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Child Internet Safety Made Easy

Product Received for Review

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Do your children have access to the internet? Then it is vital to have the ability to protect their online usage with a product like KoalaSafe. Once my kid’s school switched from textbooks and paper to Chromebooks, I quickly watched my control of their online safety disappear. No longer could I sit with my kids while they were online to ensure they were not going onto inappropriate websites or being contacted by strangers on social media because of the amount of time they were now required to be online.

I began to research different products available on the market to help me with managing my kids online time and discovered KoalaSafe. The tool offered everything that I was looking for and even featured an app to make it easy for me to stay on top of their online access at home.

The tool helped me to create a custom wifi access for the children to use. While on the particular wifi in our home, I can control (and see) everything. I was able to select specific websites (like YouTube) to block so I can have comfort in knowing that when my children are online, they cannot access the websites I selected.

My favorite feature is the time limiting feature. I can give my kids a specific amount of time to access certain websites like Minecraft, and when their time has been reached, they are then blocked from access the website. Plus, I can select a specific time in the evening when the internet is cut off so that my kids can focus on family time vs. messaging with their friends in Google Hangouts.

Finally, the tool provides internet insight so parents can learn more about their kid’s online usage, and use it as a tool to help teach them about online access. Before installing KoalaSafe, we had a conversation with our children about the device, and what they could expect once it was set-up. Since having the device in our home over the past month, I have been able to use it to help give my kids the tools needed to be safer online. If your children have online access, then I highly recommend installing a product like KoalaSafe to help give parents a vital tool in keeping their kids safe online. KoalaSafe is available online for $99.

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