. When we first arrived in Morro Bay, my children were full of questions about the giant rock. Having driven hundreds of miles on our 10-day road trip, I was too tired to spend time doing research on Google, and so grateful for the boat captain to energetically answer all of their questions about the big Morro Bay rock. My favorite part of the tour is that it was not overcrowded. The boat only accommodates 21...

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The Shell Shop

Posted by on Jul 28, 2015 in Morro Bay, Travel | 1 comment

Every little kid loves to collect shells. Over the years, it has become a hobby that children are no longer able to participate in at most local beaches. Instead of collection shells, my children have enjoyed collecting sea glass from our local beaches over the years. While we were visiting Morro Bay this summer, we stumbled upon The Shell Shop, and my children were in pure bliss. The Shell Shop has been in business since 1955 and has the largest collection of shells on the central coast. Inside of the store was wall to wall shells, and every type of shell that an ocean lover could have desired. There were shell sculptures, jewelry cases adorned with shells, and decorative corals. There was something for everyone. My children spent hours filling their small velvet bags with their favorite shells to...

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Morro Bay Skateboard Museum

Posted by on Jul 26, 2015 in Morro Bay, Travel | 1 comment

While in Morro Bay, we couldn’t wait to visit the Morro Bay Skateboard Museum. Growing up on skateboards around Orange County the museum is the perfect place for OC Families to visit while in the area. From the moment that our kids walked into the museum, they were overwhelmed with excitement. Inside of the front door families are greeted by the second largest skateboard in the world. Not only can kids look at the skateboard, but they also allow guests to climb on the board and capture photos. Kids can spend endless hours exploring all the different skateboard memorabilia and photographs throughout the museum. There is also a small shop where guests can purchase a new skateboard, t-shirts, and stickers. I recommend planning at least an hour for your children to explore this hidden gem in Morro Bay. Cost:...

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