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Celebrating Mini-Milestones with Children

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It’s not the big things that kids remember, but the small things. As parents, it is so easy to just celebrate birthdays, graduations and other big accomplishments in our kid’s lives. Lately, we have changed how our family celebrates our kids accomplishments by celebrating the mini-milestones in their lives. Learning how to tie their shoes, perfecting a cartwheel after weeks of practice or showing kindness to a friend are the type of things we celebrate with our kids.

My daughter has been trying to perfect her cartwheel for weeks. She would spend hours on the beach during our vacation last month, always in the backyard practicing, and her hard work ended with the unfortunate circumstance of her breaking her arm. While she felt defeated by ending her weeks of practicing to accomplish this mini-milestone in her life, we still celebrated the hard work and commitment she had towards reaching her goal.


While she was home last week feeling defeated with a broken arm, I popped a giant bowl of popcorn and streamed the movie “McKenna Shoots for the Stars” on Netflix. In the American Girl movie, McKenna also breaks a bone doing gymnastics but she doesn’t give up..she continues to pursue her dreams.


After, watching the movie, my daughter was inspired to not give-up on he dreams of being a gymnast after breaking her arm. Instead of focusing on what she felt was a defeat from her breaking her arm, she is now celebrating the hard work that she invested in learning gymnastics. In just a few short weeks, her arm will heal, and she’ll be on her way to working towards being the gymnast she had always dreamed of becoming..and we’ll celebrate with her every step of the way.

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