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Check Your Doctor Immediately If You Spot These Changes In Your Breasts

Breast cancer can be treated with better outcomes when the tumor is detected in the initial stage. However, when the tumor is small, then it can be hard to see any obvious signs or feel any symptoms like pain. Mammography is certainly the best option, as sometimes it is not easy to feel the lump. As cancer grows, one can notice the obvious changes in the breast. 

If you notice any of the signs or changes mentioned below in your breast, then you should immediately get checked by a specialist. 

Appearance Of A New Lump

The first thing to remember before you panic is that not every lump or thickening you get in your breast is a sign of cancer. However, if you do notice it, you should consult a doctor to help diagnose breast cancer possibilities. You might feel this lump in the breast, armpit area, or even around the collarbone. When you feel it, it will be harder in texture than the rest of your breast. It will not be moving, and sometimes it will also not hurt. 

The Nipple Appears Inverted

Another noticeable sign of breast cancer is if you notice that your nipple is retracting or is turning on the inside. If you notice even the slightest or partial retraction or deviation, you should consult a doctor. There are many reasons that can lead to nipple retraction. It could be due to inflammation or scarring taking place in the nipple tissues. It could also be growing cancer behind the nipple, which could be pulling the breast into it. For this reason, it is always good to get a mammogram done regularly so in case there are any early signs of cancer or any other issue, then it can be detected early. 

There Is A Discharge From The Nipple

If you have a discharge from your nipple even when you are not squeezing it or applying any pressure, then you should be proactive and head to the doctor’s office. Most women ignore any kind of discharge and only go to get checked if they notice blood. Just because the discharge is not bloody does not mean that there could not be something terribly wrong. If you are taking birth control pills or any other medication or is there is a benign growth in your breast ducts, then there is a chance that the discharge could be a sign of breast cancer. 

Crusty Appearance Of The Nipple

Try to check if you notice any crustiness on or around your nipples. It appears like a red rash and at other times could look like flaky and scaly skin. You will also feel a burning or itching sensation in the area. Sometimes this happens when you are breastfeeding or as initial signs of eczema. It could also be something as small as a reaction to a new soap you have started using. However, this can also be a sign of breast cancer, so you should get it checked by the doctor. Other signs that could appear are when the nipple will point in an unusual direction as compared to what it normally is or changes shape. 

Noticing Dimples, Dents, Or Puckering On The Breast

For some women, the signs of problems related to breasts appear when they notice that there are dimples or dents on their breasts. This can also appear on the underside of your breast. If it is a tumor, then it will pull the overlying skin inwards. To check this, you can stand in front of the mirror and lift your arms up. If you notice any dents or if the skin is pulling inwards or even looks unusual, you need to get it checked at the soonest. 

How To Check Your Breast At Home

The first step to take is to understand how your breasts normally look when you are doing simple things like showering, changing clothes, or merely looking in the mirror. If you regularly look and feel your breasts, then you will easily be able to tell if something looks or feel unusual. It helps you to develop awareness about your breasts. 

Furthermore, following a healthy lifestyle is equally important. Obesity can also cause breast cancer, so you should make sure that you eat healthy food and always exercise. Find activities that you can enjoy for a long time. A little extra effort on your side can help you to be healthy and prevent many diseases in the long run.

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