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Celebrating Valentine’s Day on the Queen Mary



Ehrmann Mixim Love Boat

On Valentine’s Day, February 14th, my husband and I had the opportunity to attend the launch of Ehrmann Mixim yogurt on The Queen Mary in Long Beach. They turned the Queen Mary into the Love Boat for Valentine’s, hosted an amazing launch party complete with live band and fireworks, set a world record, and donated over $20,000 to the Children’s Heart Foundation.

Mixim yogurt is unique in that it comes in a heart-shaped container with 3 separate chambers for the yogurt and 2  mix-ins.

Handy container prevents spills when mixing

Handy container prevents spills when mixing

This ingenious design allows the yogurt, fruit, and dry toppings to stay fresh until to open the container and mix it all together. The top corners of the heart fold over to easily mix everything together without a mess.

The Love Boat event was free to attend, but there was a VIP Lounge for media who attended to support and advertise the event.

VIP LoungeThe VIP lounge was illuminated by pink lights so all of our photos have a rosy tint. The decor and atmosphere was a mix of romance, family fun, along media hob-knobbing which resulted in a fun-filled and enjoyable event.

BuffetThe buffet and hors d’oeuvres available were very appetizing. There were a few varieties of pasts, several cupcake options, and a variety of appetizers. My dear husband even tried escargot for the first time! The food was delicious and plentiful – not to mention the seemingly limitless yogurt samples available for everyone who attended the event.

Throughout the evening attendees were encouraged to tweet and instagram with the hashtag #MIXIMLOVE – $20,000 was donated to the Children’s Heart Foundation that night and each photo posted with the hashtag is worth an additional one dollar donation to CHF. It’s always encouraging when a company donates to a worthy cause such as CHF.

Setting a World Record

Setting a World Record

One of the highlights of the evening was when we successfully set a world record. An official from Guinness, Michael, was flown in to ensure that the numbers were accurate and that we did, in fact, have over 200 couples simultaneously feeding one another. Everyone who participated in the world record attempt received a free t-shirt to commemorate the experience.

Following the World Record, the Journey cover band DSB performed a fun concert. DSB is a very talented band – I almost thought I was listening to Journey. It brought me back to my high school days with songs such as Separate Ways and everyone’s favorite Don’t Stop believing.

DSB Rocks the Ship

DSB Rocks the Ship

The evening concluded with a wonderful heart-themed fireworks show. The perfect ending to a fun Valentine’s event!


Mixim yogurt is available in six flavors: Cherry & Dark Chocolate Curls, Strawberry & Granola, Blackberry + Pomegranate & Granola + Dried Fruit, Raspberry & Dark + White Chocolate, Mango + Pineapple & Coconut + Almonds, and Honey + Coconut & Almonds. Mixim yogurt is currently available at Albertson, Vons, Pavilions, and Safeway stores  in California and the Southwest, but will soon be available nationwide.


Julie is an OC Supermom to five beautiful children in Orange County. She is active in her children’s school, the community and enjoys running in her free time.


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