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How To Choose The Right Caregiver For Your Parent: What To Look Out For

Some decisions are as simple as picking the right movie to watch or deciding what to wear to a special event. However, when it comes to choosing the person accommodating your parents’ or seniors’ needs, the decision needs to be taken wisely and cautiously. After all, a caregiver has the potential to change your seniors’ lives and help them engage in different healthy activities. It’s like choosing a friend you trust to ensure your parents are in good hands, it takes time. 

supporting elderly

Some caregivers may not be the perfect fit for your elderly loved ones. Their style may not match your seniors’ needs even if they’re just trying to help. Other caregivers may be mentally, financially, or physically abusive to your loved ones. It’s a big decision and you’ll need ample guidance before making up your mind. So, on that note, here are our expert tips on how to choose the right caregiver for your parents, seniors, or elderly loved ones.

Address Your Financial Circumstances

While anyone taking care of a senior would love to hire a team of certified or PhD caregivers who can work round the clock, the reality is that most people can’t afford this kind of service. This is why acknowledging your financial state is a critical factor in the process. You need to address how much you or any other family member can actually afford before deciding on a certain agency or caregiving team. Caring for a senior is stressful enough as it is, the last thing you want to be dealing with is the burden of the overwhelming service costs. Make sure you plan your budget wisely and determine which service fits your financial capabilities before making a decision.

Determine What They Know

You also need to think about what the caregiver you’re wanting to hire knows about the world they work in. Do they understand what the basic duties are? Will they know what it takes to go above and beyond, as their job will sometimes require? Are they aware of all healthy and safety protocols? What will they do in an emergency?
You may also want to ask them about the way they work – for example, would they be happy using the brand you prefer for hygiene and toiletry needs, such as Zorbies leak proof underwear? Would they be happy with your current breakfast and lunch times, or do they have any advice for you over them? Make sure you have an in depth chat before hiring them to see how you’re going to rub along together.

Determine Your Home Care Needs

Hiring a caregiver for your parents or elderly loved ones does not just stop at deciding that they need daily help. You also need to determine why they need help. Is it their daily tasks and functions that they can’t handle on their own? Is it because you need someone to protect them from slipping and falling when you’re not there? Perhaps you don’t have enough time in your schedule to take them to their weekly appointments. Some people hire caregivers for their seniors to take care of the cleaning and cooking chores, others work to ensure and maintain the elderly’s medicinal regimes.

There are different levels of care that your seniors may require and it’s important to label them before going with any caregiving service. You can try a Geriatric Care Assessment to fully understand the needs of your loved ones and support them accordingly. 

Make Sure You Run Background Checks 

This is a very important step for ensuring the safety of your older loved ones. If you’re going to be hiring an agency, you have to ask and conduct background checks in addition to checking the paperwork they use. If you’re only going to be hiring an individual for the job, you may need to do the checks on your own. These days, you can do background checks based on state or city authorities. This means, whether you’re based in Scottsdale or anywhere else in Arizona, you can easily search online and find the best licensed and skilled nursing care in Arizona – This also helps you gauge reviews from former clients. Keep in mind that some states don’t require licenses for home-based caregivers and agencies, so you will need to do your due diligence to find what services are best for you and your loved ones. 

Involve Your Loved Ones in the Decision 

It’s not easy to handle the full responsibility of a loved one. Especially an aging loved one, but most of us drown ourselves in endless paperwork and requisite spreadsheets to provide them the utmost comfort. However, not everyone is used to involving those who are being given care in the decisions that concern their home care needs. Consider asking your seniors to join the interview or let them have a say in who you’re going to hire. The only way they can judge their potential relationship with their caregivers is through meeting them in person first. 

Choosing the person or people who are responsible for taking care of and accommodating your parents or older loved ones is one of the most critical decisions you’ll have to make. You’re deciding based on trust, loyalty, good manners, and professionality which means you’re looking for traits that are yet to be discovered in the person or team you hire. It’s a process that requires patience and cooperation. Remember, you’ll eventually need to involve those being given care in order to make the most precise decision. 


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