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What is CBD and Why Has it Become so Popular?

CBD oil has become incredibly popular in recent years, and for good reason – it offers a wealth of potential health benefits. But what is CBD oil and what makes it so special? In this post, we’ll take a closer look at CBD oil and provide some insight into why it has become so popular. We’ll also discuss some of the potential health benefits associated with CBD oil use. Keep reading to learn more!

CBD: What it is

CBD, otherwise known as cannabidiol, is one of the many cannabinoids that is found within the cannabis plant and is the second most active next to THC. According to public knowledge and many within the cannabis industry, CBD is said to be non-psychoactive, however, this isn’t true, it just isn’t psychoactive in the same way that THC is.

However, CBD doesn’t have any intoxicating effects, which is to say that when you consume CBD, you won’t get high.

How is it Consumed?

The next thing to understand when talking about CBD is how it is consumed. One of the reasons why CBD has become so popular in the first place is because there are many consumption methods that you can see on Grasscity here. If you are new to cannabis or CBD, then you might not know that the consumption method determines the onset time and duration of effects.

One of the most popular ways of consuming CBD is by using a pod-based vaporizer; this consumption method has a relatively quick onset time of around 5 to 20 minutes, and the effects last four around 2 hours. The next two popular methods of consuming CBD would be tinctures and edibles. Tinctures have an onset time of around 15 to 20 minutes and have a duration of effects of around 4 hours, whereas edibles have an onset time of between one to two hours and have a duration of effects of up to 8.

It’s Thought to be Natural

One major contribution to the popularity of CBD is the fact that it is thought to be natural. One reason for this is because of all of the marketing related to CBD, which markets it as natural. While this is true for the most part, since CBD is naturally found within the cannabis plant and is a natural remedy, it can also be synthetically produced.

More than this, it’s important to keep in mind that a lot of store-bought CBD can contain traces of THC; meaning it’s better to get CBD from a dispensary since the quality is assured.

Many Health Benefits

Perhaps one of the biggest reasons why CBD has seen such popularity in the last few years is because it has many health benefits. This added to the fact that it is a natural remedy for many conditions has made it a popular choice.

Some of the health benefits that CBD offers are relief from pain, treating the symptoms of anxiety and depression, improved sleep quality, treating rare forms of epilepsy, and more. Although research about the benefits of CBD is still in its infancy, enough is known now to get accurate dosages from healthcare providers. It’s important to keep in mind that CBD seems to work better for some people rather than others.

It’s Legal

In addition to the fact that CBD has many health benefits and that it is natural, one of the main reasons why CBD has become popular is because it is legal. More than this, CBD was available before recreational marijuana was made legal, which not only give it a slight advantage, it also helped introduce many people to cannabis.

Even though CBD is mainly legal in many parts of the world, it’s important to remember that it needs to contain less than 0.3% THC for it to be illegal in areas where cannabis itself is still illegal.

It’s Cannabis for Non-Smokers

Finally, the last reason why CBD has seen such popularity in the last few years is that it can be considered cannabis for non-smokers. Every day there are news articles and publications that are toting the health benefits of marijuana, however, not everyone wants to experience the intoxicating effects that come with it.

This is one of the areas where CBD shines; it doesn’t have any intoxicating effects, which means that you won’t get high when consuming CBD.

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