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Celebrate National Burger Day with a Free Smashburger

Smashburger 4

Is your last name Burger? Do you have Burger is part of your last name? If it is, then you will be getting a free Smashburger on May 28th in honor of National Burger Day. According to there are 21,687 people in the United States with the last name Burger!

If your last name is Burger or a variation of Burger, bring a photo ID (drivers license, passport or birth certificate) to any Smashburger location to get your complimentary Classic Smash burger on May 28th.

There’s a reason to this madness and founder Tom Ryan knows the secret. It’s not just about feeding the masses and serving a bottom line. It’s about helping America rediscover fresh, quality ingredients. It’s about using local products, vendors, and incorporating local flavor to support local economies and cater to local tastes.

It’s about the creation of a whole new category of affordable dining that’s converting eaters from yellow-cow quarter pounders to real meat, and the previously unaware to conscientious consumers.

Facts and information provided on behalf of Smashburger.

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