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Change the Way You Consume Media

Change the Way You Consume Media

Here’s an undeniable truth: just because you’ve “always done it this way” doesn’t mean you can–or should–stick with an outdated routine. As human beings in the twenty-first century, we consume media for hours and hours per day. As a result, sometimes our media consumption techniques can begin to feel a bit trite. 

If the way that you and your family consume media needs a little bit of a revamp, there is a new, exciting opportunity to do that. The best part? Changing the way that you consume media doesn’t have to be difficult–or exorbitantly expensive. 

If you are in the market for a new way to consume media, you’ll be excited to know that SkyFloat will do precisely that. With revolutionary technology that will meet you where you are, prepare for your media consumption habits to change dramatically. 

Meet SkyFloat

It’s time to meet SkyFloat. It’s the world’s first magnetic ceiling mounted tablet and phone holder. Gone are the days where you have to hammer a pile of nails into your wall to watch something on TV. The SkyFloat is changing the game, and you’re invited to see for yourself how it can make a positive impact on your media consumption routine. 

This innovative tech accessory harnesses the power of magnets to make your life better, simpler, and yes, more fun. When you purchase the SkyFloat, you are getting two ceiling plates that are available in matte black or stainless steel. 

One of the best parts of the SkyFloat is that it is easy to install. It was constructed with high-quality aluminum and a magnetic attachment on one end that sticks to anything with magnetic ability. Therefore, you can adhere it to virtually any surface in your home. 

How Can The SkyFloat Change The Way You Consume Media?

Because the SkyFloat doesn’t have to be mounted on a wall, there is tremendous flexibility. You can essentially put this product wherever you want it, which means that there are a myriad of usages for it. It’s customizable; whenever you see fit is where it can go. 

People of all ages will find that adding a SkyFloat to their home will prove to be an invaluable addition. Within a few days of having the SkyFloat in your house, you’ll realize how impactful it can be. You can install several of these products in your home if you’d like.

What Are Some Ways to Make Media Consumption More Fun?

To summarize, the best way that you can make media consumption more fun is by getting a SkyFloat. Due to its highly customizable nature, you will be able to consume media wherever you want, whenever you want it. This tablet holder will change your life if you let it. 

One way that you can change the way you consume media to make it more fun is by making it part of your routine. Why not listen to your favorite podcast or television show when you are cooking? If you install a SkyFloat in your kitchen, you will be able to do precisely that. 

Another way that you can change the way you consume media is to make it more accessible. Maybe there have always been obstacles in the way of your media consumption; your family members are always fighting over who gets the remote, or what you can put on TV. 

Say goodbye to those days, because SkyFloat puts all the control in your hands. Now, you can have your own space to consume media–however you want to, whenever you want to. 

Consume Media Wherever, Whenever

Whether you want to put your SkyFloat near your desk while you work from home so you can keep an eye on the news, or you want to put it in your room to catch up on your favorite TV. The SkyFloat was created to be highly customizable. You decide how you want to consume media, and SkyFloat simply supports it. 

Let’s be real: no one wants the clutter that accompanies a phone stand, the mess that accompanies cables, and the lack of space that is the result of trying to find a phone or tablet mounting solution. Now, there’s an answer to all of those questions, and it’s trendy, easy to install, and accessible. Add the SkyFloat to your home and see how your life changes.

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