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Child safety: 4 items you should always have

We all know that it is not easy to look after a child. They are quite curious and love to roam around and explore new things. This is a great thing but also a thing of worry for most parents. It is not possible to protect your child from every harmful thing that comes their way, but you can definitely be there with supplies if anything happens. Children are quite prone to cuts and scrapes, which is why parents should always be ready with emergency items. Your child will fall, hurt themselves, or even get sick, which can be quite scary and overwhelming. This is why there are certain items that you should always have in your house in order to keep your child safe and sound.


The most important thing to have in your house when you have a child is a medicine box. Sure, we keep a box or a cabinet filled with all medicines that we might need, but children need different medicines that aren’t as strong as adult ones. You should make sure that you have something always ready for fever, cough, inflammation, pain, and allergies. They can fall sick anytime, get hurt anytime, or even experience an allergic reaction to something that they have never tried before. You should always refill all of these medicines so that you don’t have to rush to the market at the last moment. You can get most of these over the counter, while some will require a prescription.

Manuka cream

You will obviously be sending your child out for playtime. It is quite crucial for their overall development that they get enough fresh air and sunshine along with social interaction with other kids outside of school. While this is quite important, it does mean that they will be quite prone to scrapes and cuts. These cuts leave quite serious marks on the skin if not dealt with properly. This is why you should have manuka honey in the house at all times. It will ensure that the healing process is faster and will keep your child’s skin safe. It is non-allergenic and easy to use.

Band-aids and bandages

In case the cuts and scrapes do not stop bleeding, you also need to have bandages on hand so that there is no chance of infection to the wound. Band-aids are also perfect for small cuts and ensure that outside elements do not interfere with the healing process. Your child will definitely go out and play after these cuts and can get dirt and grime into their wounds. It is essential that you keep these in the house since the wounds will need to be redressed quite a lot.

Cold compress

If there are no cuts, there can still be bruises and inflammation. You should try to treat any swelling with a cold compress immediately so that it tones down the inflammation. Be sure to have a hot compress for the next few days in order to help with the pain as well.

It is not easy to look after a child, but it is important to always be well prepared. Use this to help you stock up on things that you need in the house for your child’s safety.

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